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  1. Does this preamp have the phono stage added in?
  2. Thanks for looking in to this Mark - I really appreciate it. I’ve got a few more questions - probably best to call you when you are back in town, regards, matt
  3. I’m not sure software configurable is possible. I read the manual and interpreted it as they can build one of several configurations. We shall see...
  4. I have that spreadsheet - it implies that the PS AUDIO configuration is default for the DiDiT DAC. I was hoping to confirm this. Seeing as I’m hoping to use my Sonore Signature Rendu as an i2s source, maybe i’ll shoot Jesus at Sonore an email, too... Thanks for your efforts, Mark and ... scumbag 😂
  5. Hi Mark, I was very impressed by this DAC at the recent hifi show. Can you confirm that the HDMI/I2S input is configured in the PS AUDIO standard? Regards, Matt
  6. Gotta say I thought the show had a different vibe to last year, but I enjoyed it and took more time in each room this time around. I was impressed with more booths this year than last, with the smaller rooms seemingly set up better this time around. That said, some demonstrations were consistently too loud and interfered with the sound in adjacent rooms at times - I guess this is inevitable, if inconsiderate, at such a show... Onto the winners ... I was mightily impressed with the openness/airiness and depth of sound produced by the Brodmann speakers - simply stunning with acoustic music. The Avantgarde speakers in the foyer were also amazing - I preferred them to the Kharmas in the "out-of-this-world" expensive price range. They produced such an open and enveloping sound, and filled the large space with beautiful, rich music in spades. Others that sounded great: M8 audio Sweet Maxwells - they pack a tremendous punch for bookshelves, and sounded much better than last year's setup to me. The Yamaha NS-5000s are exquisite, too, though I thought they stole the show last year and were not quite as spectacular this time around. The Auralic/Audio Tech/ Fyne speakers were fantastic, too, given the constraints of the small room. I liked the Pure Music room as well. The Hulgich Audio Dukes from last year's show were missed... Losers ... The following didn't impress me when compared to the above - VAF, DEQX, Kii audio, Osborn, B&W & Linn. All-in-all, I really enjoyed the day and hope it comes back next year...Btw what is going on with that carpet - a psychologist would have a field day!
  7. It's the quick and the dead around here! Well played new owner, whomever you may be!
  8. Very interested. Are you able to ship to Melbourne? cheers, Matt
  9. Most keen to audition them if possible. Sounds like a great deal.
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