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  1. I ended up getting the bob marley album. Were nearly sold out by the time I got there Saturday afternoon. Waiting for my amp to be repaired then will get a chance for a listen.
  2. Let us know if they sound ok. Might wonder down to see what’s left......
  3. Hi, Do the cables come with the black braid finish with bananas fitted or white factory finish. I notice the white has no bananas fitted. Or is the white shown just for reference? cheers Paul.
  4. I’m lucky enough that my amp’s dac supports my iPad. I have the spare iPad mini connected to the amp’s dac. I start the playing from the iPad, then when I open Spotify from my phone it asks whether I want to continue listening on the iPad. If I select yes then the phone is a fully operational remote control. Simple and sounds great.
  5. Old post I know but...... just tried out the USB input on my SV-227 and who would’ve thought it’d work with my iPad via lightning connector! Sounds great!
  6. Hi, ill take the chord rumour cables. Pm’ing You now. Cheers Paul
  7. I was told by a sales person that the silver 300’s were designed to be set up in a 5.1 config and hence has less in the low end than the 200s (or the 500’s too I would assume). He said the 200’s have a more even tonal balance than the 300’s which are lacking in bass. I didnt audition either of these to see for myself. Just 3rd hand info which may support your choice. I did however ever hear the silver 50’s which were just great. Also heard bronze 5’s which I did not rate. Very boomy uncontrolled bass and shrill highs. I would buy the silver 50’s over bronze 5’s. Want to hear silver 100’s. Hopefully would fill a room better but keep the same tonal balance as the 50’s.
  8. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/41-wanted-to-buy/ Go to classifieds, then scroll down a bit and you’ll see it there.
  9. Yeah will be putting a post on the wtb section for second hand when the time comes. Want to stretch my funds as far as they can go. I listened to the 237 with Krix esoterix a while back and WOW!
  10. Couldn’t be happier with my new sv227. Sounds amazing and an immense improvement in sq from my Yamaha avr. Built like a brick $h!thouse at over 20kg. Can’t wait till I get the go ahead from the mrs for some new speakers. Working on just after Xmas. Will def come in and see what’s on sale then!
  11. Pm’ed you re the sv237! Would love to take it if still available. I can pick up in thornbury. Cheers Paul.
  12. Makes me wonder how they (mastering people) can get it so wrong. Maybe so it plays well through a $50 Bluetooth speaker?
  13. I recently got Ceremonals by Florence & The Machine and I am seriously underwhelmed and a little annoyed at the sound quality. I have ave a modest collection of old and new vinyl and typically vinyl on my system sounds better than Spotify (my other source) in terms of detail and dynamics. In this instance Spotify version is easier to listen to. The album comes across as very compressed in dynamics, very loud in volume and slight distortion. I understand distortion could be an alignment issue with my TT, but this is the only record I have an issue with. It was purchased from JB. I have bought other albums from JB with no issues. I suppose I’m wondering if it’s an issue with the manufacturing of the record or if it’s a mastering thing? Did I buy a dud or are they all like that? Have thought about returning it but it but got no proof of purchase anymore.
  14. Totally agree with this solo catman. I haven’t listened to it for prob 15 years but back then I’d play the song just to hear the solo. It’s definitely not a very technical solo, but it just works and is pleasing to the ear. I’m gonna blast it in the car on the way to work now. Thanks for the reminder of a song I’d forgotten about for some years.
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