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  1. Topping DX3 Pro looks the good to be honest. https://hifigear.com.au/collections/dacs/products/topping-dx3-pro-dac-and-headphone-amplifier Can get it from there for $300.
  2. Thanks for suggestions guys, still reading reviews and what not. And looking at other suggestions else where. The Beresford Caiman MKII DAC seems to get some rave? https://headphones.com.au/product/beresford-caiman-mkii-dac/
  3. It's quality is easily the same, if not a tad better if you use USB > DAC than any Creative Internal card they have released, like a Zx series and so on, but you get higher sampling over USB, and a slight noise reduction. The Headphone AMP in it is great, it is clean and drives most things I will ever buy. The AMP fucntions I use sometimes, I had no issues driving a set of Polk RTi A7's, The issue with the X7 is not really what it does, it that the market shifted as it got released. The X7 is a great all rounder, can do it all, sound slightly better than any ZxR Internal card with a few extra handy functions. But the Market shifted towards proper DAC's and Headphone AMPS at it's release, and these separate components, if made by a well known company, sounded a bit better again. A Schiit Stack can be had for just over $400 at the moment, and is probably my better option, it is an upgrade in audio quality from the X7. Like the look of the Topping D50, only Amazon seem to have it.
  4. I didn't really mean dodgy, I just don't like buying from over seas. I currently use a Creative X7, which I thinks sounds quite good, but looking at reviews most Said it is average, so even a Schiit stack will be a fair upgrade. Was just checking if there are other options.
  5. Hey All. So I am wanting to get a DAC and Headphone AMP, either as one unit or a stack is fine. $500 budget. No real preference for sound, just clean, natural, no excess bass or treble boost. Will be plugged into PC of cause, so USB, Toslink and so on will be handy. Also got about $300 for a closed set of headphones with similar sounding characteristics. Suggestions will be very helpful thanks, must be able to buy online from a decent seller, no dodgy over sea's stuff please.
  6. Just to update this guys. I went with a more versatile Atmos speaker in case it didn't work that well. Went with the Dali Alteco C-1. So if it sucks, I can use else where. Yet to really try them out to be honest, just had no time with work (not so much to much work, just crap times)..
  7. In ceiling is not an option, hence the question.
  8. Hey All Currently got a Yamaha NS-555 pack. Yamaha do not make up-firing Atmos speakers. Not sure how important it is to timbre match these? Also looking for suggestions what ones to go for? Cheaper ones are Onkyo, Pioneer and there are a st of Sony's. After that, it jumps in price massively, the only one I can find around the $500 mark is a set of Dali's. Then there is much higher. Not sure if it is worth spending much, or settling for the cheaper ones??
  9. Thanks. Sort of wanted the paradigm and svs as.they are both black etc. Lol. Just thought because the Yamaha goes deeper it would.be better, but I also like the tighter bass generally. Will put Yamaha on the PC in music mode. Could have room for.both subs at the front but once again, research shows to put one behind, or in my case due to room layout. Beside the couch. Facing into the room on the left side. Svs up from on the right side, so one at back, one at from, both facing into the room but on different sides of room.
  10. Firstly, thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying, but I guess I am asking, what two out of the 3 subs would you run together? I am yet to receive the SVS, it is on it's way, but from my research, it would be tighter than the Yamaha too..
  11. Soon I will have 3 Subs. SVS PB-1000 Yamaha NS-SW500 Paradigm PDR 100 2 Subs will be for my Home theatre, and one for my PC audio setup. I am undecided what to put on which, obviously the SVS on the home theatre, but what to pair with it? I have a Denon X3400H, so Audyssey XT32, so each Sub can be individually tuned somewhat. The Paradigm can go as low as 29 Hz +/- 3dB, the Yamaha does 20 Hz +/- 3dB. But the Paradigm is sharper. It hits hard, but does not rumble for ages, where as the Yamaha hits harder but rumbles way longer and at times can sound to Rumbly, even in Music mode. Now, do I pair the Yamaha or Paradigm with the SVS? Which two will compliment one another better? My head says the Yamaha because it is closer to the specifications of the SVS..
  12. All good guys, read some manuals and reviews etc.. Ordered a Denon AVR-X3400H
  13. Can get a Pioneer Lx302 iny budget too. Can't find anything much about. No recommendations or anything.
  14. That is the issue. Living where I am there is near to no way to test them. I have heard the Sony DN1080. That is all. But the Sony is now a No. I purchased one and I am taking it back. The second HDMI out has hand shake issues with my Samsung Monitor. I tested the HDMI out 1, also had issues, so it hates my screen. Tried several cables etc.
  15. Don't think I will go with Integra, no service centre down here. Rather local service.
  16. Howdy All. Just after a new receiver. Must support Dolby Atmos etc, have 2 HDMI outs, Pre-Outs. Reasonaly powered and of cause all the other connections in todays modern AVR's. What are your suggestions? Got a Max budget of $1220 Looked around and I could score the following. Sony DN1080 Onkyo TX-NR686 Denon AVRX2400H Yamaha RX-A1070 (Refurbished).
  17. Thanks for the reply. My partner and I are moving house next year and I am setting up a man cave with home theater and my gaming stuff etc. I have a Krix 5 Channel system ready to go in for the 5.1 or even Dolby Atmos setup. So the speakers are sort of just laying around until we move. I purchased them in advance so I can wire the new place straight away and leave it be. Also hunted for bargains over the last 12 months. So really no specific reason for 2 sets of speakers.
  18. Hi All. Hope this is in the right area. I have a Denon AVR-X1300W AVR, I use this on my desktop as a Stereo Receiver. I also have a Creative Sound Blaster X7 DAC/AMP, I use this for Headphones and real small bookshelfs for night time listening. My PC's internal sound card is a Creative ZxR. 2 sets of speakers, one larger than the other, Larger set used with Subwoofer, smaller set on separate AMP for direct 2 channel listening with no Sub woofer. Set of KriX KDM-Mains on AVR with Sub and Krix Equinox on X7 in Direct Mode. Also have a set of Dali Zensor 1's down stairs. Now before I ask the questions, I am not double Amping or chaining DAC's, so don't think that please. My questions are as follows. What connections into the AVR will give best sound quality? ZxR to AVR through Optical? Analog? Or skip ZxR and use the X7 pre-outs (Direct Mode) into AVR? Can be Optical or Analog there too. Or even use the X7's DAC, go analog into AVR and turn Direct Mode on (With LFE+Main on as Sub won't work in direct if that ain't on) Is it ok to put smaller speakers on top of bigger speakers with vibration pads between, but only run one set at a time? The Ohm setting on the X1300, my speakers are 6 Ohms, but I read you leave the AVR at 8 Ohm anyway? Thank you for any help!! Will happily take any other suggestions as well.
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