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  1. Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown
  2. A Teardrop to the Sea - Bon Jovi
  3. Earlier, Recently, Snap with DCD. Currently
  4. Basic Instinct - Sharon Stone - The Laundromat - Gary Oldman: Léon: The Professional
  5. A morning of Tomita, starting with: Then Next Now a change of direction
  6. Mountain - Theme For An Imaginary Western
  7. Their last album before they went 'middle of the road', from a rock / jazz fusion band. Earlier I was listening to: Then Currently
  8. The Hunt for Red October - Tom Clancy - Clear and Present Danger - Anne Archer - Fatal Attraction
  9. Anywhere I Lay My Head - Tom Waits
  10. Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory
  11. All That I'm Living For - Evanescence
  12. The Buffalo Roundup - Buffalo Girls - Malcolm McLaren - Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen
  13. Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict - Pink Floyd
  14. A bit of a mixed bag today, starting with a couple of locals, mostly: Then Then a couple of oldies: and
  15. Scattered Black and Whites - Elbow
  16. A morning of Aussie music starting with: Then Currently
  17. Less Cities, More Moving People - The Fixx
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