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  1. Ordered Roger Waters - The Wall 2 weeks ago now get an email saying not available! I’ve been hanging out to listen to it too... Guess i’ll get a refund of $25 for a $75 album.
  2. Dammit! Why does this come up when i need the money to eat. Might need to go on a diet!
  3. Thankyou. Bought 4 for $100 plus $11 delivery- saved $120! 🙂
  4. Better than standard Bill Cables? I’ll take them if they are... i’m guessing they are at least 1m long?
  5. Love the tinted cover!
  6. Just go to the Adelphi Centre then. It’s never busy and there are at least 4 different record stores there- couple upstairs and a few in the basement. Lots of expensive gear to drool over too. Some prices seem ok- Texas Flood ultra disk 45rpm for $199 sin.
  7. Not quite that dramatic but perhaps I shouldn’t say never till I’ve tried it 🙂
  8. Same thing, no plinth. 🙂 You also told me I needed 45 and I said I never listen to 45s. Listening to DK Quiet Nights on 45 right now..
  9. I took andyr’s advice and went for the skeletaLinn mod- ended up looking just like a Kuzma Stabi S 🙂 Brian Madden at Decibel imports the Stack Audio gear. I had him fit a black Serene Ultimate top plate and it looked pretty good.
  10. Nice speakers and easy to drive. glwts
  11. I’m only after a couple. I can drop the rest off in Ipswich during the week?
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