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  1. Skipping to 6:20 and playing from there.
  2. Yes I googled that one and found a pretty good explanation of that. What’s your take on the THD? I looked at MF 5si as an example and they use a THD value of 0.01% which is 10x lower. I assume this is a case of manufacturers straying from an industry standard to make their product specs seem better. Is that the reason why the Vincent has almost a doubling of power when going from 8 to 4 ohms. I assume if you measured at 0.01%THD you wouldn’t quite see the doubling effect. Makes it hard to compare apples with apples. like what andyr said, before purchasing anything I’ll b
  3. Thanks for all your comments. Yes most of what your all saying is what I suspected. I suspect this is why I was a little confused. Yes it’s feeling a little this way, hence why I posed the initial question I suppose. I don’t however want to end up with a combo that’ll struggle if I want to turn things up a little.
  4. Hoping the brains trust can impart some knowledge... I keep hearing about certain amps being better for high current applications or hard to drive speakers. How can I tell from amp specs that it is capable of high current applications? On the flip side, how do I tell if my amp will drive low impedance speakers ok? For reference I have a Vincent SV-227. specs below. Im considering some Monitor Audio Gold100’s which I know drop to quite low impedance. obviously I would trial prior to purchasing any speakers, but interested in t
  5. I have and love this amp and won’t be moving on mine for some time. It does not have a phono input so you’ll need a separate phono preamp or a turntable with built in preamp. Good price btw.
  6. There’s this pinned thread. If you scan through you’ll find some vic ones. Try searching “vic” or “Victoria” in this thread.
  7. Haha Yes sometimes kids can be like a herd of cows I suppose. Keep “cost” down was what I meant .....
  8. Thanks everyone. Yeah I figured phono pre next to turntable was a good thing. I did toy with the idea of putting amp there to and running longer speaker cables but I also use tv as an audio source too so I’d still have to run tv to amp regardless. Ill probably diy interconnect to keep cows down.
  9. Hi SNA people, I want to get my turntable away from little fingers and place it on the buffet on the other side of the room. That would require an rca interconnect run of about 6m to my amp. What are your thoughts on sound penalty for a 6m run? Also what’s the preference for phono preamp location? Next to the amp? Next to the turntable?or doesn’t matter? I remember something from physics classes about higher energy losses at lower voltages (ie why power transmission lines run at much higher voltage than 240v). Is this a consideration re preamp location (line level vs phono car
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