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  1. Get used to it, my amp is 7 months overdue 😕
  2. I will take them if you can post to Vic
  3. Bags

    CD's GONE

    I've PM'd you Bruce
  4. The eraser remix - Thom Yorke, $8 The eraser - Thom Yorke, $10 St Germain - Tourist, $20 Portishead - Third, $20 Please, if still available
  5. Without an amp at the moment, while my new one is being built. If anyone has something they'd be willing to lend me for a couple of months, I'd be very grateful. Looking for an integrated suitable to drive my Harbeth 30.1's. I'm in Melbourne, inner north. Smoke and pet free home. Edit: Alternatively, if anyone has a cheapish but halfway decent integrated they could sell me, I'd consider that also
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