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  1. I do appreciate the direct comparison I think the general consensus is that changing the cable would only result in SQ loss. Though to be fair, the Audio Sensibility cables I linked at the start may be designed for Jelco tonearms, but they are made up of very different components. I still think it'd be a long shot for one of these cables to be on par with the Furutech though. I'll get in touch with Melbourne / Sydney based stockists of Furutech parts and see who might be able to swap the connector for me.
  2. Stellar DAC, this would be mine by now if I had the funds. GLWTS
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone - I've actually just gotten a new hifi rack, so I may see if it's feasible to cut a hole in the top shelf Out of curiosity though, if anyone else coming across this thread has experience with Audio Sensibility's phono cables, I'd be keen to hear their impressions. I think they're actually modelled after Jelco tonearm cables and use Jelco DIN connectors.
  4. Hi all I have a Luxman PD441 turntable with a Moerch DP-6 tonearm. My tonearm cable is a straight DIN Furutech AG-12, which is nicely made but I can't comment on its sound quality as I've never used any other tonearm cable with this deck. The problem is, the Luxman's chassis sits quite low. The Furutech cable is not flexible enough to hang down from the chassis and out the back of the turntable without putting pressure on the surface that the turntable sits on. I DIY'd a solution with some aluminium pucks to go underneath the turntable's feet, which raise it up by about 6cm - enough for the inflexible cable to come out from the bottom of the turntable and not put pressure on the surface it sits on. I'm not a fan of how this looks, and in hindsight, I should have just bought a right-angled DIN cable from the start. So now I'm wanting to change to a right-angled DIN cable but don't know where to start. I'm aware that there is a right-angled DIN version of the Furutech AG-12, but I can't afford to spend that much on a phono cable right now. I'm hoping that I can get a right-angled DIN cable for around the price that I might be able to sell the Furutech AG-12 for. One example is the well-reviewed and reasonably priced Audio Sensibility cables from Canada - does anyone have experience with these? https://audiosensibility.com/blog/products-2/phono-cables-occ-copper-and-occ-silver/#!/Impact-SE-Angle-DIN-to-RCA-Phono-Cable/p/16010583/category=3749226 My dilemma is, I'm aware of how well regarded the AG-12 is, and I don't want to compromise sound quality by jumping down to a comparatively 'cheapo' cable. But at the same time, I do really want to change to a right-angled DIN cable for aesthetic reasons. Would it maybe be feasible for a technician to change the straight DIN to a right-angled DIN? Or does anyone have any right-angled DIN phono cables in mind in the <$450 range that might suit my needs? Or any other solutions?? Thanks for reading!
  5. Item: Ticket for Nils Frahm at Hamer Hall, 30 November Location: Carlton North 3054 Price: $107.95 Item Condition: NA Reason for selling: Can't attend myself, I'm overseas Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Just trying to get back what I paid for the concert! I'm shattered I can't attend myself. Good seats, and you'll be sitting next to another very friendly SNA member, so the company will be great. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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