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  1. Item: Audeze LCD 3 Headphones Fazor Edition Location: South Brisbane Price: 1300 Item Condition: Headphones in great condition, damaged box Reason for selling: Sold amp, downgrading all my gear Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Flexible Extra Info: Drivers replaced June 2016, bought these 2nd hand off Gumtree, for whatever reason they did not work by the time they got to me. I sent them to Audeze in the US and even though they were 3 months out of warranty they honoured it and replaced the drivers, cost me postage both ways. They came with a Norne Audio Draug Cable and 1/4inch adapter which I can include as well as both standard cables with very little ware. If you want to try them, I would advise bringing your amp with you as I have sold mine. My loss is your gain, great quality headphones. Pictures:
  2. Hi there, Brisbane based, still have a lot to learn. Convenient mid-fi is where I want to take my setup. Setup is: Speakers: Swan T200B Studio Monitors Swan H10 Sub Headphones: Audeze LCD 3 Sennheiser HD 6XX Audio Technica M50X (White) Bose SoundSport DAC: Rega DAC Amp: Schiit Lyr v2 (sold) Thanks everybody
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