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  1. Thank you to all the contributors to this thread. The sub shootout is still on the cards, but life sometimes get in the way I had a bit of a mini-shootout today between three Yamaha subs - all 10" drivers but with 100W (NS-SW100), 270W (YST-RSW300) and 600W (Soavo 900 SWR) dynamic output power rating. I do not have the correct terminology to describe the outcome (yet), but the differences were significant enough to confirm that it was worth spending more per sub as the power rating increased.
  2. Hi, thank you for the offer. What price do you have in mind - I am using a universal remote control which works fine (as long as I can remember how I programmed the buttons), but would prefer to have the right remote.
  3. I purchased a used Soavo 900SW recently but unfortunately it did not come with a remote control, which is required to make use of all the functionality of the unit. Could anyone perhaps help with a model number for the remote, or the code for the remote that can be used to load onto an existing Yamaha receiver remote (if this is possible)? First prize would be to program my existing Yamaha remote with the extra code, alternatively use a universal remote for controlling it.
  4. A word of thanks to all the contributions to this. I will digest (and research some unknown acronyms) and see where we go from there - want to plan it as properly as possible. In terms of a shortlist of subs (which are all 10"), the Yamaha units are YST-SW216, YST-SW100, YST-RSW300 and another older Yamaha unit with 10" driver as well (this unit came out tops during previous shootout without the RSW300 being in the mix), a B&W ASW610 and unknown model numbers of the rest.
  5. Myself and a few friends want to do a "sub woofer shootout" to compare the performance of about 10 sub woofers, which include Bose, B&W, Klipsch and Yamaha units of various specifications and sizes. This is not intended to be audiophile standard testing, but rather just playing around with some units to see which appeal most to us, who are definitely non-audiophiles but do share a keen interest in home audio. Any guidelines would be greatly appreciated in terms of creating an environment that put all the components on an equal playing field, which variety of sound tracks provide best range for testing, and what to listen for to determine which is the preferred (as opposed to best) sub woofer. Content will have to be streamed via YouTube or perhaps Tidal or similar. The balance of the system will be either Yamaha NS555 or B&W683 as mains and Yamaha NS444 or B&W HTM62 as centre speakers, driven by Yamaha Aventage 830 receiver. The focus would probably be 75:25 towards home theatre use.
  6. Item: Richter Wizard Mk II Floor-standing Speakers with Unicorn centre Location: Carindale, Brisbane Price: $420 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Bought as part of bigger setup, but decided not to keep these components. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Used Richter Wizards Mk II Floor-standing Speakers (x2) with Unicorn centre speaker, finished in black woodgrain finish. The speakers are fully functional and the cabinets and covers are in excellent original condition. All of the speaker drivers and tweeters are in perfect condition, except for one driver on a floor standing speaker which has a small radial tear in the suspension (please see picture), but I cannot sense any impact on sound quality as a result of this. The floor standing speakers also have provision for floor spikes or feet to be screwed into the bottom of the cabinets. Please see review for the floor standing speakers here: http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/richter-acoustics/wizard-mkii.html Please see specifications for Wizard MK II and Unicorn Centre Speaker sections of the document per the link below for specification. https://www.richter.com.au/wp-file-browser-top/manuals/Specifications/Legend-I-II-Spec-sheets.pdf With regards to the small radial tear, I contacted Richter Audio providing them with a picture of the tear, and their response is provided below: Hi , it is more of a cosmetic problem than anything, you could carefully try to use a rubber adhesive to join where the tear is but the only other solution is a full surround replacement. I would try just lightly applying a very small bit of adhesive first. Regards Brian Less Pictures:
  7. I think the automatic setup might not run successfully, as it will "look" for another far rear speaker if you connect only one. I have had this on normal 5.1 setup when I only connected one of the rear speakers. You could always do the setup manually, and set the unused channel to minimum output level - might even be able to disable it completely which is preferable I think, and it would show as such on the display. I am not sure what part of the decoded sound would go to the single far rear speaker though - would imagine that you might loose the bit of special effect associated with the channel that you disabled.
  8. I trust the 685 is serving him well. Having a bit of an understanding and experience of various models in the Yamaha receivers range, and having tested more than 30 of these over the past few years, I personally prefer the sound and feel of the older bigger models in the range over the newer smaller models with all the fancy new technology for the same cash outlay. If there is no specific requirement for a specific technical specification (ATMOS etc), I would rather get an older Aventage RX8xx or even RXV779 / 879, than a new RXV685 (which is of course a decent piece of equipment in it's own right). One only realizes the differences when you had the opportunity to get your hands on a number of HTR, RXV, RXA and RXS receivers in the Yamaha range.
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