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  1. No, we're just the convicts down here, we don't get much at all, unlike the rest of the civilised world 😕
  2. Not seen the yellowing Dave at this point, maybe I dodged a bullet there.
  3. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    2 people for sure with these units, they're so huge and heavy it's almost ridiculous.
  4. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    Yes, be careful, make sure you have a will in place haha
  5. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    I don't think I'd like to mount one of these new machines at 20 kilos they're a beast. I had enough dramas lifting mine to head height to put on my tower setup. And maybe not even allowing your everyday sparky to put handle these either. I think these units are now at a serious enough weight (and cost) to warrant some insurances be in place before you go ceiling mounting them.
  6. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    Good going Dave, that's 2 happy N7 owners so far! I think I'm more impressed by the optics than anything else, the clarity is nothing short of stunning. What a 4K projector should be like!
  7. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    165 scope screen. Evo4K Majestic screen, the ones I build of course Here's a point and shoot photo using a galaxy s6.
  8. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    Ok folks, I got my N7 up and running about 4hrs ago, was about 5 mins in and power outage for a couple more hours. Not sure what the fire up times are like but my software is version 1.19. Took about 25 seconds for the D-ILA logo to get on screen which was a bit long, but early days. The power outage may have e added to the problem, not sure. Once I'd done the usual, zoom, shift and focus I was very surprised by how clean the picture is. The lens is very very nice and would make this the sharpest and cleanest projector I've seen to date, which is good be honest as I was quite worried what surprises I might see given the QA problems from abroad. Seems like I dodged a bullet with this one. There's a bit of CA on the outer edges, I expected more so was pleasantly surprised. (Cannot imagine how good woofers Z1 would be!) The lcos panels are impressive with their very fine fill factor. If you thought the pixels were hard to make out on the X series, you cannot see them on the N7 at all. The remote is awkward with the buttons sitting flush to the remote body, not sticking out.. seems flimsy.. Will take a bit of getting used to. But everything is there, the menu is well laid out like the previous x series machines. They should have kept the old remote though. Buttons were better, seemed better built, but this one has larger buttons, they're just harder to find and press correctly. A few times I'd try to press the circular arrow ring around the OK button and I'd hit OK by mistake which would take me out of what I was doing. Not a deal breaker by any stretch though. The lens shift is improved too, must be a whole new design as it moves more incrementally and doesn't wobble around. Will test out the lens memory stuff later tonight. Basically I've only watched the 2K and 4K versions of Oblivion, the opening 2 or 3 scenes up to the 2017 world series stadium where he repairs the ungrateful drone. The 2K version I much prefer but with the 4K version, I was quite surprised as there was less noise than I'd seen before. One thing I noticed more of was flaws in skin and closeup facial features seem to yield more detail. I would put this down to the new glass optics, such an important part of what makes a good image. Using Bt2020 in cinema mode and playing around with some hdr and gamma settings. So far so good. really happy so far! Next I'll play around with the detail, smoothing and noise reduction settings to find a happy medium.
  9. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    Yes I realise many on the forums did the firmware themselves with the right cable, but many many more didn't and didn't know how either and used the service centres. Looks like that will be a thing of the past now which is a step in the right direction.
  10. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    Surely they have to allow us to do USB firmware updates. I understand with the old method with that strange cable you needed. In fact I just had an installer try to update firmware on an X7900 and it locked up and wont turn on anymore so it's back to the service centre.. The less these things are transported the better. USB updates at home is the ONLY way forward. This is more than 10 years overdue.
  11. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    Sorry mate that was a poor explanation. Woofer explained it better
  12. oztheatre

    2019 projector releases ?

    Not the above. The red and blue panels are in front of and behind the middle green panel, so red and blue can be out, you will see like the above image, fringing of red and or blue. Normally you'd use a test pattern but the menu of the projector which is text is fine to use also.
  13. oztheatre

    4K enhancement greyed out

    If I still had my unit I'd be able to tell you what to turn off.. It's projector related, as Jsmith has shown.
  14. Whilst stock is limited at this point in time, JVC hope to have plenty of stock on hand by the end of March. JVC are filling orders as they come in so please be aware that unless you have an order placed there will be some delays until the initial orders are filled. Item: JVC DLA NATIVE 4K Projector series - the DLA-N5, DLA-N7 and DLA-NX9 Location: Australia wide Price: PM for pricing. Item Condition: Brand new 2019 models Australian stock. Warranty: 3 years. Lamp warranty: Will update when I have firm info. Payment Method: Pickup - Visa and MC cards 1%, or direct deposit. Extra Info: Please no price talk on the forums, I am doing my very best to get pricing as sharp as possible for forum members, as we've done in the past very successfully. I will have the N7 in my showroom when they arrive in oz so for anyone in the SE Qld area feel free to book in for a demo when the time comes. Please note, whilst the N5 is available in white, JVC will only carry a small amount in stock. Will update this thread with relevant info as it comes to hand. Thanks for your patience and support! Best Regards, Rich
  15. Item: Oz Theatre Screens Majestic fixed frame screens Location: Australia Item Condition: Brand new. Lifetime Warranty Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, cards 1% Call to order, online store does not have discounts applied. Free shipping with cope sensitive freight. Gallery and reviews here