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  1. It is probably worth noting that the Roon Nucleus and Nucleus plus are sort of different to the rest, in that they are designed to be the roon server, and send off the music to end points around you house. If you are worried about Roon itself as a cost, whilst there is never any guarantee that a company will last forever (Thomas Cook for example), the real cost is in the work you put in to burn or download your music, which takes ages, and rapidly becomes very painful. The stored files are not part of Roon, they are just accessed and indexed by it, so if Roon goes belly up, you can move onto the next greatest thing. I would be hesitant to buy a unit with an integrated CD burner, as I cooked one apple CD burner and have partially cooked another in the process of burning- it is a fair bit more high powered than just playing the CDs at regular speed. Good luck with your buying, though I would agree with the previous poster who recommended living with your current Sony to see how your needs stack up with your new set up. Justin
  2. Just finished a book that was pretty dense, but full of music, and had to listen to some Bob Marley.
  3. Their appearance of their equipment is disturbingly reminiscent of a laser printer. Call me shallow, but that reduces the attraction, regardless of the sound quality.
  4. Cambridge audio CXN is great (I use one, including for Roon), but it is Roon tested, not room ready, which means you have to stream via airplay or chromecast, which limits you to 16/44 or 24/48, respectively, and the DAC is not MQA able, which you may care about if you use tidal. If it was truly Roon ready, it would be able to stream higher bit rates/higher res via the Roon RAAT protocol. When I am having an episode of of audiophilia nervosa, this bothers me, at all other times, I really enjoy how well it works with Roon and really enjoy the sound.
  5. Sounds like you have some fun times ahead of you. I would agree with having a look at the hifi show if you can. It allows to you see a much bigger selection in one place. That said, I agree with you that the higher end musical fidelity gear is very nice- I have a Nuvista 600 and have no regrets, aside from the great heavy lump of a remote that it has. Their phono stages also look good, though few people seem to have them on stereo net. You can sink a lot of money into turntables and associated stuff- the sky seems to be the limit. It really depends on how much you play records as what you want to spend. Nonetheless, I have found that mid level MC carts work well for me, along with getting a good phono stage. There seem to be a fair few that get churned at about 2000-3000 mark on the classifieds. I think it is worth looking hard to work out what you want streaming wise- I have a one box solution, which works well for me. There are quite a few options out there from the Cambridge CXN V2 for 1500 to pricier ones from Naim and Linn, which do seem a significant step up, to a heap of boutique products. If you don't mind more boxes and powerpoints, there are many adherents to the idea of separating streamers and DACs. Just make sure you find one with a good user interface- you will be using it a lot- and a decent display is nice.
  6. I finally got around to strapping the outputs of my Audio Technica AT33PTG, which I had retipped earlier this year, and after couple of false starts, the end result is very satisfactory. It should put thoughts of dedicated mono cartridges out of my mind, at least for a little while!
  7. There are a number of great stations that have high bit rates. Radio Paradise is a favourite.
  8. The soundstaging of the towels has to be heard to be believed. And the flannelette sheet gives an almost tubelike ambience to the left channel...
  9. You may need to factor in the risk of damage to your new cartridge, given your previous experiences. If you have rowdy kids, for example, and your TT has to coexist with them, you may sleep more soundly if your carts are less costly. If this is not the case, keep the shelter and enjoy your good fortune!
  10. Time for some Weezer on a Tuesday afternoon. Sharing space amongst the washing! Not sure how it counts as room treatment.
  11. You won’t go too far wrong with a wall shelf for the TT. You can incorporate bolts/nuts to allow you to place and level a board on top- a la the bamboo chopping blocks from Ikea, or use one of the after market shelves which are pretty cheap. Even the quadraspire isn’t crazy expensive, and looks great. I think the rega orthodoxy would recommend using a light board over a butchers block, but I suspect the major point is isolating it from vibrations from the floor and speakers. Justin
  12. From the bargains box at JB Hifi. Nice album- great singers and well recorded.
  13. Streaming varies I quality, even within the same service, from superb to less than... not much different to other mediums I guess. The other day bought a new phono preamp and was listening to Jeff Buckley’s Grace, and thought to compare it to the streamed version, which seemed to have much more “air” in the high frequencies. Initially I thought it was the new phono, but then I put on a “new” 2nd hand Thin Lizzy album, Bad Reputation, and did the same comparison, and exactly the opposite happened, with the streamed album sounding dull. I suspect that Grace was a pretty average vinyl pressing, and Bad reputation was a poor digital version. I have since enjoyed music from both sources. I don’t think there is any one path to nirvana!
  14. Triffids for Sunday evening. Loving David McComb’s voice. Some great songs on this album.
  15. For those The The fans out there, here is a less polished Matt Johnson, albeit with a lot more hair. An interesting listen, if not his best work.
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