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  1. I’d be in for a group buy of the Project VC-E. 🙂
  2. I’ve had a pair of Bill’s silver interconnects now for a week and I’m very pleased. Comparing them to Bill’s previous interconnects (which I still think are quite good) these have a bit more detail and a touch more bass. When I first plugged them in I thought there were was a tiny bit of brightness (comparing them to Bill’s short lived but excellent Rhapsody S cables). The more I play them though the smoother they are becoming. I should note however that Sam Smith has been playing over and over as my test Lp, and he does like the higher notes. I don’t know how Bill can make these for the low price he charges- highly recommend! They look good too...
  3. I was going crazy trying to keep the platter smudge free but solved the problem by buying a different turntable! The new one is black, textured and I think powder coated but more importantly, finger print tarnish free. Happy now..
  4. I had some of these- nice sounding speakers and great value for the price.
  5. Well that was quick. Looks like it's spoken for now.
  6. Item: Vinyl Record Cleaning System (spread and peel) Price Range: free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Anyone that would like to try the spread and peel method is welcome to have this. Everything is there but you will need to buy some more solution. Solution (glue) available for sale from Decibel HiFi here in Brisbane or you can source it on the net. Works well but I have other methods... Free local pickup from Ashgrove in Brisbane. If no takers after a couple days I'll post. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. I’d get the circuit checked out by an electrician. I recently got a new circuit put in just for HiFi and it’s been great- no need for any power conditioners imo.
  8. You like a pretty good buy for that lucky someone! Hope it finds a good home 🙂
  9. Nice speakers. I’m sure who ever buys them will be impressed. Are you using the Dynaudio stands?
  10. Very nice arm. Kuzma make some nice stuff.
  11. Excellent price. Won't last long.
  12. I try my best to avoid updates unless I know there is some benefit. Some examples- iPhone= runs slower and I’m sure it’s to encourage an upgrade iPad= changing little things you use all the time for no reason eg open in background! Brother laser printer= my 3rd party carts aren’t recognized any more iMac= Aperture stopped working Foxtel App= can’t mirror to tv anymore Updates seem to be more for the manufacturer than the end user imo.
  13. It’s a good price. I paid double this for mine second hand. When I had my LP12 I was very happy with it’s performance. glwths
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