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  1. Further information: This set is comprised of four matching Harman Kardon speakers in d'appolito configuration (two 3" mid/woof and central tweeter) that are well made (not your lightweight plastic rubbish) and sound very good. I lacked the center speaker so drafted in a Polk Audio two-way which does an excellent job in that role. The subwoofer is a properly set up 10" down-firing unit (rubber roll-surround) by DB Dynamics - not a high-end product but does a very good job indeed and is possessed of all the connection points on the back that you get with more upmarket subs. Perfect for thi
  2. Further information: I haven't used this and don't really know how to. It was originally a CSIRO property that a friend who used to work there (since lost touch with him) picked up when they were disposing of obsolete items. According to him it was working, but I'm unsure how to check that. UPDATE: having perused the manual, I did a basic check with an inductor. The device powers up and by selecting inductance and twiddling the knobs there was movement on the Null Meter. There are a couple of these on ebay but at much higher prices. Has original manual. Fr
  3. Further information: One of the most charming retro stereo receivers, attractive in form, function, and importantly sound quality. Not often seen for sale. Has power output indicators, tuning assist LEDs and Acculock for locking onto a station. While rated at around 50w x 2, I rarely saw the power indicators go over 2w. I've also owned the R1500, and this one beats it for sound quality. See photos for details, although they fail to show the completely lovely lighting or sound! Freight - at buyer's cost and risk. Pickup - Baulkham Hills. Photos: see below.
  4. Savall and Hesperion XX did my favourite early music disc (I have it on LP and CD) called The Red Book of Montserrat. Just about everything they did is worth a listen, should all be available to stream before you buy.
  5. This article has various views including those expressed by well known recording engineers. If you haven't read it, please do so. It doesn't trash either format but lays out the facts. I use both LP and CD, and even a fair bit of streaming! Over the years I've had cassettes, reel to reel, laserdisc, and still have some 78rpm discs - which can be played on my second t/t the Audio Technica AT-LP120 with an appropriate cartridge. LP lovers won't like the title, but cold hard facts are important. At the end of the day, if you like your LPs you can have your LPs, as Obama might have said,
  6. Australian composer Ross Edwards (born 1943) has written a lot of enjoyable orchestral music that comes under the rather too broad "classical" heading. Ross Edwards (composer) - Wikipedia Back when I had a music shop (1990s) there were quite a few 20th Century composers who people came looking for, apart from the minimalists like Glass, Cage and Adams. Stravinsky, Respighi, Kodaly, Bartok, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Poulenc, Rachmaninov, Copland, Gershwin, Britten - all of them had at least some easily accessible works. Saying that the earlier giants of composition, going bac
  7. Yes, any group I'm still listening too and enjoying that much after so many decades has to be first rate!
  8. Awesome subwoofer indeed. I once did a demo for a particularly picky customer. He deemed all the “lower down” Velodyne DD models good but not quite good enough, but had to say this one had the right stuff!
  9. Quote: "In the entire history of music there have been few figures whose influence affected nearly everyone around them. Alto saxophonist Charlie Parker, the revolutionary genius of bebop, was one of those icons. Nearly every jazz musician to emerge after World War Two absorbed Parker's new melodic and harmonic conceptions, but fellow alto saxophonist Paul Desmond was the most notable exception. He managed to sound nothing like Parker, avoiding any traces of bebop in his musical language. Yet while going against the grain and playing the way he wanted to, Desmond became one of
  10. Gene Wright replaced Norman Bates in the Brubeck quartet in 1958, when Bates didn't want to tour to Europe. He was an extraordinarily good bassist, but then, all of them were top flight musicians, and the group richly deserved its popularity.
  11. Thanks for the kind words! For me it's always music (of all sorts) first, equipment second but in a vital supporting role. My website is still up, and the Music page may be of interest. some of the links, like the one to The Case For Paul Desmond are no longer operative, and I haven't been maintaining the site for several years. Stereonet does a great job, so my site's not (maybe never was going to be) that important. The curious might also find a link at the top of the Music page which does work, the one called Reminiscences, My Life With Music. Home Entertainment Australia
  12. Had a message recently that Spotify had a new app. Tried it briefly, nothing special for me, and I'd been quite happy to interface with Spotify from my Sonos system. A day later, disaster. My PC controller S1 for Sonos, when accessing Spotify, has been transformed into some sort of pre-digested menu salad plate of useless links to Spotify. And no Search Bar or button! I can still do searches from iPad etc, but really! What are Spotify up to? Sonos say it's nothing they can do anything about as they have no control over Spotify. New features are ok as long as they
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