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  1. Hi everyone, a friend just picked up some Wharfedale 425 bookshelf speakers and we are trying to work out when they were made and basically any info about them. Is anyone here familiar with them? I couldnt find much via the search. They come with bi-wiring posts (currently bridged) which is interesting. I dont think they are premium level speakers but sound pretty decent to my ears. Cheers Steve
  2. Looking at those pics the Bitstream looks a bit like the Cyrus Soundkey... https://www.whathifi.com/cyrus/soundkey/review
  3. I would buy this but I have too many projects at the moment.... NAD receiver in Canberra
  4. I am emerging from my lurk to say thanks for the tip and "me too!"
  5. Mate that did the trick - bypassed the big polyswitch and now the xover and speakers are reading 5.8 ohms - so now the "good" cabinet is reading a bit high at 7.8ohms! Thanks heaps for the advice - I owe you a beer.
  6. I found them on Jaycar - so Im guessing the big one would be for the woofer and the smaller for the tweeter? so grab ones that match the wattage and resistance of the speakers? am I on the right track here?
  7. haha thanks for the advice! Well I dont know what Im doing so I guess for $20 so if I learn something from the process its worth it.
  8. Ahh I have been trying to work out what they were - I thought they might be ceramic capacitors but couldnt work out why they were there. The big one went into Out of Limit - the smaller one is reading 3.2ohms.
  9. Hi everyone, I recently picked up a pair of Mordaunt-Short ms25ti's for a decent price. There is a bit of rub on one of the woofers but nothing a recenter shouldnt fix - I think the voicecoil is ok. Of greater concern is one of the speakers is reading @32ohms resistance on my multimeter whereas the other one is reading 7.7ohm. I swapped the woofer and tweater between cabinets and the impedance is the same, so I think it is something to do with the crossover. I have been looking at the crossover for a few days and testing the resistance around components on the board but I have got to the point where Im ready to admit I know next to nothing about this stuff. So hoping to get some help! I have compared the resistance of the components to the lower impedance cabinet but not sure how to narrow it down to the fault. Any help greatly appreciated. I'm confident enough to replace any component on this thing but might need some help finding equivalents. I have attached a picture of the board.
  10. Thanks Damo! Likewise, hi there!
  11. Thanks Jukkluk! Good to know the JBLs are considered decent for the money. I actually got them for free but the woofers needed refoaming, managed to refoam them and now they sound great (although I huffed a bit to much isopropyl cleaning the old glue off).
  12. Hi everyone, new to this place. Currently living in Canberra. I recently upgraded my old cheap and nasty turntable with a slightly more respectable Dual 505. It needed a new stylus but the old Grado GT Cartridge wasn't compatible with currently available stylus (styli?) and having a pretty limited budget I bought a new Rega Carbon cartridge and installed that. Anyway, incredibly stoked with the sound and now eyeing off CD Players (again with my limited budget) to try and see if I can fall in love with my CDs again in the same way I fell back in love with my LPs. The rest of my gear is pretty modest; JBL LX 44 speakers and a Pioneer SX-2900 receiver/amp, but you gotta start somewhere I guess. Cheers Steve
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