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  1. Someone just bought a Meridian Sooloos - screen/controller, disc for ripping and RAID Twinstore - plus cables - for $620 on ebay.
  2. FS: Nikon FM2/T Film Camera

    "I've never used it as I just wanted it in my collection of Nikon cameras." Yes, I know about this syndrome. As a former user of film cameras and a bit of a Nikon fan, I collected a series of their film cameras just so I could see and handle them. They have been so much cheaper to buy in recent years for obvious reasons. I currently have the FM2 (used to use an FM), F, F2, F3HP, F4, F801, a Pentax Spotmatic (my first SLR) and a Zenza Bronica ETRS - my only foray into medium format back in the 1990s. Beautiful objects. These days I use a digital SLR, the Df, which takes all the old lenses as well as the newer ones.
  3. Great Buys on eBay/Gumtree Continued (Part 7) ...

    Nice McIntosh MC275 valve amp with a buy-it-now price. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MCINTOSH-MC275/323132959649?hash=item4b3c39aba1:g:9f0AAOSw9EZZjmQ2 By now you'll know I have a fondness for the big Mc. I'm not going to buy this one however. I have filled the available space with a later technology, the MC2100 (solid state), which in line with McIntosh approach and policy, sounds like a valve amp except for more solid bass!
  4. One for the Melbourne people: Roche of London - speakers. I don't know these at all, but they look interesting and are surely worth a try at the price. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hifi-loud-speakers-Roche-by-London-hand-made/263527314882?hash=item3d5b73b5c2:g:pbEAAOSwg31ahsHZ
  5. Item: 11LP Collection George Benson, Earl Klugh, John Williams, Laurindo Almeida, Chick Corea Location: Sydney Price: $90 Item Condition: Very Good, may need some dusting Reason for selling: culling my large collection slowly Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Direct Debit Extra Info: This is a “mostly guitar” collection of 11 LPs. There are the classic albums by George Benson (one of his is a double) and Earl Klugh, plus a 45rpm Direct To Disc by Laurindo Almeida on Crystal Clear Records. (That Laurindo Almeida album is tricky to photograph because of the silver foil so I've done it again.) For good measure there’s John Williams with Cleo Laine and a Chick Corea. Postage: $10 Sydney Metro, $18 rest of Australia. Pictures:
  6. DIY audio: what are you building?

    I've reduced my open baffle floor standers Mk.2 to $299 as of today.
  7. Thanks! They'll leave via Australia Post tomorow.
  8. Item: Neat Critique Speakers Location:Sydney Price: $430 ono Item Condition: Very good indeed, with original box Reason for selling: now have too many speakers, and building more! Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Direct deposit Extra Info: A beautiful, mellow sounding UK speaker with a very comfortable mix of detail and good bass for size. Neat speakers are certainly not cheap to buy new, so these are excellent value at this price. Update: found some specs - 8ohms, recommended power 25-150w, efficiency 86dB. I wouldn't have thought the efficiency was that low, they seem easy enough! The cabinets are superb, much better than I can make, and I'll regret losing that beauty to look at as well as listen to, but it has become necessary to thin the herd. (some connection loops included for the biwirable sockets to enable single connection) Freight can be organised at buyer's expense and risk, via Aust Post if possible, otherwise courier. Ask about costs to your location. Pictures:
  9. SOLD: FS: B&W 602 S3 Speakers

    Yes, good value indeed. They've been mentioned in dispatches at What Hifi's review of the 30 best speakers since they started the magazine around 1982.
  10. One for the Lowther fans, looks like original cabinets and everything. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RARE-EARLY-LOWTHER-DX2-FLOOR-SPEAKERS-with-ORIGINAL-ACOUSTA-SPEAKER-BOXES/152928443924?hash=item239b3ede14:g:TQIAAOSwqi1amQfZ
  11. SOLD: FS: nad c372 integrated amp

    That looks like a good buy. I used to demo and sell these: they pack a wallop - good bass control and fairly smooth and unflappable through the entire frequency range. It was usually demonstrable that they delivered better control over the larger floor standers than the smaller amps.
  12. FS: Accuphase P-300 (1977)

    Competitor to McIntosh, well built and usually worth the money, even when it's a fairly early model.
  13. 30 day readvertise rule

    Criticisms and advice accepted, and modus operandi has been modified accordingly. Thanks one and all.
  14. I used to have the Marquis. The Alons are better.
  15. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Technics-sl-1200-Mk1-Turntable/142703790779?hash=item2139cf0abb:g:UCgAAOSwIStajoK2 Attention Victorians: Technics SL1200 for $350, pickup only. If those victoristanis realised how much more they could get by packing and posting, things might be different. But there you go, manna from heaven if you're down there.