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  1. Totally agree with this solo catman. I haven’t listened to it for prob 15 years but back then I’d play the song just to hear the solo. It’s definitely not a very technical solo, but it just works and is pleasing to the ear. I’m gonna blast it in the car on the way to work now. Thanks for the reminder of a song I’d forgotten about for some years.
  2. Item: Audioquest Dragonfly Black V1 Location: Geelong West Price: $50 ($60 posted) Item Condition:good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: used. Works well. Comes only as pictured without original packaging or pouches etc. Pictures:
  3. Yeah apple camera connection kit will work. From my experience as long as you’ve got 4g coverage it works. I run off WiFi at home though.
  4. When you get the D50 you can just plug your phone or iPad into it (it supports iOS) and stream Tidal via the tidal app on phone or iPad. You will get CD bitrate and the dac does the decoding instead of phone so will sound just fine. Should save you some cash for other upgrades!
  5. I like what you have done organising your books.
  6. Thanks @Cardiiiii . I’ll have a look into the regen.
  7. Nice, I hadn’t heard of this one. A quick google shows a good price and iOS compatibility which is a must for me at the moment. I had looked at the topping DACs too, can anyone confirm whether they are compatible with iOS?
  8. Thanks wolfz. I might send them an email regarding always on. The dragonfly website says it’s fine to always leave on (which I do), however does not have a battery like the mojo.
  9. Just wanted peoples opinions on the mojo being used as a dac for my hifi system. Does anyone use a mojo as a dac for their hifi? I know its primarily used as a mobile device but I understand it can be put into line level mode. I would intend to have permanently plugged into amp running tidal from my iPad from USB input and tv via optical. I have the camera connection kit. Currently i use a dragonfly black gen 1 via a powered USB hub to run the iPad. It sounds ok but feels a little lacking in detail and space. With the mojo I would gain an optical and coax option. Issues im aware of with mojo used like this are: mojo doesn’t remember line level mode once turned off prob shouldn’t be always connected to power - due to battery issues Are there really any issues leaving it always on? I’d prefer to not have to always turn the dac on when I want to listen.
  10. I’ll grab it if you can post it to me (3218).
  11. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/rega-amplifier/162917670940?hash=item25eea6601c:g:2boAAOSwUjpakiXZ Not working but surly these are serviceable. Looks like a elex.
  12. Very interested. Pm’d You with intent to buy. Cheers paul.
  13. Hi guys. Just a quick hi. Enjoy reading all your advice. Paul from vic.
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