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  1. davothecavo

    SOLD: FS: Rega RP10

    Very nice turntable. GLWS. I have to ask what are you going too?
  2. @shogo33. Something you were interested in is listed. @Famo been waiting for ages for pre amp to come up but ran out of patience and ordered one new. GLWS Lovely bit of kit.
  3. davothecavo

    SOLD: FS: Focal-JM Lab Chorus SR700 Speakers

    These have sensational tweeter and mid range drivers in these speakers. You have to spend a lot of money in the focal range now to get similar quality drivers. Good buying here folks. GLWS😀
  4. From memory most of the parasound halo amps have a gain control on the back, this may help in getting some more range in the volume knob if needed.
  5. davothecavo

    SOLD: North Creek Borealis D28 kit

    @erest bargain if you managed to get them 😀
  6. davothecavo


    This is an awesome deal for some lucky buyer. GLWS. Don't think you will need it😀
  7. davothecavo

    Fat Freddy's Drop

    @Ian McP Whilst I haven't heard them live, I just get so caught up in the groove. Can't quite wait / imagine how that that will transform itself when played live. I am assuming they will have a new album out for the trip. Which album did they play at Womadelaide?
  8. davothecavo

    Fat Freddy's Drop

    After missing out the last couple of times when Fat Freddy's Drop have toured, it was great to find out they are playing a gig at the Hordern Pavilion in March. Have booked my tickets😆. Can't wait to see them live. WheneverI listen to new speakers I always use some of there stuff as test tracks for bass integration. All I can say is the Kiwi's who are SNAers you have been awfully quiet about this gig.
  9. davothecavo

    Holton Pre-Amp

    @Aussieamps - Thanks for the update, I look to seeing them once they are finally released. I have been following the progress, as in the new year I will be looking for a pre-amp that has a HT bypass, and hopefully I will be able to convince an SNAer living in Sydney who buys one to let me come and have a listen. I like the fact it doesn't have a remote, without a doubt the most overrated piece of equipment in the lounge room, they always seem to break.
  10. davothecavo

    MSB Technology S200 Stereo amplifier

    That is a beautifully restored Duke, looks spectacular George. Trust the Italians to romanticise the sound of a motor bike. I think MSB could take a leaf out of the colour scheme of the bike and make the amplifier Black with gold highlights, I imagine it would improve its looks greatly.😉 Because with all that gold going on I am about to drift into generalisations about the marketing genius who thought it was a good idea...
  11. davothecavo

    MSB Technology S200 Stereo amplifier

    Is it yours George? Still have fond memories of church point road and a ducati, there is something special about the exhaust noise and desmo valve whine in the upper rev ranges of the 70's and 80's models.
  12. davothecavo

    Holton Pre-Amp

    Just wondering if these have broken cover yet, and if anyone who has received the pre-amp is willing to put up quick thoughts on it. I have noticed they are all sold out.
  13. davothecavo

    MSB Technology S200 Stereo amplifier

    The ducati is too die for not so sure about the amp though.
  14. davothecavo

    SOLD: FS: JM Lab/Focal Mini Utopia Speakers

    I loved these speakers when they came out just couldn't afford them. Loved them so much I built a Zalytron kit by Orca designs that used the tweeter and W come mid range drivers. The speed and articulation of them as a combination is simply superb. Need good amps to get the best out of them. GLWS
  15. davothecavo

    FS: Doge 8 2017 LP Preamp

    Wow, what an amazing collection of unusual tube pre-amps 🤗