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  1. i just read the review, has anyone else ? is it just me- it just seems toooooo good !! GLWST 🙂
  2. Item: BOXES - ORIGINAL BOSE 901 SERIES V (5) Location: GEELONG Price: $55 ($5 Donation to SNA ) Item Condition: 7/10 Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for grabs are 2 Bose Series v (5) Original Boxes. The original inserts are inside the boxes. The boxes are structurally great 8.5/10 Visually for their age, 9/10 Visually as a product box 7/10 Hard to find theses ones any where, i looked on ebay au, usa, and uk and none have popped up for months. I am busy with work and life, so i may not reply instantly. I will not deliver or muck around, just toooo busy at the moment, apologies for that. Happy to trade for some speaker leads minimum length 3m or RCA or XLR, though not asking or expecting to, just suggesting in case you have something lying around as i have these boxes lying around. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Hi Dave i dearly hope they do grow on you. for me, bass can be added later to fill the room and provide engaging warmth, though a set of speakers have got give you the mid range goosebumps and the high chills. Now the mids and highs are a personal preference, a preference that drives and excites you to come home on a Wednesday night after a difficult few days and turn them on because you know they are there waiting for you. i love the look of them, they are different. Christopher
  4. an honest and interesting review, great to read
  5. any "Media Wall" background banner supplier will have the printer a quick search will find you heaps, below is the first thing that popped up for me a link : https://flagbanner.com.au/event-display/stretch-fabric-media-wall.html
  6. i was about to write someone is selling heaps of radio tubes, then realised it was you, it's the thought that counts !
  7. ok, I'm going to say without hearing these that they will sound amazing. This is a no brainer of a deal for someone considering a pair of JBL, Klipsch (cornwells - Lascala's) or Altec's. This set i would imagine would kinda sit in the middle of all 3 i have listed, giving an overall awesomeness of everything with a modern twist. For memory the midrange horn is no longer available to purchase as a kit or complete unit, the owner shut down his site. If you are DIY'ing around this concept, save yourself the time and heart-ache and buy these, all complete and ready to go. Awesome LWTS Christopher
  8. a lota speaker for the money GLWTS
  9. I have sat and listened to these cornwalls without realising i was listening to them as there were 3 other sets of speakers arrayed neatly in the room. I was overwhelmingly surprised by the general balanced output these gave. I went as far to say that these cornwalls were my favorite, or better to say, enjoyable set of speakers within the array that day. In the array was a set of Stradivari's, which were more hifi, but i simply enjoyed the Cornwell's more, though my preference was lightly debated. it just goes to show that sound is a personal experience. I own LaScala's, community rated a higher preferably than the Cornwall's, though i enjoyed the sound of the Cornwall's over my LaScala's. Christopher
  10. I have sat and listened to these and have listened to factory 4430's. the difference here is the inclusive of the tweeter, what a pleasant difference it adds to the overall balance. Christopher
  11. I have noticed Krell has gone out of flavour in the used market recently. What a great time to pick Krell bargains. Many will come back to Krell later and pay ridiculous prices for them because their Solid State Sound is World Class and will be a classic. I will show my interest in the KRC-3 should the result arise. Awesome LWTS
  12. I hope a newbie who has recently begun there quest for Audio Nirvana sees and purchases this to avoid the painstaking 5 year chasing your tail venture to build a system. Plug 'n' Play . . . . . GLWTS 😀
  13. Iffffffff . . the potential buyers aren't not so keen let me know.
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