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  1. Juzbear

    Aussie Hip-Hop

    My brother and his ex-wife made a feature length doco about the Aussie hip hip scene in 2007, called Words From the City. It is not new, but includes lots of stuff on Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso, Tzu and lots of others. Well worth a watch if you are into Hip Hop. Available on iTunes, along with old skool, DVD. https://itunes.apple.com/AU/movie/id862889888 http://www.daybreakfilms.com.au/words-from-the-city/ Juz
  2. Juzbear

    FS: November Records

    Can I get Either/or, iron and wine, flaming lips and Carreras/Domingo/pavarotti cheers Justin
  3. Juzbear

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    I thought I might post one of my most fortuitous hifi purchases- bought at a very good price due to my partner’s love of cricket on the ABC, but subsequently appreciated for its fantastic delivery of FM radio.
  4. Hi Jon, can I get late registration and college dropout by Kanye, and bat out of hell. thanks Justin
  5. Juzbear

    Roon Core Suggestions

    Unless you are planning on using a mac mini for other stuff too, there is little point in getting more than a 128Gb SSD for the core, and keeping your music on a cheaper hard disc- the Roon folk say there is no advantage in having music on SSD.
  6. Juzbear

    Roon Core Suggestions

    I had an old Mac mini- 2010, core duo which was creaking along. I bought a 128Gb SSD, and a 2Tb HD And installed them. Backed up to a network drive, connected to router with Ethernet cable, cable to CXN from wifi extender. Runs smoothly, no glitches, can run multiple zones. I don’t do DSP or anything beyond playing the native format, but it works amazingly well.
  7. Juzbear

    DAC for Streaming? Or something else?

    Hi Yardbird, You can run it straight from the computer’s headphone output via mini jack to rca cord. The sound is likely to be less good than if you run it though a USB DAC, but it will work. I ran my computer through a dragonfly DAC and then the same mini jack to rca cable, and the sound was rather good, plus you could listen to the tidal masters albums too. It sounded better than direct from the headphone outlet of the computer. If you want to go wireless, there are lots of options too- one of the cheapest and not too bad in quality is chrome cast audio- $58 for a streamer and basic DAC, though you still need your mini jack to rca lead. As to the video, that is a different thing- run it to your monitor/tv with whatever connection your computer has- hdmi if you have it. Of you can just watch it on the screen. Hope that helps. cheers juz
  8. Juzbear

    Mid life audio resurgence

    The amp was at a repairer called scientific control(?) i think. The repair was contracted to them from audiophile
  9. Hi to all Stereonetters, I have found the time and inclination to start to get back into music, doing more that just listening to it in the background. Part of this has been picking up the guitar and clarinet again after many years, part has been finally getting around to ripping all of my CDS, and part has been the emergence of more sorted streaming options- I am currently loving TIDAL and ROON. Records have always been there, and my LP12 has been spinning away over the years, with the odd upgrade to keep it ticking. Often it has been the soundtrack whatever else has been going on, rather than the centre of attention, but it continues to keep me engaged with its sound. At some stage in the past we picked up a Sansui TU-X1, at least partly on the strength of my partner's love for cricket on the radio. Over time I have come to appreciate what a fantastic piece of equipment this is, and it gets plenty of playing time in the house. I just love the sound it can produce from RRR, 3MBS, ABC classic, PBS, and the bits in between the advertisements on the commercial stations. I acquired a second hand ME15 and ME850 in the late 90s, and that provided amplification for many years, with the odd service. Somewhere about 2006, the cooling fan on the right channel of the ME850 was playing up and I put in for service through my local shop in Fitzroy. Unfortunately, when it took some time to come back from the contracted repairer, I was informed they had gone out of business, and as an unsecured creditor, my amp had been sold! Tears... This coincided with babies and work becoming busier, and I more or less lost interest for a while. We have been running our Focal Profil 77 speakers (ti inverted dome tweeter, 2 7" drivers) since then through a Team a500i integrated, which is pretty good for what it is, but is currently skating on thin ice. The ME15 continues without a fault as the phono preamp for the system, running through the tape loop to the integrated. In recent times, I have entered the brave new world of streaming, and have bought a Cambridge Audio CXN v2. I auditioned the 851 streamer too, though I thought the differences were small, and with much music, insignificant. At the time, I thought having a newer iteration of Cambridge gear was more important, and at this stage, I think that was a good decision- I can stream through google chromecast at 24/96, wheras the 851 is still limited to 16/44 through apple airplay. I still prefer the sound of my tuner and the LP12 to the streamer, all things considered- I suspect that colouration may be why, but there it is. I think there is work to do to get the digital side singing. As to the software, I have been running TIDAL, a few downloaded hi res albums, and have ripped all my CDs to ALAC (so I can move them to apple music when it suits with minimal fuss), and run them from an old Mac Mini, which I have set up as a ROON core. ROON has been great for me, and the information and visual user interface on iPad, etc., is a real step up from a list on the front of the streamer! Anyway, I am looking forward to getting back into the hobby, and have been enjoying reading stereonet. I have attached some photos of the system as it stands at present. Cheers Justin
  10. Juzbear

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    I have been using my ME15 as a phono amplifier for some years, after my 850 failed to return from the repairer (long, sad, story that I won't bore you with), and with the kids a little older, I am in the process of looking around for a new power amplifier (or for a better integrated, but the kicker is it has to have MC input, which makes it pretty expensive proposition, and I am yet to be convinced that I will be able to get the same sound quality as with a pre/power at the same cost). I have looked at some of the smaller brystons and moon amps, and am interested to check out the ME580. Of course, I am lurking on the clasifieds in case an 850 comes up, hope springs eternal... Anyhow... I have thought that bringing the preamp up to a more modern spec would be a good thing to do. It was serviced by Trevor back in the late 90s, though I think that was just sorting out noisy input selectors, etc. Since then I have moved down to Melbourne, so I guess it would be easier getting stuff done through Winovate. The preamp still sounds great, detailed with a hint of warmth, and a sort of liquid character to piano sound, but I am getting a but of variable engagement of the selector switch again with a little noise on changing the input. I thought you all might appreciate a look inside this older preamp- I think it is early 90s?. What is the collective wisdom of the ME lovers on this thread? Should I wait to do this until I have bought a new power amp, or will recapping, etc. change the character enough that it may change the overall sound of the system. (Or am I flogging a dead horse, and should I buy a newer ME, or other new amp) Thanks Justin