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  1. Were do I put contact details, apparently you can't put email or mobile no in the ad?
  2. Hi Aperalim I left my marantz at the dealer with my oppo 105d as I was troubleshooting distortion which turned out to be the resolution of the sa10 not liking some recordings so I compared to the mcd600 from McIntosh and couldn't tell much difference. I know the McIntosh has an R core transformer and the ess Sabre 28 pro but that really doesn't mean much when spinning normal red book cds. I have asked if they can get the rega Isis so I can compare that to the McIntosh. If they can't I might have to take a leap of faith.
  3. When I say stuck I mean I can only change thru the same dealer unless I sell the marantz sa10 I only bought 6 weeks ago a and the only exchange options I can afford is the mcd600 or the rega Isis. If you are only spinning cds got can uses transport and say a denafrips terminator which is worth it if you have a computer and hi music. I heard my cds through a chord dave $18000 I preferred the cds through a mf nuvista CD player
  4. Awesome information thank you stereo coffee. What you say is quite relevant. Some of the older dacs like the crystal ones like in my Cambridge audio 900 se and the one I had in my akai reference player (yes akai) just seemed to do a better job than the new sabre dacs as an example I don't why they just did
  5. Sorry for my typos I meant marantz not mutant😂😂😂
  6. I am stuck with a mutant from a dealer who is giving the opportunity to trade up and just pay the difference but their is I just the rega Isis and Mcintosh mcd600 to choose from that is why the topic is not bear's player. If I had the money I would post such a topic as I saw some hi end gryphon players second hand at audio connection
  7. Thanks maximus but I was only going to use the mac to store music files, the sa10 would be the transport and USB dac
  8. Has anyone heard of the marantz sa10 using it's dac connected to a mac? If I keep the sa10 I have to learn how to download hi res music and stream etc OMG 😨
  9. Thanks guys, I'm kinda stuck with the dealer so McIntosh or rega or keep the marantz sa10 s1 flagship
  10. McIntosh mcd600 verses rega Isis, which one for a redbook CD user exclusively, no hi res,no computer, no tidal or any streaming. Thank you I want your opinions / advice on this
  11. Hi everyone I need help to find the right forum to ask, mcintosh mcd600 or rega Isis. Which one I only listen to redbook cds,thankyou in advance
  12. Ha ha, I had lots of calls from gumtree but they were either scammers or low ballers, eBay takes 10 percent hopefully I'll get a buyer
  13. Yeah if someone here wants them I'll give them a good deal and get Sonus Faber standmounts, maybe the amati tradition, I've had lots of nice comments about the speakers but no purchase enquiries, am I in the right forum??
  14. They said I'd lose too much trading back in but if I'd gone elsewhere I'd probably would have been much better off. Ironically the dealer I wanted to go thru stopped selling Sonus Faber, They demoed a bunch of speakers from dynaudio to pmc and paradigm persona but when I heard the Sonus Faber at the other dealer I new straight away they were fore but I forgot about room acoustics
  15. Thank you, and the sound wow, take the good bits from the dynaudio confidence 50 and the B and W 802d and you get the Nova 5😁
  16. It's basically a bedroom but it's a woodin cabin with a cork floorboard and a low ceiling. When sell my Sonus Faber I will look at their standmounts and others that have demo pairs that I can try at home
  17. I'm not a fan of room correction but also the room is very small for these speakers really overkill, no eq will fix this
  18. please note these are a significant jump over the original Olympica range and these were only released last year I think, the flagshio nova 5 has an extra bass driver and many more upgrades but their are many reviews and info on the Sonus Faber website. new only 4 months old, includes hi end speaker wire inakustik reference 1204 air and chord signature cable jumpers ,price is negotiable as you may not want the cables which would reduce the price and all offers will be considered so make an offer PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bu
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