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  1. Large open-airy soundstage and presence-lifelike instrumental textures.
  2. I've run them quite happily off a Sonos Connect Amp (50w) and a Cayin 35w valve amp so most valve amps should be fine. I'd be guessing based on nothing much that they are about 88-89db.
  3. DIY audio: what are you building?

    My latest speaker build is now for sale:
  4. Item: Open Baffle Speakers using quality paper cones Location: Sydney Price: $395 speakers plus $100 for subwoofer if required - it is unless you have one already, and this one is good value. Item Condition: Recently completed, very good Reason for selling: I make them and then sell them to get money for next project Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: My latest DIY project has turned out very well indeed. The idea behind open baffle speakers is to achieve fast responses from the drivers with some rear propagation to boot. I've used a collection of vintage paper cones speakers, of which the most important is the Peak 8A7 broad range, acting as the midrange here. The Philips trebles were extracted from an old pair of bookshelf speakers that I repurposed! They do very good work here. The large Pioneer bass speakers have never delivered deep bass in any of the enclosures I've tried them in, despite their size, but have always appealed for sound quality. In this speaker they run out of bass below 60Hz, hence the subwoofer, but the upper bass is excellent and helps to achieve a seamless crossover to the sub - and I'm offering a Velodyne VX-10se as the add-on here for $100. I'm a minimalist when it comes to crossover hardware, as too many speakers are hobbled by too many bits and pieces. Inductors are a particular life-sucker-outer, so if I can avoid them I do. These drivers are happy to sit together and required just a 4.7uf capacitor on the treble and a 1.5ohm resistor to put a little brake on the Peak midrange. The sound quality of the setup with the subwoofer is full-range and has life, detail without harshness, lovely midrange for voices and most instruments. Listen to jazz on these and you are there, in the jazz club. Can do justice to most genres. I'm pretty choosy about sound quality, having had a life-long interest in music and spent nearly thirty years in the music and hifi business. This is my retirement hobby, and I only make one pair of each model then move on and try something else. No intention to go into business again, just enjoy my woodworking and setting up the individual models, fine tuning as best I can, and then go on to the next one. I have a technical adviser who's a bona fide speaker designer, and he likes what I do. Notes: (1) I cannot demo at my place as her indoors won't allow it, but if you're not too far away I could come over and set them up for you to hear in your room - serious buyers only, please. They'll run on any commonplace amplifier of 40-50w (or less) but you can use stronger ones if you like - it's only excessive volume that burns out speakers as a rule, regardless of actual power rating. (2) the magnets on the back of those small Philips drivers are different, but the fronts are identical. One is a ring magnet and the other is AlNiCo, as are both the Peak 8A7. (3) Impedance approx. 7.5ohms. Power rating: low but you only need to use a couple of watts to get them going. (4) Midrange can be adjusted for your room by an alternate plug-in resistor (maybe 2.5 ohm) if the room is too lively. Current setting is for a softer room with bookcases, record racks, carpet, soft sofas etc. But I have those resistors ready to use if needed. (5) Dimensions: 900x440x200mm approx. (hwd) (6) Finish: oiled timber, actually looks more honey-toned in real life than in the pictures. (7) Postage: this would be tricky to organise but feel free to ask about that. Pictures:
  5. ad not released

    My ad under audio for sale not yet issued but another posted an hour later is. Any reason?
  6. Item: B&W Z2 powered speaker, various input options including Airplay. Location: Sydney Price: $175 Item Condition: as new Reason for selling: too many gadgets Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I have a number of powered speakers around the place, and I have a slight preference for the Geneva Model S over this one, even though this one does fill a room more easily and does so many things right. I have to rationalise my rather large collection of bits on a regular basis! Details of the Z2 are at B&W website: http://www.bowers-wilkins.co.uk/Shop/Outlet/products/Z2-RC.html Comes with all accessories and remote control. Needs to be added to your network if you want to do wireless transfer, but can use dock (lightning connector) or Aux any time anywhere. Pictures:
  7. Item: Wagner Ring - full set 19LP in four boxes with librettos, plus the famous book about the recording project by John Culshaw, in hardback edition. Location: Sydney Price: $125 complete or $95 for the four box sets only Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: Gradually culling my large LP collection. Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: These are old but good UK pressings Decca/London, in USA presentation. Condition is excellent, look hardly used. The big box is a bit the worse for wear but the LPs and the John Culshaw book have survived well. He was the recording engineer who first of all set up the studio in Vienna with Decca's technicians and ran the project. Recorders and desks were specially built for those sessions. The result was the finest recording of its day and it has survived in high regard until the present, partly because of that but also because the conductor and singers were of such high quality. The book alone if bought separately would cost you $50+ in s/h hardback, which this is. If you'd just like the four LP box sets then the price would drop to $99 plus postage, but the whole set is good to have. Postage: in Sydney Metro area $10, elsewhere ask for cost. Pictures:
  8. There's a new listing on ebay, seller in Melbourne, for a Michell Focus One t/t with a decent arm and ctge, for $999.
  9. SOLD: FS: McIntosh MC-2505 Power amp

    Yes. I have a 2100 (100w x 2) and have in the past had a 2105, and a pair of 50w monoblocks. As a general rule McIntosh's sound twice as strong (and good) as other brands of the same claimed power. So a 2505 will at 50w x 2 blow away the vast majority of other brands that are claimed to be anywhere in the 50-100w area. The only other amp I've owned which totally belied its rating was the Krell KSA-80, which was rated at 80w class A and left any of my former 200w amps for dead.
  10. OK, here's a goodie. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sub-Sonic-Floor-Standing-Speakers/332463459329?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 This is a full surround set by Ralph Waters of Richter and Subsonic fame. The mains have inbuilt active subwoofers. The package includes matching centre and floor standing rears. It's fair to say that this product was pretty much at the pinnacle of Ralph's series of achievements before he pulled the plug on hi-fi and went into other pursuits. The seller is at Gorokan on the central coast, near Toukley. There's just one little tech glitch, an audible buzz from the amplifier, which any buyer who's an electronics DIY guy or has a friendly repairer should be able to track down and fix. So there you go, thousands of dollars worth of speakers for $500. I'd buy these but my house is already awash with very good speakers, subwoofers, sources and amps.
  11. Donations, and relisting

    Thanks Marc. In future ads stay open until paid.
  12. Donations, and relisting

    I now have a new topic. When I accept that someone is going to buy, and they subsequently disappear, my ad slips down the list onto subsequent pages and attracts less interest, but I can't re-advertise for 30 days? Is that true?
  13. Donations, and relisting

    I'm happy to make a donation after each sale. I've just been told, however, that my $5 donation cannot be processed because (wait for it) the "minimum donation is $1". So no donation at this moment.
  14. Item: JBL powered subwoofer PB10/230 Location: Sydney Price: $80 Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: Too many subwoofers! Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This is the 10” model PB10/230, a downward-firing woofer in a rear-vented box. Like the Velodyne VX-10 I listed earlier, and the Yamaha YST-SW205, it needs to be cranked up a bit to get it going, although this may just be the combination I was using it with. The relative efficiency of the speakers and the adjustability of the signal feed are relevant to that. The less efficient your speakers are the easier it becomes for the sub to keep up. It has al the usual adjustments including auto on/off, phase reversal, crossover adjustment, both line level and speaker level connections. Pickup is from Baulkham Hills 2153. Ask about postage/courier as this will have to be worked out. Pictures:
  15. Item: Wagner Ring Cycle 19LP Decca-London (Solti/VPO) Location: Sydney Price: $100 ono Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: culling large LP collection gradually Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This is an old set of the USA branded Decca-London LPs - which are in fact UK pressings. They look in great condition, so much so I'll leave any dust removal or cleaning to the purchaser. They come in the four box sets with full librettos. Sides are numbered differently to current practise - probably from the (shock, horror) habit back then of using stacking record players! Fortunately these do not appear to have been played that way, if at all. I'm not a big Wagner fan but collected these and many other things when I was an LP dealer in the 1980s/90s. Ask about postage or pickup - I think they have a chance of going into a satchel so it's possible (subject to further checking) that they can be posted anywhere for a fixed price, so certainly for $10 here in Sydney and possibly $18 elsewhere if they come in under 5kg with packing. Pictures: