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  1. Update: still available. Buyer unresponsive.
  2. On hold for stuckinhere Edit: Provisionally sold to stuckinhere
  3. Deuced

    FS: iFi iCAN SE (head amp) NSW

    iDAC2 on hold.
  4. Both on hold. mud_shark you're 3rd in line 😅
  5. Item: Schiit Wyrd USB Cleaner and Topping D30 (DAC) Location: Sydney NSW Price: $100 for Wyrd, $60 for Topping D30 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Items merged to reduce thread bloat. Can be sold separately. Up for sale is a USB cleaner and a cheap DAC with 3 very practical inputs. All accessories and boxes available. Happy to post Aus wide. Pictures:
  6. Item: iFi Micro iDAC2 [SOLD] and Micro iCAN SE (headphone amp) Location: Sydney NSW Price: $200 for iDAC2, $350 for iCAN SE Item Condition: 2016 iDAC2, 2018 iCAN SE with A2A receipt Reason for selling: Upgraded to Schiit Gungnir MB Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Edit: iDAC2 sold. Title edited for clarity. Can sell separately. Buyers buying both will be given priority. 2 magnificent looking and sounding equipment. The iDAC2's Burr-Brown chip is probably my favourite sub $400 DAC chip (I've heard Sabre Pros and the Schiit AKM stuff). Great clarity, tone and very clean sounding DAC. iCAN SE was bought as a fun 2nd amp. The 3D and XBass switches are fun to play with depending on the mood. Both units come with all accessories. Can be shipped nationally. Pictures:
  7. Item: Metrum Acoustics Musette NOS DAC Location: Sydney NSW Price: $700 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgraded to Gungnir MB Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is a discontinued Musette from Metrum Acoustics. Despite being their entry level NOS DAC, it used Metrum's 2nd gen in-house NOS chips which could compete with Metrum's first gen flagship. I bought this from a fellow SNAer as my first taste of NOS DACs. The extra smoothness and detail of the Musette was immediately apparent over DS DACs I've been using. Comes with original box and accessories. Can be shipped nationally. Pictures:
  8. Headphones are passive devices so balanced cables aren't going to make much difference in sound quality. They will provide more power though, but that's not a problem if single ended already provides enough power.
  9. Item: Audio-GD NFB-11.28 Location: Sydney 2220 NSW Price: $250 Item Condition: 10/10 Reason for selling: Funding upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This well regarded Sabre Pro DAC/amp needs little introduction. Its sound quality can easily rival those using the same chip costing many times more. Happy to post this within Australia at buyer's expense. Does not come with jumpers or additional cables. Power cable is included. Pictures:
  10. Item: Schiit Lyr Hybrid Tube Amp Location: Sydney 2220 NSW Price: $300. Selling as complete set only Item Condition: 2nd owner, light scratches on top plate Reason for selling: Funding upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm the 2nd owner of this set of gear. I wish to pass this on to someone else as a cheap entry into the magical (and expensive) world of tube amps. The Lyr was, and still is a powerful and versatile tube hybrid amp. I've spent many hours rolling tubes on this amp and here's some brief overview on each set of tubes' characteristics: Default 6N6P: Reasonably well sounding tubes. These are perhaps the most conventionally 'tube' sounding set out of the 4. The sound is slightly warm and gooey. 6B27: Slight mid-range bump to emphasize instruments and vocals. Details are about equal to the 6N6P. E88CC: HiFiMan your amp. Very relaxed, though detailed sounding set. Has a 'head in the clouds' feel. 6N1P: My personal favourite. Detail and speed are a touch below a Jotunheim without the treble glare. Very punchy and dramatic sound. Lovely stuff. Pictures:
  11. Deuced

    Driving utopias

    Oops yeah nighthawks. The semi open originals.
  12. Deuced

    Driving utopias

    If the Nightowls have any likeness to Nightowls then they would sound like a less refined Z1R. I remember seeing Z1R available for around 1.6k on the used market, maybe less if you're importing from overseas. I personally wouldn't mind paying retail price for their performance but Focal Clears are slightly better headphones IMO in terms of raw performance.
  13. Happy to let you have mine at an attractive price. I've shreded my headphone collection down to just 2 since I've got my Focal Clears (other one is AQ Nighthawk). The T90s are on permanent loan to a friend but they're not too fond of it. Or I'd be happy to do a (temporary) swap. I've been wanting to try out the AD2000X myself, but never found a pair cheap enough for a thought experiment. A quick word on my experience with tubes - they tend to have less absolute detail than SS of the same price bracket. They more than make up for it in having more character though, esp in the convenience of changing the sound with a quick swap of tubes.
  14. I've got a T90, haven't heard the AD2000X. I find the T90 to be a very record dependant headphone mainly because of its treble response. It's a very big con in my books because there's a nasty peak at around 6k that magnifies silibance which can make speech and 'tch' sounds sound grating. The general treble profile is also quite thin and sparkly. Recordings with splashy cymbals and hihats (esp hihats) will sound even more splashy. If you can live with that, or avoid listening to problem recording, then the cans have some pretty good pros going for it. I like how fast the drivers sound. It's lean and very tight everywhere other than high treble region. Bass notes have nice short, solid impact. Soundstage is above average, somewhat airy without going all head in clouds (Hifimans). If the the elevated treble response doesn't make things sound sh!t then they tend to make things sound better. Metallic sounds sound quite simply magnificent - sparkly, airy and tight. Overall I reckon the T90s make for a great secondary or tertiary headphone that you pull out from time to time. The con is too big for it to be my primary cans but the pros are oh so lovely with the right material. Tl;dr is if the T90s are bad then they're really bad. However if they don't sound terrible then chances are they'll sound very good.