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  1. thanks guys, particularly Ian. There's more to it than I initially though of course... I might look at upgrading the exisiting ones then
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any experience running Tannoy Monitor Golds with active cross overs? Specifically Rod Elliott's (ESP) p09 linkwitz-Riley design. I think the original cross overs are getting a bit wooly and tired so as an refresh I might upgrade them to an Active set up. I like the idea of ESP as I can buy the PCB of with comprehensive instructions for a good price and have had good luck with a previous project (p05b+p06). But I can't find mention of this combo son it sure if it really would be an upgrade... cabs are GRF-Rs I built
  3. Thanks guys. We're on the edge of central north west too - Yeah it's beautiful country, can't get enough of it...
  4. Don't see why, so long as everything's operating within its parameters, there's no clipping and everything is in good order with the cabinet... not it that I'd do it - not into either
  5. Just a quick hello from a new member. I'm a music lover and appreciate quality gear and hope I can pick up a few bits of info and also offer any limited knowledge I may have on the subject if I can... it seems like there are a lot of knowledgable and friendly people on this forum! I wouldn't class myself as an audiophile as I don't think I can really distinguish a lot of the differences between this cable and that, one high end source from the next but in all walks of life I like physical objects that are built to a high tolerance, durable and form-follows-function beauty so try to aquire nice units. I'm a father in my thirties with a happy family and my finger in too many pies (old trucks, good food, analogue photography, carpentry, metalwork, riding, camping, hunting etc.) so don't have a heap of time or money to spend on gear but I have the potential and desire for a half respectable up: 15" Tannoy monitor golds in GRF-Rs I built three years ago with a NAD 3020 and apple airport. This is interim while I'm building my Lenco GL75 into its Yellow Box plinth, the ESP p88 (not ordered yet) to go with the p06 and p05b I had fed from my old ariston q deck all to go behind my Quad 520f freshly factory serviced (well fresh as in 5 years ago and has sat in its box since). Also I've just got a raspberry Pi and hifiberry dac to become the new airplay receiver - google's going to have to teach me how to program it... So these are the type of questions I may be speaking answers too, many thanks in advance!
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