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  1. Apparat and Nicolas Jaar please Phil
  2. Bags

    Amp needed (Melb)

    Thanks anyway 😕
  3. The eraser remix - Thom Yorke, $8 The eraser - Thom Yorke, $10 St Germain - Tourist, $20 Portishead - Third, $20 Please, if still available
  4. Without an amp at the moment, while my new one is being built. If anyone has something they'd be willing to lend me for a couple of months, I'd be very grateful. Looking for an integrated suitable to drive my Harbeth 30.1's. I'm in Melbourne, inner north. Smoke and pet free home. Edit: Alternatively, if anyone has a cheapish but halfway decent integrated they could sell me, I'd consider that also
  5. I'll grab these. PM incoming.
  6. So nice, can't believe it hasn't sold yet. Is the phono listed already?
  7. Lol, thought the same, Mat. Would love a nice phono stage like this. Would happily put one currently in a cupboard to good use Too bad I've already spent my yearly hifi budget. GLWS amdan
  8. Bags

    Weston Acoustics owners

    I've asked for pre/power sockets in mine, so I can use it as a passive pre, but not sure it will have a switch. Sounds like a good feature
  9. Bags

    Weston Acoustics owners

    Can you explain how this works, HR? Not sure I follow
  10. PS. You need names for these cables, Bill
  11. Received some speaker cables and rca interconnects with black connectors from Bill the other day. I don't have my system set up at the moment so can't comment on the sound yet, but the build quality is excellent. They look and feel fantastic. Looking forward to testing them out soon.