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  1. Sorry I didn't see this before. Not sure, they certainly have one they're testing out. Time will tell.
  2. Thanks to all who snapped up a JVC during this sale. Sadly it all ends tomorrow and back to regular pricing. So if you're on the fence, you know when this finishes.
  3. Yes but that's only because TV's and projectors are fixed panel devices. Scope at the cinema is always wider and the same height with no black bars - curtains open up out to the wall after the previews are finished (if it's a scope film) But with projectors we can emulate what's done at the cinema.. so why not? Another reason people use scope screens is because of content, TV shows are not decent quality compared to blu ray and uhd discs and look ridiculous blown up to the same size. Not right or wrong format, each to their own.
  4. oztheatre

    4K AT screen with 2K projector

    Not quite. Maybe in china though. The idea is to get the weave as small as possible without compromising sound and or picture. Why? So the weave is not visible at all, something that's been an issue with different woven materials combined with how close you sit (And to the OP, 3 metres is about where those problems begin) Think about television, the glass is dead smooth, you would never purchase a TV with a textured glass finish so why do it with a projector screen when it's meant to reflect back the projectors image as accurately as possible? People seem to sit similar distances from televisions and projector screens too so probably more important that no visible texture on your projector screen given how much larger it would no doubt be compared to the TV. To the OP, no you won't/shoudn't have any problems, good that you're future-proofing in that regard.
  5. oztheatre

    JVC 7900 Good With Motion?

    So a stupid question I guess.. why can't they make films with a higher frame rate give 24 frames was never good enough? They've more or less left this major flaw up to the display device manufacturers to address instead which seems a little pointless. Have noticed a distinct ringing around images with the JVC MI turned on, the low setting is better than the high setting which should not even be an option. What is really ideal? 200hz?
  6. oztheatre

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    How's the pain now? any better? ???
  7. oztheatre

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    So you can make 2K blu ray titles look better than usual with PC based upscaling and sharpening.. Can you do any of that with 4K titles to make them look even better?
  8. oztheatre

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    Anyone seen any good movies lately?
  9. I picked up a Sony 8500 for 3099 and 350 for a 5 year replacement warranty from harveys which was normally 800 odd dollars so pretty happy with price. TV is brilliant.
  10. Have PM'd everyone inquiring. No they wont budge from this i'm afraid.
  11. We ended up getting some stellar pricing on the X5900 this afternoon also! Have PM'd those who have inquired
  12. Not on sale as much as the higher spec models. Will PM you all with pricing.
  13. I have asked what they can offer, they didn't include the 5900 in this short sale but will report back tomorrow with update.
  14. Yes they allow pickups, you just need to let me know what day and take a copy of your invoice.
  15. Ends Thursday 5pm May 31st. JVC are now running this deal into the month of May (not the first time this has happened but good for those who aren't quite ready right now) Item: JVC DLA-X7900 and DLA-X9900 Price: $6099 for the X7900 (Save $2,400) and $6960 for the X9900 (Save $3,638) These prices have never been offered before. Item Condition: Brand new Aust stock Reason for selling: JVC deal runs until end May 2018. Payment Method: Bank transfer, visa and MC @ 1% Extra Info: JVC will direct ship to your door. Pictures: