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  1. I've got a pair of those in Jarrah, fantastic bang for buck IMHO! GLWTS!
  2. I don’t have the space to appreciate these speakers. If I had a sitting space and stands I’d keep them. The water damage mentioned is on the base of one of them - little darker and obviously stained. I recently posted for information about them, I received some very helpful posts to positively ID them - thank you SNA members. Please feel free to make a fair offer, I’m not going to freight these - sorry - they’re large and quite heavy. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excl
  3. I’m weighing up selling these - yes. I don’t have stands or space for a dedicated system - I have yet to hear these bi amped - that’s probably the one thing that I’m holding out for... that and I’m a hoarder of course.?
  4. Thanks Pete, I’m guessing that the age of these would be a good reason there is not a lot of info online.
  5. I have some speakers I’d appreciate a little help identifying. Orpheus stand mount speakers, they are quite large, sporting an aluminium domed 1”tweeter and an 8” peerless mid. Cabinets are solid timber, 15kg ish each. cheers...
  6. Following some interest, I'd like to try and sell locally if possible, so that I can demonstrate the sound on startup. It occurs when the relay cuts in - and the speakers are connected to the amp proper. If you're interested, can send through post - a quote to QLD was approximately $55, with signature on delivery and insurance for $700. Cheers
  7. Further information: I have owned this for around 5 years, it was looked at by a tech in Port Adelaide, I believe he replaced the speaker output relay at the time. It has spent a long time in a box as my home situation didn’t allow enough space for a second setup. Photo’s are current - setup for near field listening at work. I would like to stick to my Quasimodo for this role - so I’ll sell the Sugden. it has some light marks on the front - and the power button surround is missing. It also thumps in the Right Channel when powering on - subsequently, the price is
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