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  1. untca

    FS: KEF Q300 Speakers (Black Wood Grain)

    No worries, I understand the posting problem
  2. Hi, am running a Yamaha WCX50 streaming preamp- NAD c375 amp in power mode only into some tan not dc6 standmounts. Using the pramp it is crystal clear to the point of a little sharp through the Tannoys. Was wondering what your thoughts are on a tube buffer stage between the Yamaha preamp output and the NAD analogue input?
  3. untca

    All in one media player?

    got to say that to spite the bias away from Yamaha equipment, the musicast stuff has been faultless in my house for searching pc/ nas or an old wd streamer and bring it all together in a searchable database. THe ipad/ phone app is solid and useful. Also plays most formats very well. Got the main hifi system running a wxc50 streaming preamp running into a NAD c375 and the tv room running a yamaha 683. The video playback is generally coming out of a couple of cheap Panasonic bluRay players with inbuilt media players and network interfaces.
  4. Looks like the goods. Didn’t even know this type of all in one existed!
  5. untca

    SOLD: NAD C375 BEE - integrated amp

    Solid amp! I am using this model as a power amp with a Yamaha streaming pre amp. Performance and build quality is great.
  6. untca

    SOLD: NAD C375 BEE - integrated amp

    Solid amp! I am using this model as a power amp with a Yamaha streaming pre amp. Performance and build quality is great.
  7. untca


    Yamaha NS-555 are great speakers that are often overlooked for the euro crew. They are very nice for the retail price let alone this guys asking.
  8. untca

    Pre amp, dac, streamer one box

    Yamaha WXC-50. Just picked one up of another SN user and plugged it into my NAD C375. All good so far and the app lets me control music on other components around the house. I now have a redundant Yamaha RN500 Streaming integrated amp. The tech in which has also been solid for a couple of years and all the Yamaha stuff now supports Hi res.
  9. I tried the WXC (in pre amp mode) into a line level and this was not a great result. Guess it was like a pre amp into another Pre amp that gave me quite a low level of sound. I have now removed the jumpers (pre out main in) from the NAD and have run the Yamaha WXC into it from the Yam's pre out. Seems to be the only way I can maintain the Yamaha's musicast app control to my I device. (I now have this working in three rooms and a back veranda which is pretty good. I am therefore wasting the NAD's pre section but the app control is worth it. As for the DAP, it is a Fiio F3 (2) so not network connected. THe Yamaha pre is a little short on line in but I'm making do at this stage.
  10. Hi, Picked up a second hand WXC50 last week and hooked it into my Yamaha RN500 to give it a run and it sounds fine. Using the wxc in pre amp mode (to enable the MusicCast control) into the line in for the yamaha. Now, have just picked up a second hand NAD 375 Bee and not sure if I should plug the WXC into the Aux which I presume runs it into the NAD’s pre amp? Or if i should remove the jumpers front the back and go straight into the Main in ? Does it matter?? I plan also to run my DAP into the NAD also form time to time.
  11. I just use an old WD Hub with internal 1TB running Ethernet back to the modem and also plugged another 1TB hard drive into the USB port in the modem. You can them map them as network drives in windows (i use 10 but have done it in 7 onwards also). No problem with accessing any of these drives from my LG tv, my two Panasonic BDP or my yamaha network amp. It has been stable for 4 years now but I do back up occasionally
  12. Hi, its Adam from Lake Macquarie. It’s only been 15 minutes since I last looked up what hifi. I love music and am looking for a mix of new tech and budget old gear to build something different.
  13. Cruising for new AV amp as mine has retired itself this afternoon. This looks like a great replacement , my wallet doesn't however agree with me.