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  1. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    FWIW, It does not have a pause when I play it via ROON, so I guess it may be related to the android and iOS to chromecast relationship.
  2. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    To be honest, I hadn’t given this much thought, due to the sort of music I mostly play, though yes it does briefly pause between tracks. I tried this on purely streamed content and dowloaded albums and it seems to do so on both, with a gap of about half a second. Not sure whether this is a tidal, CXN or both kind of problem!
  3. Juzbear

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Pavement just hits the spot sometimes. Drop the needle and forget about everything.
  4. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    I have just tested it out and you can start playback off your phone on the tidal app, and then turn your phone off and playback continues. Therefore I guess the internal tidal capability of the CXN is doing the heavy lifting.
  5. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    I mostly access tidal through Roon, and then directly on my mobile- for some reason when I use Roon I do not get metadata and images displayed, whereas with the tidal app I do, and searching for music is better through the Tidal app. Both are running through chromecast. I do use the Cambridge app from time to time and it is solid, though doesn’t have as nice an interface as the others. You can easily to and fro between them at will without mucking things up, as using controls in any of the above or on the remote works. The CXN is nice like that.
  6. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    Thanks for the clarification. I would still recommend the CXN- it looks the business, and works well as a streamer. The integrated Tidal works well. I would be very interested to hear of your experience using an outboard DAC, as this is one of the things that I often think may be worth doing at some stage.
  7. Juzbear

    How to download HIRES

    Zdigital.com.au do a fairly broad range of music including new releases, and have lots of CD quality downloads and some 24/96 downloads. Their website is very average- just browsing is fairly fruitless, but searching for music reveals they have quite a large catalogue. The downloads I have purchased have been without problem, sound good, and leave you with the warm feeling that you haven’t done anything remotely shady to buy your music. Nativedsd.com is another option, and I think channel classics sell through them. They have a fairly broad catalogue, with lots of classical which is not geo blocked. Not the place for your mainstream releases though.
  8. Juzbear

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    I have had one of these for these for the past year, and have been very happy with it. I would add that the internet radio on it is excellent, with great sound- there are some great stations out there. The sound quality is good, though if you are the type with upgraditis, as mentioned above, the lack of a USB output is limiting. I listened to it alongside the 851n Cambridge streamer, and the SQ differences were very very subtle, and despite having the money to get the more expensive model, I went for the more recent CXN v2. If you are connecting a drive to it, or running from and NAS or computer server, you can stream in native hi res, though it doesn’t do more than basic level DSD, which for many of us is academic! I have my collection on an old Mac mini, which I have permanently running in the background, connected to our router via Ethernet with another Ethernet connection from the wifi extender at the other end of the house. A NAS works just as well if you are just using the CXNs native app, though if you do this, I found the Ethernet connection to the router/access point made for a more stable connection, though I have two kids battling for bandwidth, so YMMV. I run Roon to control my music, and have Tidal within this, though the machine does Spotify through its own app as well as Tidal. If you use Roon, the CXN is limited to 24/48 through its internal chromecast or 16/44 through AirPlay. Again, if most of your collection is ripped CDs, then this won’t be a limiting factor. I would investigate one of the software options like Roon, Plex , Audirvana, etc., as whilst the CXN cambridge connect app is fine, it is relatively basic. In summary, whilst this machine is not 100% perfect for what I do, it is close, and short of spending $$$ more, it is hard to beat as a one box solution.
  9. Juzbear

    Catman's Analog Musings

    This happens all the time, especially with loudness. The ear and auditory pathways adjust both physically and neurologically fairly quickly. There is also adjustment to individual sounds, though unpleasant or warning sounds remain harder to ignore. We can and do train ourselves to break down sounds into components as audiophiles (and in other walks of life), but when we are distracted, happy, or whatever, our brains will tend to acclimatise to what we are listening to.
  10. Juzbear

    Linn Sondek general service

    Perfect TTs for imperfect listeners! Very funny
  11. Juzbear

    Linn Sondek general service

    I have used four identical food tins on a table in the past. Nowadays, if I take the MDF board off my TT wall shelf (project brand, I think), it makes a perfect setup jig. Juz
  12. Juzbear

    Drunk on the Linn kool aid - a dilemma!

    The OL arm is standard Linn geometry - 211mm pivot to spindle- just a drop in to a Linn armboard. There are plenty of options of going up in the OL line, including just rewiring it- decibel hifi carry the arms and mods.
  13. Juzbear

    Drunk on the Linn kool aid - a dilemma!

    I have a similar vintage LP12, which I love. It too has a Valhalla Psu and a late pre-Cirkus bearing. I have a Jelco 750D arm and a couple of MC carts that I use. Overall, the sound is super satisfying, and whenever I start an album, there is an excitement that is lacking when using my streamer, even with high res recordings. I too and fro between a desire to upgrade the usual bits- Cirkus bearing, new sub chassis, and a lingo PSU, etc. I am less keen on a Linn arm, as the Ekos is stupid money, and I am not sure the akito is any better than what I have. I am sure I will eventually do some or all the above, because, hey, audiophilia, but i am not sure whether I will enjoy the music and sound any more than I already do. The anxiety/excitement about what to do next is half the fun- I am not sure it would be as good if I just did it all at once! Enjoy your LP12- there may well be better TTs out there, but none are as memorable.
  14. Just listening to a new old Bruce Springsteen album. Just fantastic in a early-mid seventies kind of way.
  15. Juzbear

    Aussie Hip-Hop

    My brother and his ex-wife made a feature length doco about the Aussie hip hip scene in 2007, called Words From the City. It is not new, but includes lots of stuff on Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso, Tzu and lots of others. Well worth a watch if you are into Hip Hop. Available on iTunes, along with old skool, DVD. https://itunes.apple.com/AU/movie/id862889888 http://www.daybreakfilms.com.au/words-from-the-city/ Juz