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  1. Check out LP12bits in the UK. Not the cheapest, but they are reliable, and they accurately describe what they are selling. They seem to get new stock in regularly, too. Postage from the UK has gone up recently, unfortunately. Justin
  2. That looks great, and now you can dance, walk, and possibly even jump with impunity! I suspect that given the clearance around the shelf, the speakers won’t be an issue (and if they are, then they should be in the region where all those vibration isolation devices might actually help!). Justin
  3. Having said all I did about wooden floors, and the benefits of wall shelves, I would also note that you may also find areas of your wooden floor which don’t move much. You may be able to work this out by bouncing on the floor and seeing which areas seem more solid. Those areas may be “good enough”
  4. The problem is that both wood and springs absorb energy through deformation quite well, and then return it in an undamped manner. In suspended wood floor, the energy is absorbed locally and returned locally- ie. it bends under your feet and the bending-unbending moves close objects that are light enough to move. This drops your TT, with it’s platter, and when the floor moves up again, the platter compresses the springs before being boosted back upwards beyond its initial position. At this stage the springs are stretched to some degree, and will snap back adding speed the normal gravitational fall. As the cartridge end tonearm is not fixed to the record, it will only fall at the speed determined by gravity (more or less), and will lose contact with the record, given a big enough injection of energy from the footfall. Non suspended tables don’t get that extra spring-back, and often aren’t so badly effected. The energy absorbed by almost all vibration absorbing devices, furniture, etc. is orders of magnitude less than that transferred by a 100kg person into a lightweight wooden floor, and from there back into the hi fi rack. The suspension springs and vibration absorbers work within a range of a mm or two of movement before being overwhelmed. If you walk on a wooden floor, often it will move much more that this. This is why having a very heavy, non elastic material like concrete that acts as a sink for the energy your body weight puts into it, moving little and not returning the movement to the hi fi rack elastically, is much less associated with skipping with footfall. Wall mounts are structurally somewhat separate to the floor structure of a suspended wooden floor and hence don’t move significantly when the floor moves. These are both the only real solutions that allow you to dance next to your record player. Sorry if that is a bit of a ramble. Hope it explains why vibration absorbers are great for isolation from small energy inputs like bass noise, etc., but not so good for even lower frequency but much higher energy inputs like footfalls. Justin
  5. I hate to admit it, but I have used one of those interdental brushes that you get at the chemist (to use instead of floss), under my USB microscope, dampened with isopropyl alcohol. You do have to be careful, but in the case where you are considering binning the stylus anyway, what have you got to lose? It can be useful to remove goop that may have accumulated from dirty records that doesn't come off easily with the previously mentioned methods. (I know all records should be passed through a vacuum record cleaning machine, then an ultrasound bath, dried, and placed in a fresh MoFi sleeve in a climate controlled vault before being played. That said, who hasn't had the occasional slip up where you just had to play that second hand gem that you found down at the local vinnies?) It is probably worth mentioning that not all manufacturers caution against liquid stylus cleaners- I imagine that not all adhesives are the same. Justin
  6. There is a plinth made of bamboo for the LP12 which looks great and they tell us sounds great. CNC machined from one big piece of bamboo ply, I think. Unfortunately it is too expensive for me to justify! http://www.booplinth.com Justin
  7. I have about 25, though only about 7 are on the labels mentioned. Many are original, euro reissues or Japanese pressings. Recently I have tried to get some of the older jazz releases in mono, such as saxophone colossus by sonny Rollins, as early Jazz stereo is pretty crap (soundstage equals drums between speakers, bass in one speaker, sax in the other, for the most part). I have many of the jazz classics, and have Belafonte, which is enjoyable, if a little cringeworthy in the banter with the crowd, nonetheless, his voice is great and the recording quality is fantastic. I picked this up from the local op shop- not the analogue productions version! If you like Neil Young, the new releases of his early albums are remarkably good- Harvest just sounds fantastic. I have original Aussie releases of Elvis Costello, and they are super solid albums by a great songwriter. The two by Gillian Welch are great- I only have the second- Harrow and the Harvest on vinyl, but it is a beautiful release with better packaging by far than the original CD release. It is pretty twangy, in the the American old time style, so you may well hate it. There are so many more modern albums that aren’t there, but it is his list, and there are some great albums there. We should all make our own top-whatever. That might be a job for today! Justin
  8. I had an LP12 up in the classifieds recently, which I have not yet sold, if you are interested. These are the pics from the ad. Justin .
  9. You could use some metal strapping from bunnings and some small screws to attach it to the underside of the shelf. You would avoid it getting dusty and bumped by stuff on the floor. justin
  10. At the risk of being shot down, I would say no to one and two. I do not think that there is much need to optimise the power at the Mac, nor is is particularly easy to do. In the scheme of things, I don’t think the distances within a normal house will make a difference to Ethernet connections. It is definitely more a more reliable connection for most of us. Wifi is great when it works, but is glitchy at times- I have not found any difference with sound quality. You could buy those Ethernet to fibre cables that are out if you want to get the newest and greatest. Not sure if they are any better. A Mac mini works well, is compact and reasonably quiet, but I think it is better to have it away from the main system. I think that the main issues are sorting the software to turn of all the unnecessary stuff, updates, etc. Keep in mind that it will occasionally need rebooting, so have a multimedia keyboard and small screen so you can do this (or do it remotely). Justin
  11. It is worth noting that chromecast internal as in CXN V2 is 24/48, which is lower than the 24/96 that you can get with chromecast audio. That said, you can use the Roon based RAAT protocol on the V2, which allows higher rates. Prior to this being available after a firmware upgrade, I often used airplay, because it allowed metadata including images to be displayed (chromecast doesn’t). To be honest I never could discern a difference in sound quality, despite trying quite hard! I am not sure if the internet radio is different? It is excellent on the V2, that I know. Justin
  12. The DCC that I was referring to wasn’t the digital cassette thingy (don’t think I ever saw one in the wild), but the record brand. Pretty nice edition with great all the right analogue remastering, and a great gatefold cover! You have inspired me to listen to it.
  13. This is a great recording, and has is so dynamic! In a previous fit of audiophilia about twenty years ago, I bought the DCC (remember them) reissue, which is a great pressing with nice packaging, which likely sounds the same as your one. Good stuff!
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