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  1. Okay, Crossovers are as follows: Subwoofer - Jenson x165 set to 120hz crossover and plays down to 30hz (claims) Jenson 303/202/404 Left/Right/Centre/atmos and rears set to 100hz crossover - 6ohm speakers. 40hz to 21khz. Room is closed off and 6mx4m I feel as though the clarity and loudness is not at it's best and have played around with frequency response at 80hz (THX) Should I be matching 6ohms recievers to 6ohms speakers? Or 6ohms speakers with higher/lower ohms. Sorry not to familiar with the ohms side if things. Thanks.
  2. Hi Audioholics, Currently looking at purchasing a Pioneer VSX LX 503 reciever to drive my 5.1.2 Jenson in wall speakers. Now trying to understand Ohms... Jenson speakers are rated at 140w RMS 6ohms and the pioneer reciever is 6 ohms 180w per channel. Will this work? I previously have a Integra DRX 3 and I feel I'm not getting enough power out of my current speaker setup. Advice or guidance appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, so did some experimenting. The receiver will only allow me to drop the subwoofer frequency as low as 80hz so will take your advice on that one. 80hz seems to be good. On the actual sub I crossed the manual recommend leaving the amp on 0 or 180 hz. I tried both settings but because the amp is crossing at 80hz there is no real difference. Now with the speakers I've got the front L/R crossing in at 80 and Rear surround and atmos at 70hz. Sampled Man of Steel and sounds hectic. Question: is it better to cross the speakers at a higher frequency or lower frequency? I noticed if I cross them at 60hz the front speaker sounds distorted. Why would this be happening? Also if I want the bass to be more punchier should I be adjusting the level control of the sub or increase the hz on the receiver. Thanks.
  4. Hey, its runs auto cal but is very out of whack. Like I can't even hear the sub as it sets the frequency 160hz. Decided to set the frequency it manually Using the DRX 3. Subwoofer is a Jenson X-165
  5. I'm using and AVR Integra DRX 3. It does not have a setting in the speaker setup to select small. Only full band or I can select the frequency.
  6. Hey guys, there may be a thread on this already however I've set up surround sound at home and want to set the speakers to the correct frequency on the amp. Running Jenson Elite 303's front with built in centre channel, Rear Elite 202's and two atmos Elite 404's. Speaker frequency as per manufacturer recommendations is 40hz - 21Khz Controlling the LFE via the amp Also with the sub.. what are best settings? 0hz or pump it to 180hz to be honest sounds the same. Thanks.
  7. Thanks mate, yeah I'm just trying to get a better understanding of the graphs.. what do they mean? what are we trying to achieve? does adjusting deep settings alter this? how good is auto cal on the JVC...etc. looking to purchase Spyder 5 but hesitate with some people ending with pinkish screen results.
  8. Hey guys, I have attached some pre/post calibration results for my JVC X7000. Would like to know (a) what does everything mean (b) what are we aiming to achieve for post calibration in regards to the charts. Really want to learn more about this as im planning on doing an auto cal on my new JVC X7900. Silly question but considering the new projector has been set up in the same location/same room/same environment, could I just apply the X7000 calibration results to the X7900 with a few tweaks here and there? Any feedback is greatly appreciated or any links to understand his further.
  9. I'm trying to find the thread from a while back where I submitted the screenshots of post calibration.
  10. Al, Couple questions for you. I had my JVC X7000 calibrated by certified personnel (Avical) Cant really afford $700 for another calibration for the X7900 although as the projector is set up in the same location and units are fairly similar aside from a few little upgrades could I just punch in all the data from the previous calibration in a User 1 mode in the correct fields and be fairly close if not the same outcomes? Also, when I was looking into the deep settings with pixel adjust etc.. the grid lines don't match up on the perimeter (Horizontal line passes the vertical line) does this mean anything? will try take a photo for reference.
  11. Hi Javs, awesome thread here! just upgraded x7000 to x7900. seems to me like a nice little upgrade especially low latency (as I game) question though.. on your screen **** with the grid how come the horizontal lines go past the vertical lines? should they meet together? I've got the same happening on mine but not sure if it's and issue or not. also I had my x7000 calibrated and have reapplied all settings to my x7900... would this work? same room, same lighting a d atmosphere. don't wanna spend $700 doing it again for similar results. thanks.
  12. Thanks Al, the cable is all good to go as I can get my 4k bluray player to work with no issues. It's just this PS4 Pro.. keep in mind it's not a 4k reader unlike the Xbox. maybe I need to turn 4k Shift off?
  13. Great to see that you got the 4k side of thing working on the X7000. Im having difficulty playing 4k games off the PS4 Pro. In the playstation settings when I go to activate HDR mode it says "HDR not supported" I tried switching to HDR mode but even in that mode it still wont allow me to activate the HRD setting. not sure why this is happening?
  14. Hey Guys, Recently upgraded my JVC X7000 to the NEW X7900 and a step up over two models leaves me very happy with this unit. Aside from the massive face lift in HDR capability the low lag input is an absolute bonus as I game as much as watch movies. Straight out of the box with factory setting enabled I cant really complain however just wanted to see if anyone has any info as to what is the best mode for your standard Blu-ray viewing. Currently using factory setting for Cinema mode but wonder what the key difference would be between that and the THX settings. Looking to have the unit calibrated but very early hours on it so far. Thanks.
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