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  1. Spinnergeoff

    FS: DBX Pro 15 Band Graphic Model 215

    Can't see any message - oh, yes, my mistake. Will reply now.
  2. I used to sell these in my shop, lovely speaker, cabinets are superb too.
  3. Item: DBX Professional Model 215 Graphic EQ 15 Band Location: Sydney Price: $120 plus postage Item Condition: Used but good Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Proper professional EQ unit, not just some crappy thing that used to be included in department store stereos in the bad old days. Supplied with basic adaptors for the XLR inputs and outputs (for those who only have RCA interconnects) and a power cord. A good graphic, used properly, can help overcome issues with room acoustics and to some degree with speaker performance. Postage: check with me about this, but it's $10.50 in Sydney Metro area but should not exceed $18 to rest of Australia for basic postal service - satchel. Pictures:
  4. Spinnergeoff

    FS: AKG K702 Reference Headphones

    Recommended. I have a pair of these and nothing new under $600 will beat them unless you just want doof doof.
  5. Sonab OA6 Mk.2 with powered (sort of) bass don't come up very often. These ones are in Victoria and if interested you should ask the seller some questions about the serviceability of the "actuators" which give the bass boost. If working properly these are a unique and full range Sonab. I have a pair which I have converted to biwire configuration and totally passive, as the actuator units were looking pretty dodgy and the speaker boxes were a bit water damaged. I've patched them up and they still sit in the living room and are used from time to time. I have to say that speakers I have built myself sound better, but then I'm, you know, a DIY guy with an ear for real music, so voicing speakers is what I do. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SONAB-OA-6-TYPE-2A-Acoustic-Loudspeaker-Systems/323303341359?hash=item4b46617d2f:g:S1kAAOSwSw5bJHN5
  6. Item: KEF HTS2001 Satellite speakers and Yamaha YST-SW305 Subwoofer Location: Baulkham Hills, Sydney Price: $300 (see notes) Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: The set of five KEF HTS2001 satellites need no introduction and are one of the best of this type of speaker on the market. To buy a KEF 5.1 setup including subwoofer these days you’re looking at around $2500. So this 5.1 group is a bargain at $300. All in working condition and the satellites are cosmetically good apart from one or two small white paint smudges on the base from a previous wall mounting situation. (The bases double as wall brackets when required.) If you already have a subwoofer and just want the KEFs the price is $225. The Yamaha YST-SW305 subwoofer is one of the upper and heavyweight models in that slim series, so at 20kg would incur some freight cost. But it is a good and cheap option despite some wear and tear to the grille cloth and underside. Has line level and speaker level connections, auto power on/off if required, and phase reversal, crossover control – in short all the usual features. This is for speakers only, with no leads supplied. Ask me about delivery or pickup options. Pictures:
  7. Good value and some nice classical in there - including one of the all-time best Don Giovanni recordings - highlights; and the Faure Requiem of course.
  8. Spinnergeoff

    FS: Meridian G08

    This is a lovely sounding player.
  9. I've often been the only commenter on News items, but happy to contribute. Today I had to sign in via a new intermediary called Disqus. The verification email was sent at least twice, and then Pam turned up to do some sort of howdy-doo. Really, is this necessary?
  10. Nice! Would be a good replacement for my old RX-V3900 but I need to sell some surplus speakers before I can do anything abut that.
  11. Spinnergeoff

    nbn to “kill off top fixed wireless products”

    Oh dear. We do get silly in comments sometimes. There's more coal available on the mainland than you can poke a digger at.
  12. Thanks! I enjoy the whole process but have ended up with too many speakers.
  13. The big ones are Pioneer 15" paper cones (not remarkable for bass performance but sound nice otherwise), the trebles are sweet vintage Philips paper dual cones (essentially the same although the magnets are different - and the mids are unbranded synthetic cones, 8".
  14. Spinnergeoff

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    Hi Al, You look to be off to a pretty good start for a "new to audiophile" person!
  15. Item: Flat Panel design open baffle speakers plus subwoofer Location: Sydney Price: $300 or less - see notes Item Condition: recently manufactured but using s/h drivers Reason for selling: I'm a hobbyist and accumulate speakers! Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: OK, here we have the Mk.3 version of my flat panel 3-way. I’m stepping up the offer by adding your choice of Yamaha subwoofers as part of the deal. You know my approach: I make things as a hobby, not for profit. I’ve also added silver grilles to the midrange and treble drivers. For the listed price of $300 you get the speakers plus a vintage Yamaha YST-SW305 Subwoofer with line level and speaker level feed, and all the usual features. It’s a good performer, heavily built. The silver feet are fitted now but I can substitute small black feet if you’d prefer. For $30 less, $270, you can step back to a retro Yamaha NS-W1 Super Woofer for bass-fill below 50Hz. Line level feed only and not as much grunt as the other sub. For those who already have a subwoofer and don’t need either, the price for speakers alone, in their Mk.3 version (further fine-tuned and with added silver grilles) is $230. The combination of open baffle speakers and powered woofer will deliver a lovely open soundstage, nice presence and detail, distinctive good looks, and what can be honestly termed full-range performance. This being an audio forum with enthusiasts as participants I’m sure I don’t have to explain all the benefits of the open baffle (dipole) configuration. Dimensions: 900 x 440 x 200 (hwd) approx. Impedance: 5 ohms. Delivery: If you’re not far from Baulkham Hills I may be able to drop off and set up for you. Courier: Buyer to organise if required. Packaging would be a bit of a challenge, but ask me about that. Pictures: