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  1. Machined from a single block of alloy, Nagras were the industry standard quarter inch field recorders, before the advent of digital. An absolutely beautiful machine going for probably 20% of its original cost. Note that this is mono, and not suitable for stereo playback or recording.
  2. I've never had the pleasure of hearing an 800 speaker. On reputation alone, I think they're most desirous. My modest budget would only ever extend to a 2nd hand early version, but we remain vigilant to the appearance of such a prize. Another rare species I'd love to bag would be the Tannoy Dimension DC8, having been exposed to Tannoy's in my previous longish career in Broadcast post. Tannoy's were the staple in all the Audio Suites back in the day. There's a set of Duntech Marquis languishing on GT seemingly unloved and unwanted. A big step up in footprint, but one dreams of the possibilities of such audio furniture.
  3. Oh okay. Will contact my Sparky buddy who lives up the road and get him to give me a quote. Will look into them. Tried a cheapish Sony sub, wasn't too thrilled with the results - sounded very boomy. Might look into getting something better. Back to my original question. Are the 705's a big upgrade over the 602's?
  4. Thing is though other music sounds fine, like my favourite Tropical house sounds brilliant. As for clipping, I'm pretty careful not to drive them too hard. With regard to the mains, I do live rural and my place has the last pole on our line. Is there anything I can do about that? Hmm, food for thought.....
  5. Yeah I'm aware of that, although I doubt that's the case with Janes Addiction. Those guys were pro musicians who had access to good gear. That particular album is well produced. Queen's "I want to break free" sounds excellent, so it may be that the thrashy sound of JA might be the issue. They're at about ear height, but I'll try some different heights to see if it makes a difference. Hmmm, I think this is the case. Still wondering whether the 705's would perform better, although I might be trying to justify spending money on more toys.....
  6. Many posts here suggest trusting your ears, which on the face of it is true. However I strongly suspect your ears adapt to different sounding speakers over a period of time. It's a subtle thing, but speakers which may have sounded a touch strange or unfamiliar at first, begin over time to sound more normal to your ears. It's as though your brain recalibrates your ears to hear what you find to be agreeable. Just like you see with your brain, you hear with it as well, and the brain likes to modify sensory data to align with our biases. If any of this is remotely true, it would suggest that short listening auditions are not completely reliable as a means of determining what you may actually end up liking.
  7. Currently run a pair of B&W DM602's (first version) powered by a Musical Fidelity M3i. Source music via a desktop PC and DAC (Topping D50). Mostly Spotify, occasionally audio files on the PC. I listen to a variety of genres, and I find the 602's go really well with modern music - Trop House etc. Where they don't seem to go so well is with some older rock music. Example, Jane's Addiction Ritual lo Habitual sounds overly bright and harsh even. The 602's are mounted fairly high (tweeters are at 1.6m) in a largish open plan room. Living rurally I can explore higher volume levels without annoying neighbours who are some distance away. I also have a pair of Tannoy Revolution R2's which are lovely at lower listening levels, but lack the grunt of the 602's. So my question is, would a pair of B&W 705's be a significant upgrade to the 602's? Would I be able to achieve the same volume levels as the 602's, which for me, seem to go pretty hard?
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