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  1. Tim D

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    HiFi for the highway?
  2. Tim D

    SOLD: FS: Linn Sondek LP12 turntable

    I saw a guy at Carlton HiFi yesterday- he had 11 LP12s!
  3. Tim D

    SOLD: FS: Bluesound Node 2

    What will be doing streaming duties after the Bluesound is gone? Going back to CDs? 🙂
  4. Tim D

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Looking for somewhere to post this. Always seem to be nice condition 2nd hand Sansui Amps in Japanese Op shops. Would it be worth the approx $250?
  5. Tim D

    Thoughts on Mober DC for LP12

    Maybe if I ask him nicely to send me a good one?
  6. Tim D

    Thoughts on Mober DC for LP12

    Darn it. I didn’t know I needed a new top plate until now..
  7. Tim D

    Thoughts on Mober DC for LP12

    Oh, and forgot to mention. Already have a new Cirkus, Outer/ Inner Platter, Kore and AT33 PTG/II on the Ittok. Thinking power supply will be it for a while?
  8. Tim D

    Thoughts on Mober DC for LP12

    Thanks guys. From what I understand, the Herc/Mose works well and I haven't heard any bad reviews. The Mober DC at 2x the Herc/Mose price looks even better but I am afraid of the quality control. Get a good one and I'd be happy. Lingo 4 is 2.5x the price of the Mober but seems pretty solid although I'm not sure its any better than a working Mober.
  9. Have an original Valhalla in my LP12 and weighing up my options. Have been tempted to pull the trigger on the Mober dc as it looks pretty good value for what you get. Only thing that is really putting me off are the discussion on other forums from overseas. Maybe just one or two vocal unhappy people? I have considered just getting a Hercules Mose but not sure if I will still be looking to upgrade later on then. Radikal won’t be happening but can probably afford a Lingo 4 in the new year. Another option is just to recap my Valhalla and spend the surplus money on more records. I am sure others have been through this dilemma? Yes, I know- should have just got a Rega and been done with it. Any opinions?
  10. Tim D

    newbie in the Brizzy area

    Always good to see another local! I thought the same of vinyl too till I got into it..
  11. Tim D


    Nice looking deck 🙂
  12. Tim D

    SOLD: FS: Yamaha CDS3000 SACD Player

    Nice looking spinner. Silver is just the right colour! I wish. 🙂
  13. Tim D

    Mayware Formula 4 lll

  14. @Eagleeyes how is the lp12 treating you? Up and running yet? Tim edit: oops sorry. Was meant to be pm. Stupid iPhone....