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  1. Yes a bit spoilt in that department. Heres a shot of the week before trying to work out what i was going to use to drive the Proac EBS's, and yes more CA/BAs to the left built up a set for a mates 40th bday present
  2. So 6 years and 2 false starts but finally got the top 3. Sansui Sr 838, Xr Q7, Sr 929. I think I’m done with Sansui turntables now.
  3. Mate, give Col a call over in Mayfield. Custom audio 49600655. His tech Graham is old school can fix pretty much anything. Bit slow at present but normally very good for turnaround.
  4. Nothing on the units but extra 10% on shipping only as I use a US based intermediary to facilitate. I just brought in a beautiful Au-9500 for myself at A$580 for the unit plus $520 for shipping including GST.
  5. Unfortunately i have to agree with the opinion of the group. Price is high for this market. I am presently helping a work colleague ship in from the US a pristine trio of the CA/BA 2000 and TU 9900 cost price in A$ 2570 plus $777 shipping so all up $3347.
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