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  1. Yes it's hard to get them flat without side tensioning or LP Morgan's radial cut method which seemed to work ok. not perfect but better than not having it.
  2. If you have restricted budget the selby screen will get you out of trouble. However they are made in china, not here. Selby don't manufacture cinema screens. There are only 3 screen manufacturers in Australia - Screen technics, Oz Theatre Screens and a WA screen builder called dynamic screens. No others. the rest are chinese or imports from other countries - stewart screens, draper etc.
  3. Not just that mate, it's the sum of all parts that make an image really shine. no reality creation, no dynamic iris, no good lens, not bright enough and or low contrast image PJ can have a trillion pixels and it will still look like mush. But yes and sorry, let's keep it on track. Marc should delete those too close lens anomaly captures, not a complete representation of the units whichever one that was. As I said could have been JVC and I'd say the same thing. The way the array of elements in a projector are aligned, what sizes they all need to be, what spec in scratch and dig they are made and what type of optical material they use is the real art form of the whole thing actually, not 4k and pixel counts. 4k in itself was barely even needed as jvc and sony don't really show pixels at normal seating distances with 2k panels. but they need to keep consumers buying the latest thing. I think 8k will be pretty silly but we'll see. Without this, you have nothing at all resembling 4k and why I put so much importance on it.
  4. Thanks Marc and yes I agree, I was going a bit 'Owen' there on the optics. I am fussy, but it's only part of the picture. I should not have demoed the benq 970 it's their fault haha. And yep look forward to seeing what some locals think of them when they get out there. I know I'd be happy to own any of those models overall too as they do motion so well like native dlp.
  5. The N7 I had, showed CA on the left side, but was perfect in the centre and rhs. I had a client who'd been waiting for his n7 for months (there was a 4 month delay), came down and we fired up his unit (as i now do with ALL projectors given the problems) and it had a red stripe down the screen that we could not get rid of. He was frustrated and asked if he could buy my N7 demo unit to which I agreed as he said he could not see what my eyes were seeing. Then the N7 problems began and as it stands right now we are zero from 6 units in a row. Not a good result for a 12 grand projector. I don't see Sony having these problems so win win there for those wanting one. But time will tell I suppose. There's been lots of honest talk about panel decay so there is that. Unsure if this is a problem on the new units or not, I would hope not and unsure if the panels have changed to alleviate that problem. Then the 9400 arrived in my showroom and I was gobsmacked how good it was. That's where I'm at right now. The epson is THE bang for buck machine regardless of it's sharp price and lack of native 4k panels. The optics, reliability and excellent warranty with killer price make it untouchable.
  6. You need to note also, this is but one aspect of what makes a great projector. It's not some personal attack, it's just truth. I listen to guys like Kris Deering, Woofer and Javs and others from AVS because they know their stuff. Sony do many great things from good out of the box colour, the reality creation I love, it's phenomenal and their motion handling is world class. I could only get close to that using a darbee but they don't seem to work with the new 4k projectors. No projector is perfect but when you're charging 24 grand it should by nature have a far better lens than a 4 grand epson. and that is not the case. Other areas as mentioned above trump the epson too. it's a mixed bag.
  7. Couldn't care less what he said. Those images show the CA in the lens, YT video or not.
  8. hmmm. I do admit I am fussy and maybe expect too much.
  9. Don't get wowed by pretty pictures or screen shots or bs marketing. You can't see it from normal seating distance I hear you say? The problem is a case of you don't know what you're missing if those lens faults are not there. The image will be a step up again.
  10. off topic. optics lives matter 🤣
  11. I tend to agree, but hey the jvc is double the price or more depending on which model. I prefer sonys motion handling tbh one of their strong points. Getting the best of each tech into one single projector would be nice, but its a pipe dream.
  12. Yes what Marc said. But I would finger joint pine as it's normally very straight. You could also make the timber rail shorter than the screen width itself so it's not visible from the sides. And perhaps do the same at the bottom to secure the screen frame. Do you have the normal mounting brackets for the screen itself? Love your ceiling panels btw!
  13. haha great for when your projector stops working
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