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  1. Great buying here. The tweeter cost almost as much as the speakers alone and the W cone series are the bomb in the focal line and have driven there speakers with only evolution for 20 years. GLWS.
  2. A quick question, I know it is off topic but how did the Elektra pre amp sound with the bryston amp. Was thinking about this as a combo?
  3. I missed out on some records from a local record store the Al Green and the black keys release. I went to discrepancy and found much to my surprise the difference in price was significant, so I passed. Splitting them into 3 releases this year is quite ingenious from a marketing point of view.
  4. Giving Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers a run for the first time😀
  5. I owned a pair of Bose 901's as my first pair of speakers and lived with them for 20 years, they became a bit impractical once I had kids as the stand is not particularly friendly and didn't have the space to wall mount them. But, I had a great time with that speaker and terrorised the neighbours for years with them, also learnt that unit blocks are NOT the place for music lovers who like a bit of volume. The active equaliser interacts with the pre-amp section of your integrated amp, they have a high power rating due to there original development as a professional audio speaker. As they came out of professional audio I always thought they paired well with a rugged power supply heavy amplifier. They run smallish full range drivers that give the speaker a presentation that is inherently fast, detailed and capable of high spl. Looking at the two pictures above I would agree with @Al.M just look at that capacitor bank and think reserves of current from a rugged power supply. My comments take into account the age of the design. Good luck with your new amp hope you enjoy the journey.
  6. Hi, The cartridge is the ZYX Bloom 3 and RCM Sensor 2 preamp. I added the speed controller recently as an upgrade as I wanted to play 45's without the disassembly and was surprised by the uplift in sound in the process.
  7. Have had it for a while now but finally got the setup where I am mostly happy. Worked fairly hard to get the footfalls out of my setup. Sprung floorboards are a pain in the a*se. Just have to do something about the cable management now and maybe my photography😁
  8. Gorgeous turntable set up. Am partial to Kuzma kit. Can almost imagine how good this sounds but not quite 😁
  9. Sorry a bit late on the thread. I am surprised no one has recommended the JL Audio E112 subwoofer. I have a single in a 7.5m x 3.5m X 3m and have to work very hard to remove rattles from furniture sideboard book cases etc, and can recommend having a listen to them. Preferred the tightness of bass over the SVS model. Happy auditioning.
  10. I looked at the avr prepro but alarm bells started ringing by reading their forums and seeing how product releases always seem to get delayed for many months and the issue seemed to be a generally accepted. Quite thankful for it now, bought a turntable instead🙂
  11. Yeah the lure of valves. I have an valve pre-amp and often think about a valve phone stage. GLWTS.
  12. Great phono stage, love mine and more importantly it comes in sounds heaps better black 😁. GLWTS. Btw - which valve pre at you looking at trying? Dave
  13. Hi David, How is your testing going so far, have you reached any decisions? Cheers, David
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