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  1. I bought a : Sony Muteki 7.2 system. - 1 amp - 2 subs - 2 fronts (towers) - 2 side (towers) - 2 Backs (bookshelf) they are always on FB Marketplace. they sell on a average for $400 $500 is to much to pay. now, before you cringe, get ready to be blown away these things actually sound pretty good, really good, amazingly great . . . take off the Sony badge and put B&W or Mordaunt Short and your friends will be sucked in. I have wayyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyy better stuff but to press ON and let it play everyday, toooooo easy. I have chromecast connected to stream to. it has plenty HDMI o- did mention Bluetooth 🤯 that surprised me, and it actually works perfectly, the Bluetooth. this system is the bargain of a lifetime forget all the reviews and YouTube ppl bagging it and calling it a bogan system. I took the risk about 6 weeks ago and have not regretted one function or sound about it. the system is matched, so you can turn it up to max, and no distortion I have contemplated getting proper crossovers and changing the speaker wiring which is a out as thick as a strand of hair, then I thought, nahhhh, just enjoy it concluding, the system cranks with no ear piercing harshness, or sibilance
  2. congrats on the arrival of your beautiful Topping Stack. I have read lots of Glowing Reviews on the Topping D90 / A90 duo. I was in ATA a few days ago, they now are importing Topping and the price is about the same as purchasing Internationally. From what I have seen worldwide the Topping D/A 90 combo is price fixed, which I like. plus, having the option to purchase locally is great, no need to worry about fake products and warranty, just in case anyone would like to get one. I have the Burson Reference X3 Headphone amp/dac combo. I am from Geelong, would love to have a meet up with someone and compare both products (once the air clears) : - Topping D90 / A90 Duo vs / compares - Burson Audio Reference x3 Amp/Dac combo Today I connected the Burson X3 Ref as a pre/Dac to a Krell KSA 100s. At first it was quite harsh, about 10 hours later, it is very contagious, completely different, much warmer, great seperation, loads of detail from left and right, lots of information The X3 Ref had only about 20 hours on it, . . . . so about 30 hours now. Most say a few weeks it will continue to warm in and become more engaging. I would assume the same for the D90/A90, a 100 or 200 hours to really mature. another member here sold his X3 Ref and is buying the D90/A90 anyway, back to comparing, I have Focal Utopia Headphones . . . . maybe someone will be interested in comparing, it is less expensive than buying and trying 😀 and then the photos below for tonight's setup ( I took my TV down to not listen the Main Stream Media crap 😂 )
  3. Howdy Forum Does anyone know how to connect : - Auralic Aries Femto on Android. I have downloaded and paid for BUBBLE uPnP And that is about as far as my Saturday went. 6 hours of searching and trying different things, obviously i am blindly overlooking something simple ??? any help would be fantastic - eg, connecting bubble On my Android phone the connections are : - Auralic Aries Connected Wirelessly Automatic, i have not done anything special - WiFi Router connected In BUBBLE uPnP, - Select Renderer, these thing show up : - Local Renderer - Home Chromecast - My Aries This is about as far as i get ???
  4. i have had a look for an android Auralic App nothing there ?? i see the bubblepnp, so for 5.99, i bought it
  5. Howdy Neil yeah, that would make sense Aurealis was my first stop, i have purchased before, . . . . hmmmmm . . . looks like off i go internationally,
  6. Item: WTB: FOCAL UTOPIA HEADPHONE CABLE - NOT STOCK FOCAL CABLE Price Range: < 1500 Item Condition: New or Used Location: Geelong Extra Info: Turn your unused Awesome cable into cash $$$ . . . . haha, had to start with that . . . . Just Seeing if someone has something that they 'may' have lying around and don't use much before i go searching and buy one. Criteria - Focal Utopia Headphone Cable - Lemo 2 connections to Headphones - Balanced into 4 pin male XLR to source - XLR only - no single pin connection wanted - Must be awesome and reviewed. - willing to try a chi-fi one : 7N - UP OCC COPPER OR STRANDED SILVER I have the latest Burson Audio Top of the Line Conductor 3x Reference DAC / Headphone AMP, & it is pretty friggin great. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. this was 2 1/2 weeks ago i purchased them. I purchased the SkullCandy Crusher ANC - $530 here is a review of them i placed online : My View on the Crushers, I have had them for 10 days. the ANC gets weird when driving in my New-ish Merc Van. Over little road bumps (normal roads) the Crusher's ANC reacts in a form of a little static click sound. After a few days, it does start to get noticeable, and then annoying, and for $530 AUD, they are not that impressive. The BASS is fun, though the actual volume levels are not loud at all. For $530AUD, I would expect to be able to crank them up when I want to, though this is not the case, I was badly disappointed with the volume level. My Sabbat E12 Ultra True Wireless are louder and cleaner sounding, then my KZ E10 True Wireless absolutely destroy the Crushers in Loudness, Soundstage, Separation and Clarity and also manage to provide great BASS, though no where near the Crushers. The mic on the Crusher's is great, despite all the reviews, I am on the phone at least 20 times a day and not one person has had trouble hearing or understanding me, and when I ask my friends how do I sound, they comment they had no idea I was on BlueTooth. I use an new OPPO 5G phone. Connection wise, BT, the Crushers are a delight, the Sabbat E12 are 50/50, the KZ E10 are painful, I would rate them at 10/90. Lastly, the Crusher Earcup Rotating Hinge broke on me tonight, so that is the final straw for them, I will be contacting SkullCandy and asking for a refund. The Crushers simply are not a good general alrounder headphone, I love my BASS, but the cons outweigh to pros , I would rate the crushers at 3/10 because of their high price and lastly painful comfort wearing during the day. I want to love the Crushers, but I simply can't. I only gave a 3 because : +1 for call quality & +1 for BASS & +1 for connectivity - BT 7 points deducted for : -1 for Volume Level -1 for Weight -1 for Cabin Pressure -1 for EarCup size -1 for White Noise -1 for ANC noise clicks at certain frequencies -1 for the hinge breaking (just faulty bad luck in that particular piece of plastic I figure ) You know that feeling you get when you have been on your feet all day and get home and take off your shoes, the release of pressure, well that is the same feeling of the Crushers. And finally lastly, I have had a headache for the last 5-7 days, that is not normal for me, . . . . not blaming the Crushers, butttttttttt . . . . . the cabin pressure, the actual weight and the fit and clamping are just outright painful, and the White Noise . . . . hmmmmmmmmm ??? Now they are broken I will go back to the KZ E10's and have a non painful, clear listening and talking experience again, with no White Noise and Cabin Pressure. Sorry SkullCandy, the Crusher ANC are FUN, I wish I could love them, but I can't !! my recommendations to SkullCandy, larger Earcup, less weight, louder volume levels, a complete overhaul of the ANC - the interference clicks at certain frequencies gets very annoying, get rid of the White Noise ( I forgot to mention that ) Concluding, I have Sennheiser HD's and Focal Utopia Headphones, so I am no stranger to headphones. Christopher
  8. my take on Wireless Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Headphones . . . . be weary they can cause headaches, sinus and jaws issues and nausea and dizziness, tinnitus no-one tells you this, and no-one mentions it in reviews. I found out the hard way, only 2 weeks, bought a top pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones, then i started going down hill over the next 5 - 10 days as i used them for work. ( i have Focal Utopias and Senns, countless wireless IEM's , so i kinda know my headphones ) I couldn't work out why all the above was happening, the headaches, sinus and jaws issues and nausea, then i Goolged ANC headaches, and BOOM !, not just me being silly . . . . . pages and forums on the topic and peoples experiences. It doesn't happen to everyone, though alot. i will put it to you this way on what we are placing on out nogggins, lol : - first there is the large-ish magnets on both earcups - then the internal charged batteries - followed by electrical circuits boards emitting electro magnetic frequecies ( EMF) - then Bluetooth buzzing around our auras - and finally the frequency the ANC creates to knock out other frequencies so we can not hear them, these things (frequencies) pound through your eardrums passing through your brain . . . . and mess people up. Concluding, as a parent i would never get a pair for my teenage kid who's brain doesn't need more spicing up due to what happened to me (my experience with ANC ) . . . . however, it does not happen to everyone . . . . this is simply an insight to my experience and to what i suspect will surely end up in Court someday. Christopher I have been recommended these for teens by a YouTube Reviewer over all the rest he has reviewed (going on price and performance ) : Soundcore Q10 - $55.97 plus about $10.00 delivery https://www.myanker.com.au/soundcore-life-q10.html Heaps of great reviews on YouTube
  9. Hello Fellow SNA-ers Due to the overwhelming response in a Wanted To Buy Ad for HiFi Racks with members sharing their fantastic and creative DIY Techniques for HiFi Racks & Stands & Cabinets I have decided to create this Topic. Please share your amazing Creations and Ideas and Techniques by posting Photos, Articles and Links and your Comments for HiFi Racks & Stands & Cabinets. You may also like to share your recommendations of professional HiFi Racks & Stands & Cabinets that you have purchased or found informative links to. Christopher
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