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  1. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    Chromecast is internal to the CXN, and is one of the two options, including airplay (limited to 16/44), that you can use if you are going via Wifi or ethernet. You can of course use USB (or older digital connections) and these give you the ability to play higher bitrates, etc. , but bring their own disadvantages, whether it is noise via USB from your laptop, etc., or the inability to see metadata on SPDIF.
  2. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    My CXN V2 is going strong, and whilst I do not use any DSD, as I use the Wifi or ethernet (depending on which stage of tinkering I am at) to connect my Roon Core, via chrome cast, which is only PCM, up to 24/48 (despite many conversations on the internet, and Cambridge claiming in the promo info that it can do up to 24/96, I have not been able to find any evidence it is possible at the present time). I found this quote from another forum, which I think answers your question about what happens to DSD once you get it into the CXN. Bart (Cambridge Audio) May 8, 16:35 BST Thank you for contacting Cambridge Audio. The CXN supports DSD x64 (AKA DSD64 or 64FS- Including DSF/DFF). The DACs used for the CXN aren’t capable of playing native DSD files so the signal does needs to be converted to PCM. If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Kind Regards, Bart Cambridge Audio. I am still interested in anyone's experience in using external DAC for the CXN, as I confess this is a temptation, though for the most part a remain very happy with the sound I am getting from it via the XLR outputs. Cheers, Justin
  3. You clearly do not have toddlers running around your house. Whilst mine are no longer that small, the height of my record player shelf reflects when they were!
  4. Hi, Can I get Culture Club, Duran Duran, Pseudo Echo, Style Council and Howard Jones? Cheers Justin
  5. Juzbear

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    What a great live set! Only problem with the vinyl is it only has a selection of all the goodies that are on the digital album.
  6. I used to come back from work as a waiter in my last two years of school (in the late 80s) and watch it until there were too many boring songs in a row and I fell into bed. Good times!
  7. Nice one! It is great to read about people’s journey to musical happiness that don’t simply involve throwing more money at the problem.
  8. I have run a PTG33, and certainly did not get any more noise.
  9. Heresy, perhaps, but I am running my ME15 with MC phono through a MF Nu-Vista integrated amp, using the tape out for a line level signal to the amp, so it is essentially just a phono amp. Doing this there is soft audible hiss with the ear next to the speaker out to about 20cm, and then it is totally inaudible. That seems pretty quiet to me. I haven’t run it direct for some time, but I don’t recal it being any different. I wonder if there is an issue with yours? edit: I just checked the other channels and the very soft hiss from the tweeter is there and no different, therefore there is no audible sound from the phono! Definitely check in with the powers that ME
  10. People seem to differ as the to magnitude of the effect of impedance matching, but I run a Van den Hul cart (500 Ohm recommended) and an OC9 (100 Ohm recommended), with my ME15 with MC board (sound wise it is equivalent to the ME25). With a I have a Jelco arm, which is of similar effective mass to the arm on your table, which is apparently 14g (though effective mass seems to to be a rubbery figure which varies according to who you ask.), and find the varied compliance of my carts are well catered for and sound great. I say that if you can get a good deal on the DL301, go for it. If you are considering others, the mid range Audio Technica carts like the PT33 and OC9 would be likely to work well with your table and preamp.
  11. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    FWIW, It does not have a pause when I play it via ROON, so I guess it may be related to the android and iOS to chromecast relationship.
  12. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    To be honest, I hadn’t given this much thought, due to the sort of music I mostly play, though yes it does briefly pause between tracks. I tried this on purely streamed content and dowloaded albums and it seems to do so on both, with a gap of about half a second. Not sure whether this is a tidal, CXN or both kind of problem!
  13. Juzbear

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Pavement just hits the spot sometimes. Drop the needle and forget about everything.
  14. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    I have just tested it out and you can start playback off your phone on the tidal app, and then turn your phone off and playback continues. Therefore I guess the internal tidal capability of the CXN is doing the heavy lifting.
  15. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    I mostly access tidal through Roon, and then directly on my mobile- for some reason when I use Roon I do not get metadata and images displayed, whereas with the tidal app I do, and searching for music is better through the Tidal app. Both are running through chromecast. I do use the Cambridge app from time to time and it is solid, though doesn’t have as nice an interface as the others. You can easily to and fro between them at will without mucking things up, as using controls in any of the above or on the remote works. The CXN is nice like that.