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  1. Given that streamers are at their heart, a computer strapped to some analogue circuitary, I don’t think it is possible to get one that doesn’t limit you in the long term. These are not going to age like a vintage Krell amp or classic tannoys. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy a good one, you should just assume you might want another in five years! I have a Cambridge CXN v2, which is a reasonable all in one box. If you want to get heavily into rolling DACs, it may not be for you, as it doesn’t do USB as a digital output. They have updated the firmware over the period I have had it mu
  2. If you get really keen, the RST first 24 fork is available, is light and works like an adult fork with an air spring. My daughter had one on her bike, which we have since sold- I bought it from bike24 in Germany- was about 300 bucks delivered or maybe a little less. She had rim brakes unfortunately, otherwise I would give you the original rst fork which is in the shed- it doesn’t have disc brake mounts. One of my good friends kids MTB didn’t have a suspension fork, and it didn’t stop him from getting on the podium in the junior state titles!
  3. It seems odd that the suspension version would be lighter, unless there are some significant component changes elsewhere. Unless you buy aftermarket suspension, all the kids suspension forks I have seen have steel steerer tubes and weigh about 2kg. When I looked at the specs, the non suspension has markedly larger tyres- 2.4 vs 1.95 on the suspension bike, which will not roll as fast, but have a bit more cush to make up for not having suspension. The reality is either of these is better than the lower model bikes, with real differences in ride- the disc brakes being the most import
  4. One of the coolest, most unexpected gigs I saw was Love and Rockets, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Cypress Hill, in Santiago, Chile, 1996. Police with automatic weapons at the entry, an energised crowd, and total dislocation of being 1000s of km from home in a country where my grasp of the language was tenuous at best. Saw INXS at the Sydney Uni refectory in 93, which was a mad, great show. Bouncing around in the crowd 2 metres from Michael Hutchence was cool.
  5. Suspension at that level is pretty basic and heavy, and not very effective. I would be tempted to just get the rigid disc version. Keep the tyres soft and squishy. You will make your money back if you are getting them cost- there is always a market for kids bikes, especially ones that are better quality. Justin
  6. The jello arms are excellent products, and there’s not much point wondering about the ones in the stratosphere, price wise, when you are living down on earth. Whilst they are no longer made, they are still available online from a few places.
  7. Are you able to specify which Akito this is? This makes a very significant difference to the second hand price- the original was a much cheaper tonearm than the current model.
  8. Lockdown lifting, and a fresh pressing of 16 Lovers Lane from the Go-betweens anthology. Sounding totally fresh and involving, though that could be the sparkling wine and my sense of relief listening. go-betweens - 16 lovers lane
  9. I have the project phono box rs, which has a balanced and a single ended input which can be switched (On the back, but easily done so long as the back is accessible). You would have to get a balanced cable made if you don’t have one, though that is easily enough done. There is heaps of adjustability, and it is a good sounding amp. It is about $1200 I think, and you may have to track one down, as I think the distributor has stopped bringing them in. Justin
  10. A great reissue from VMP of a great album. The quality of the presentation of these is crazy, and the pressings are awesome. Outkast- Stankonia
  11. A guitar plectrum is close at hand in my listening space/music room/lounge room, and there is certain rightness to use it to open an LP. Opening A Kiss album is definitely a plectrum job! I definitely agree that you should open sealed records.
  12. I’m not sure it requires the audiophile treatment- not much skate punk from the 80’s does, but it was a blast to get this record store day release of Agent Orange. Took me straight back to hanging around at ramps with my friends and skateboard when I was in high school. Agent Orange- Living in Darkness
  13. I read the Michael Fremer article and took away from it that it was all analogue, though on re-reading the article he doesn't actually specify whether it is or not. It seems that it may not be after all (and we are not the first to wonder). That said, it sounds great, whatever its provenence! https://www.vinylcut.net/a62-miles-davis/m108-kind-of-blue/v203
  14. That is a cool looking cart, especially on that arm (what is it?). Very sleek and low profile, almost like the bonnet of a sports car!
  15. It is nice to see that it runs in the genes! Some of my best hifi memories are of discovering it all while growing up. The project boxes you have will be fantastic, I am sure. I have the RS phono stage, which is very versatile and sounds great. Justin
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