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  1. A very nice example of this iconic Australian made power amp. It's the steel chassis version, or 1st gen. Everything works as it should, like the power up and power down cycles. Fan work great and the foam filter is intact and in good condition, as are the internals - given the thumbs up by Trevor Wilson. Sadly, I have deleted the pics of the internals I sent Trevor just after I bought it. The amp played beautifully and complemented my ME 15 perfectly. The synergy was terrific. I used it with my 93db Tannoy Turnberry speakers so not driven hard - barely warm in full c
  2. I got my Stereo Coffee pre the other day, built by Chris Daly with a single input for my Lenco L75 and ME15 (MC card) + ME850 + Tannoy Turberry's. I use the SC as a volume control via the ME15 tape out bypassing the ME Alps Blue, so not as a stand alone passive pre. ( I don't like passive preamps as a rule. I find they dry out the sound and flatten the dynamics too much for my taste). In my set-up ... Wow. The Stereo Coffee has elevated the already excellent ME pairing to another level. It does this by removing everything (noise) that gets between the signal and my ears caused
  3. Hi everyone. Thanks for the kindness of your posts The amp is sold subject to funds transfer, to the 1st person who said he would buy it. I'll let everyone know here, here and in reply to PM's Cheers Richard
  4. Item: ME750 power amplifier - latest version Location: Bangalow NSW Price: $1250 Item Condition: Excellent. 9/10 ... Very well cared for Reason for selling: Need the money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is the latest version of the ME750, in immaculate condition, both physical and operational, hardly a mark on it. It was fully tested and new internal foam and front filter foam replaced, all measurements checked and bias set to factory specs, All work done by Ron Berger at Winovate, authorised ME service rep. on 20/12/17. I b
  5. Down to $1250. Can't go lower than that. I paid $2100 for this terrific, near mint amp. It's a bargain at this price
  6. Item: Monarchy Audio AC-Regenerator - generates a pure AC waveform. 240V model. NOTE: US output sockets x2 Location: Bangalow NSW Price: $700 + postage to be confirmed - weighs about 15kg .... RRP is about $1200 AUD + $200 freight from the USA Item Condition: Near mint Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: What it is, mfr. pics, specs, what it does, & reviews : http://www.monarchy-audio.com/AC_Regen_frm_Main.htm I bought this 2 years ago to be a stable voltage/frequency power supply for
  7. If you look closely at this above pic, you can see that the headshell is resting at an angle - tilting down from right to left as you look at the pic. Looks like the finger lift causes the imbalance. This makes the 'lever look off centre. When I double checked thye cartridge, I saw that the 'lever was in fact straight and I took some pics which clearly showed that. I fitted it to my table and played it, as well as looking at the stylus/level front on. It played perfectly, and the 'lever was straight.
  8. I just checked the cantilever carefully and found it to be straight - see new pics. The SNA guy who alerted me about a bent 'lever may have had an issue with his camera. ANyway, the ART9 is back for sale. As I said, check out the extra pics
  9. Hey people, I am pulling this FS ad for the time being. A fellow SNA member alerted me to the possibility there is an issue with the cantilever. I am getting the cartridge checked out tomorrow and fixed if required. Sorry for any inconvenience. kindly Richard
  10. As @Wimbo posted above, it will work fine with the RB250. Out of interest I used it with my Jelco TK850-S. Perfect... This is a really 1st class MC cart and ... yes, I know I am selling it however .... it sounds amazing. For what I am asking you won't do better.
  11. As Ray posted above, the 750 runs "just" warm, in my set up with 93dB speakers, 5 watts, if that, in class A. Unlike full class A which run hot, the case on this is barely warm. I use an ME25 pre with MC
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