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  1. I had a pair of these from 1988 to 2002 and loved them. Rich sound, great for LP as not too prone to showing every bit of surface noise! Used to run them with Phase Linear Pre-power.
  2. Brilliant speaker, bargain. I used to sell these in my shop (quite a while ago!) and found them very well built and sonically tops.
  3. There were a pair of Sabre speakers advertised some years back, and you can find that ad with photos by searching on Richter Sabre in classifieds audio. I think these were produced by the next phase after Ralph sold the company to Audio Products, but I don't recall them precisely. They appear to be a development along the lines of the Excalibur, and should deliver plenty of oomph! IIRC, John Fahey formerly of Yamaha was involved and told us that bass impact was an important factor! Len Wallis used to stock them and he might have something on file.
  4. I have a similar one and it's allegedly as close as you'll get to a Koetsu for bargain price.
  5. Item: Dynavector DV501 Tonearm Location: Sydney Price: $1175 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Rationalising my LP and turntable collection Payment Method: Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: As far as I and many others are concerned the Dynavector arms are the best! I have used a 505 in the past and this similar 501 more recently, and the performance is superb. The bi-radial design has the ideal mix of stability (left-to-right) from the massive main arm, plus the flexibility and lightness of touch of the sub-arm. The current model 507 looks fairly similar and costs about $8k. Secondhand examples of the 505 will usually cost $2k+. I have been downsizing my LP collection and can't justify continuing with the #1 setup that I've been using for about ten years. The turntable it come off may be sold separately, I'm still working out which goes and which stays out of the three direct drives I have. I'm a bit surprised that the Gemini XL1800 DD I advertised last week has had so little response, as it's a good unit and has served me well as #2 turntable. Note Added 30/6/19: This is not an easy thing for me to offer to part with, and it will not remain on offer here for long. I can very easily drop it back onto the turntable it came from and carry on using it. Delivery: ask me about this. It's a piece of fine engineering and I'm a bit nervous about sending it by post or courier, but we can come to some arrangement about that. If you're in the Sydney area things might be easier. I do travel down to Goulburn fairly often these days as well, and will have reason to visit Canberra some time early in July. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. I auditioned these some years ago, really liked them and wrote their original brochure as a gift to the lads - John and Brad. They have been a deservedly very successful speaker here and overseas. Hard to beat at this price!
  7. Item: Gemini XL1800Q-IV DD Turntable with Stanton V cartridge Location: Sydney - Baulkham Hills Price: $295 Item Condition: Very good except lid has some cracks. Reason for selling: rationalising tt collection Payment Method: cash or direct deposit Extra Info: This is a heavyweight direct drive turntable that has been my #2 unit for some years. I'm reducing my turntable herd from three down to two, and my LP collection from 2000 down to 500, bit by bit. It has all the usual features, 33/45 with slider pitch control and strobe light check, cue lamp, 12v plug-in socket for gooseneck lamp (I've never used that facility), a spot to store a second headshell. The Stanton is a short cantilever model, sounds fine, has D5 stylus. The lid has various cracks and scuffs, hard to capture them all in a photo, has had a repair done to one hinge, but remains quite ok and usable, holds up well. Delivery: I can pack and send, have a fair bit of experience at this, but only if the buyer accepts the risk, and of course the cost. Can deliver in person if you're not too far away! I travel periodically south to the Goulburn area. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Item: Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector and Sony KDL-46x2000 TV - plus assorted free extras. Location: North-West Sydney Price: $275 ono Item Condition: used, see notes Reason for selling: surplus items Payment Method: Cash Extra Info: Here’s a collection of items in various states that are no longer being used and need to be cleared out cheap! Scroll down for more info on other items and more pictures. Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector: I bought this for my in-laws some time back, and after about a year they said it was making funny noises. Although I didn't hear them I replaced it with a Yamaha surround receiver and speakers. Have had it running here at home on and off since then, and even now as I write; no noises, but one never knows. Comes with remote and manual. Sold originally for $2500 back around 2005. Sony 46” LED TV KDL-46X2000 – has remote and it works but the tuner is not working, so needs to get its signal from a digital tuner such as in your PVR. Comes with a free DGTEC TF7000HT tuner in not-so great condition, with remote. Bonus - Celestion Subwoofer: similar to some KEF models, down-firing, lacks plate amp but driver is sealed in its enclosure and the unit could be powered by any external amp or a new plate amp. Even one of those cheap car sub amps might do it. Bonus - Pioneer DVR-640H DVD/HD (with remote) – outdated as it doesn’t have an inbuilt digital tuner, but still useable as DVD player/recorder and hard drive recorder, using external inputs and included free digital tuner DGTEC DG-HD3040 (no remote for that). Delivery in Sydney area $20 if you’re not too “geographically challenged” aka too bloody far away from Baulkham Hills! Ask about that, we’ll sort something out. Courier: buyer can arrange, but I have no packaging and will take no responsibility. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Don't know. Can't see any reference to it apart from the usual secondhand market. The latest model 507 headshell is a bit different in style but the basic approach will be the same (as would be the fit) for 501 and similar later models. They are made in a very solid fashion.
  10. Thanks Glenn - it is indeed a great buy. Re the headshell, can't change the makeup of the package now it's on offer, the second one is handy to have that's for sure.
  11. Haha! I still have four wooden tennis raquets (including the Maxply I pinched from my dad and used at high school) on the wall of my mancave. Plus a metal Spalding Targa. The Yamaha Graphite XAM4 isn't up there yet; it and the Head still get some use down at the local practice wall. The surprise package of those on the display wall is the Prince Woody. Lovely raquet to use as well, and a practically mint example.
  12. Item: Technics heavy DD turntable SL110 with Dynavector DV501 arm Location: Sydney Price: $1680 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: downsizing my number one system, need cash for other projects. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, direct bank deposit Extra Info: This combination has been my favourite for many years and I've had two of them at different times. With Technics direct drives once again on the market at phenomenal prices, and new Dynavector arms fetching even more than some of those new SL1200 variants, it'd be hard to put together a new setup in this format (heavy duty DD + Dynavector) for much under $10k. The turntable comes with two Dynavector headshells, and a custom built thick Perspex lid (not hinged). Also a Platter Matter mat, as illustrated. The armboard is a bit rough in finish but is very solidly built by a previous owner. It has extra bracing underneath that you can't see without disassembly! You might like to read my article on direct drive turntables here at StereoNet: https://www.stereo.net.au/features/the-resurgence-of-technics-and-direct-drive-turntables I'm not keen to post this item or send via courier. I'd prefer to deliver and set up in person. Ask about this. I'm in Baulkham Hills 2153, but do sometimes travel down Goulburn/Canberra way. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Excellent value! I'd buy if it were in Sydney for sure.
  14. Would be tempted if in Sydney or Canberra, but Melbourne a bit too far away. Someone should buy these, great value. And I particularly like speakers that fire forwards and back as many Mirage models do.
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