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    G'day all!

    Hello everyone, slowly but surely getting back into the hi-fi bug after a few years on the sideline, although I have always enjoyed my music on a generic scale I am often found in the attic playing some tunes on the "wheels of steel".....specifically slo-mo disco, disco, rock and everything in between! Looking at finally setting up a half decent rig in the lounge room, and after many hours of listening/auditioning etc I am angling towards the PMC Twenty5.23's as I enjoy their sound and dynamics...and the footprint suits my room. Now trying to pair with some amplification, started off thinking about seperate components but now angling towards an integrated as this may suit better from a financial point of view, specifically a Naim Supernait 2 which I have auditioned with the above speakers - lovely combo in my opinion. Anyway, some great info and education on this site and I look forward to absorbing as much as I can! Cheers Warren