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  1. Very sweet introduction to an LP12. This is great value for money! I’m sure it will be sold soon...
  2. Nice Bill. Are the boutique silver cables any better than the nice silver cable I have from you already? I am surprised there isn’t a sold sign on these already!
  3. I think if you are selling more than one item the price is mean't to reflect the total. It's written in the conditions under your ad. Hope that clears up my confusion.
  4. Hi. Is $350 the price for both power cables? I'm keen if it is. Thanks
  5. Nice work there Steve. I have heard there is a guy down the Gold Coast doing same thing 🙂
  6. Personally, I’d rather the classifieds went back to how they were a couple months ago...
  7. My turntable sits on a buffet without any problems. I wouldn’t put it directly on top of any other components though.
  8. I am pretty sure that Nephorsis sold that one. I understand he lives in a flat and was going to use the proceeds of the sale to put towards a regenerator.
  9. You will be pleased to know they come up regularly here, pre loved, for around the $1200 mark. Not bad value in the scheme of things. I can’t speak for everyone but I was pleasantly surprised with the results, not really expecting to hear any improvement.
  10. The Synchro cable is 2m long as it has a fairly heavy weight right in the middle for the circuitry. Probably need this length so the weight isn’t suspended putting stress on the connections. There are local makers that will make you a cable in custom lengths if you want. Isotek aren’t the only brand in town 🙂
  11. The Isotek Evo3 Syncro Cable is a bit of a relative bargain 2nd hand. Sorts out any DC issues with everything connected from the Sigmas too.
  12. I put an isotek evo3 synchro cable to my sigmas and did notice an improvement. Previously ran an Optimum to the sigmas.
  13. They look fantastic- and I bet they sound that way too! Nice work Bill 🙂
  14. I had a pair of these until recently. What kind of sound you ask? Very nice sound is the answer 🙂
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