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  1. Triffids for Sunday evening. Loving David McComb’s voice. Some great songs on this album.
  2. For those The The fans out there, here is a less polished Matt Johnson, albeit with a lot more hair. An interesting listen, if not his best work.
  3. Found a decent second hand copy of this last week, having been considering getting a reissue from JB. The original is on a single record, the reissue on two- I rather being able to sit through a decent length side than having four sides with a bonus track or two. Anything less than fifteen minutes is too annoying. Anyhow... Diesel was one of the first live acts I saw, at the time this came out. Lots of bluesy rock with James Brown style whoops and lashings of Sax.
  4. Like lots of Japanese pressings, it has a very quiet background. I picked this up a few years ago prior to the resurgent pricing of second hand records, and it is a good record with excellent sound quality. Some of the songs are fairly dated, but overall a very enjoyable listen.
  5. Some seventies rock ( and night moves) after a busy day.
  6. I have a CXN V2, and think it is a good bit of kit. The sound is good, very listenable, and the interface is reasonable. It doesn't do MQA, if that is something you are into, in comparison to the Bluesound (which I have not heard, but which most people seem to talk of as being in the same general realm of sound replay as the CXN V2), which is truly Roon ready (you can stream high bit rates to it than the CXN, which is limited to 24/48 via chrome cast. That is unless you plug in directly via USB, but then you don't get any metadata- titles, images, etc.). It does have a good internet radio. If you are looking for a single box solution it is very good, good enough that whenever I think of upgrading it, I struggle to find a reason and leave it alone. That said, if you are looking for sound upgrades, I don't know that it will be much of an improvement. From what I understand, the blue sound interface is good, it is small, and many seem to upgrade it with an add on DAC. Sorry if I seem to be damning the CXN with faint praise, as I really like mine, but I honestly do not think it will be a big jump from what you already have. Unfortunately, there is not much in the market that I have seen for less than 3-4 thousand for a single box solution that seems to be in a higher league. Justin
  7. One of the seminal audio items from my past is a Walkman- the Sony Boodo Khan, which I had in late high school. My best friend and I got them from DJs on super special, and played them until they died. Certainly a step up from other walkmans I had previously, including closed back headphones with great sound. Lots of fun developing my love of music with mix tapes on TDK SA90’s. http://www.walkman-archive.com/gadgets/walkman_sony_04_dd100_v2.htm
  8. I suppose I should have expected a quip about the disorganisation of my records. They have previously been more organised, but a couple of successive movements of their storage containers has upset the Apple cart somewhat. I don’t know that I could do alphabetical- I like to maintain an air of devil-may-care to hide my true obsessive nature. I also like to group the big fat covers so they don’t mess up the look of the older ones, to get back to the theme of the post. justin
  9. I don’t know that I have perceived an improvement in sound in an otherwise pristine record (ok, I haven’t), but for purchasers of second hand records and for new records which have pops and crackles, which are often particulate matter (ie. bit of stuff), it clearly does what it says on the tin and cleans the record. I don’t know that there is any great consensus of opinion that ultrasound cleaning improves the sound in anyway other than removing stuff that is getting in between the wax and the needle.
  10. I would be tempted to unscrew the cover and check out what is going on inside, though your tinkering instincts may differ from mine. I see what you mean about the grey material- I don’t think it is the culprit. Justin
  11. There is some asymmetry of the grey material where the cantilever exits the body. Maybe the suspension has had it.
  12. Does it annoy anyone else, how thick most new albums are these days? The width of your typical gatefold reissue is just ridiculous. Records are a pretty space intensive little passion at the best of times, but when most gatefold releases are 7-9mm wide, cf. 3 mm for an older non gatefold release, I find myself having a little celebration when I find an old version that gives me an excuse to avoid that ultra deluxe new reissue with the 30page booklet! I am not advocating a return to 120-150g pressings, though I wouldn't mind, just that the packaging return to a slightly more compact scale. Am I alone in this? Cheers Justin
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