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  1. Yes, some cheeseburgers are in order
  2. He's worth 400 million now..talk about revenge of the nerds ha
  3. X9 Globe

    Sorry Chris, JVC got back to me this morning. PM sent
  4. Did you buy NEO in late November? (was about $50, today $170 - 9 months earlier it was 20 odd cents) The platforms will do well, etherium, neo, eos.... I don't think people realise that many of these have working products that will be used in the real world... https://www.investopedia.com/news/litecoin-jumps-more-30-after-announcing-litepay-payments-processor/ It's just digital money and the platforms and products that will be used.. We're already tapping cards to pay for things.. Sure it's a bubble, it will go up and down.. It's extremely volatile but risk = reward. Early days though
  5. Geez what a teaser, if I was local I'd be all over this bargain.. damn you ageless haha
  6. 20% off all Majestic Oz Theatre Screens

    Last screens are being built this weekend and Monday for dispatch. If you want to place an order please do so asap to get in time for xmas, interstate especially. cheers!
  7. "Sony's locked panel alignment" The new 4K sony's ALL have panel alignment as per the JVC's.. I saw this last night and verified with Sony today.. Or did he mean something else there?
  8. Paul McCartney - One on One tour

    It was incredible to say the least
  9. Paul McCartney - One on One tour

    Funny story about how the Russians were learning English from Beatles songs.. 'Hello Goodbye' lol
  10. Paul McCartney - One on One tour

    Yes! Just got back from the Brisbane show.. amazing.. The man is a living musical god.. so good.. 3hrs of perfection on show tonight.. must have played 30+ songs.. We won't see him again, so glad I went.. We took the oldies they were so happy, made my night.
  11. Majestic Evo Ultra 4K Cinemascope Screen

    Discount also applied to any package so still 20% off the screen in the package.
  12. Majestic Evo Ultra 4K Cinemascope Screen

    Just added this to the commercial members section. 20% off all Majestic Screens to Sunday 17th December. If you need in time for Xmas and are thinking about it, please don't leave it too late as we'll get snowed under trying to get them out in time. If you wish to order now and take delivery later that's also fine just let me know.
  13. Hi All, once a year or less I put on a 20% off sale our premium Majestic Fixed Screens. Starting today the 9th December and ending Sunday the 17th December we are offering 20% off our factory direct pricing. PM for orders and pricing as online pricing is at current pricing. The discount applies to all formats and all screen materials. I would need to have shipped all screens going to remote areas by end of this coming week at worst and all local 2-3 day transit orders (NSW, Vic, north Qld etc) will need to ship Monday week the 18th December at the latest in order to get in time for Xmas (if needed by then) If you haven't read the reviews please do so here https://www.projectorscreens.com.au/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=7 cheers! Rich
  14. Majestic Evo Ultra 4K Cinemascope Screen

    Yes we still more or less do that anyway, forum members always get looked after.
  15. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    Yeah I thought it was odd and thanks for explaining how that works!