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  1. Sorry my bad, I thought the OP was using the new Panamorph DC1 I think it's called.. just noticed it's the 480, so yes perhaps 10-15% increase in brightness. thicker elements, more losses over all.
  2. How can you go wrong for $300? But yes the chinese have made a habit of putting out bs specs.
  3. You can also leave the lens in place and re scale but then we're getting into the whole pixel count and brightness issues which is the reasons for a lens in the first place. So you add brightness from pixels in the black bars for scope films and add line doubling scaling. But when you use the 4:3 mode on the PJ and leave lens in place to stretch to 16:9 you are stripping out every 4th line of resolution and losing actual information and brightness. pros and cons with and without.
  4. Hi Al, how are you? Yes normally 10-15% but this one is different they are using thinner glass. I queried them on this and they said absolutely measured 33% luminance increase so I didn't push any further. It's likely less maybe 25% who knows. but no lens is 100% transparent. Tony's was close to perfect though. If I still had one I'd keep using it, because I have it, but they are just too expensive for the small gains you make. zooming, if pixels are small enough and brightness still ok then you get by without one.
  5. I would set it all up on a table top first and take some measurements. I'm not familiar these days with panamorph as I don't think there's any real benefit these days outside of brightness increase which they claim a 33% increase is yielded... but not sure. So the slide is motorised?
  6. I would ring around and ask them 'what brands and models of A-lenses have you installed' and if they ask what is an A-lens, hang up haha. because having a lavish shop doesn't mean they know what the hell they're doing in that regard. You need an installer versed in this. But honestly it's not too hard, you could spend the time getting it exactly focused yourself after it's up.
  7. Still the best value projector under 9K hands down. From $4999.00 Item Condition: New Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition., Shipping is included in price., New firmware out now, all new models are shipping with the new 1.03 firmware. But if you already have an Epson, download the latest firmware here. Forum thread on the Epson here Item: Epson TW9400 and Majestic Screen package Item Condition: Brand New - 3 Year Projector and Lamp Warranty. Lifetime Screen Warranty. Payment Me
  8. Sadly, and this is the only company I know of that does this.. JVC warranties are not transferable. I was shocked to find that out.
  9. Not under warranty? Sounds like light engine failing.. how old is it?
  10. Do a lens re centre and check again, it should be spot on. The only 2 brands that are spot on with getting the image back to where you saved it was jvc and epson.
  11. hmm I don't think so. Hill acquired herma and their brands back in 2012. https://alia.com.au/hills-svl-acquires-herma-technologies/#:~:text=AV distributor%2C Hills Sound Vision,Morgan%2C Grandview and 2C brands. Likely he's just got excess stock from when herma where making screens and he sells them on ebay.
  12. LP Morgan no longer make screens so this must be someone else.
  13. Al, have you changed out your hdmi cable? If you have a powered one?
  14. Hi all, small amount of N5's just landed at JVC, 11 units available as of now. No N7's until April or later now. cheers!
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