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  1. Item: Platter for a Lenco B55 turntable Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Have an issue with a deck I am restoring and was wondering if there light platter for a Lenco including C clip out there.
  2. [VIC} Optonica Stereo system including speakers. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/belmont/other-books-music-games/stereo-system-optonica/1250233238
  3. Welcome to the group and good luck with search.
  4. Highly recommend Doug for all any work, so far he has done work for me on some speakers, amp, pre-amp and cd player has been all good work. Have found him to be open, honest, reliable and very fair on pricing.
  5. Anthony, I have a real soft spot for the Optonica gear as well and have the following: RP-2727 Turntable SM-4100 Amplifier RT-5200 Cassette Deck and ST-5100 Tuner. My old Marantz gear has a bit more history for me so I am currently using them for my Study system with headphones mostly, but at some stage I will get Tubularbells to give my Optonica gear a service and then they will get a lot more use. I was running the SM4100 with Onkyo U3500 speakers on the weekend, 20-40 W 8 ohm 100 db/W (50cm) and they sounded lovely the SM4100 is only 25W so it had just the right amount of power to run these speakers nicely. I have not done any auditioning with my Optonica gear so don't have a lot of recommendations at this stage regarding speakers, but was hoping that the Peter Vis site could assist. Good luck with the gear and its great to see someone else enjoying Optonica.
  6. Buzz, Good luck with that. I have an Optonica SM-4100 that I played around with on the weekend and it sounds great. Don't know if it might help but Peter Vis put up a very detailed website on his work on a SM-4100 at the website below. Not sure if this will assist but the 4100 is not very different to the 5100 so might be worth a look for fault finding purposes. https://www.petervis.com/Amplifiers/optonica-sm-4100/optonica-sm-4100.html
  7. I think that there is a big difference between "Vintage" and just plain "Old". Vintage in my opinion, gives an impression of quality whilst Old may be quality or not. I see vintage used in ads all over the place for disposable junk that was engineered with planned obsolescence built-in twenty plus years ago that people are trying to flog off today as "vintage". I think that vintage in audio should be at least 30 years with a caveat on quality.
  8. Sounds like a good starting point for both a 2 channel and headfi listening. Not sure about the Sennheiser cans but Head-fi.org is a great forum for headphone reviews who can tell you alot more about what is on offer. In regards to your amp, headphones and speakers, this post is probably better suited in https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/117-beginners-purchasing-advice/ Otherwise, have fun and good luck.
  9. It is true that not many people would have access to chilled water or a dry cooler or condenser water loop but you would be surprised at what some people want in their houses. I think insulation around the rack, use a cross flow ventilation system and ensure that the hot air is discharge to outside to minimise any short cycling is the easiest solution for temperature control for this type of system. I would like to know what sort of heat load the rack has which could help determine how much airflow he needs. As for water-cooling your amplifier, good luck with that.
  10. The short answer is yes, there are rack mounted cooling systems available and have been used for many years specifically for IT rack cooling. https://www.datacenterdynamics.com/en/news/emerson-launches-liebert-modular-rack-cooling/ If you are really dedicated to rack temperature control you shouldn't try and utilise systems not suited for this type of application for the following reasons: 1. Overcooling the rack can cause humidity issues with the metal parts of the rack. The system can cool to a point where dewpoint is reached and then when the garage is opened with warm moist air coming in this can cause condensation on and in the equipment. 2. The process of cooling also dehumidifies the air, so unless there is an efficient way of controlling the temperature within the rack this can cause issues inside your gear if low enough humidity levels are reached. My recommendations are either rack mounted ventilation fans to allow for air movement across the gear to dissipate heat or if you want to fully insulate the room then AC or ventilation would be the way to go. Auckland can get bloody humid and hot in summer so think carefully if your gear is precious to you.
  11. If you are willing to separate the CD-74, I would take as a parts machine for my existing unit.
  12. Maybe not as thematically matched as your list but in my share house in my Uni days we used to always play Big Pig "Bonk" when we did the vacuuming. It was just the best album we had in the house that could be clearly heard above the noise of the vacuum, that and Nirvana's Nevermind but that was for washing the dishes.
  13. A bit out of the price range but thanks for the suggestion.
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