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  1. Haha Yes sometimes kids can be like a herd of cows I suppose. Keep “cost” down was what I meant .....
  2. Thanks everyone. Yeah I figured phono pre next to turntable was a good thing. I did toy with the idea of putting amp there to and running longer speaker cables but I also use tv as an audio source too so I’d still have to run tv to amp regardless. Ill probably diy interconnect to keep cows down.
  3. Hi SNA people, I want to get my turntable away from little fingers and place it on the buffet on the other side of the room. That would require an rca interconnect run of about 6m to my amp. What are your thoughts on sound penalty for a 6m run? Also what’s the preference for phono preamp location? Next to the amp? Next to the turntable?or doesn’t matter? I remember something from physics classes about higher energy losses at lower voltages (ie why power transmission lines run at much higher voltage than 240v). Is this a consideration re preamp location (line level vs phono cart level)?
  4. Damn. Missed em. Liked these when I demoed them.
  5. I heard them in an in-store demo. Very impressive at that price.
  6. I sat there for 5 scratching my head on the couch before replying lol.
  7. Here’s a poster which came up on my Facebook feed which I found interesting.
  8. I ended up getting the bob marley album. Were nearly sold out by the time I got there Saturday afternoon. Waiting for my amp to be repaired then will get a chance for a listen.
  9. Let us know if they sound ok. Might wonder down to see what’s left......
  10. Hi, Do the cables come with the black braid finish with bananas fitted or white factory finish. I notice the white has no bananas fitted. Or is the white shown just for reference? cheers Paul.
  11. I’m lucky enough that my amp’s dac supports my iPad. I have the spare iPad mini connected to the amp’s dac. I start the playing from the iPad, then when I open Spotify from my phone it asks whether I want to continue listening on the iPad. If I select yes then the phone is a fully operational remote control. Simple and sounds great.
  12. Old post I know but...... just tried out the USB input on my SV-227 and who would’ve thought it’d work with my iPad via lightning connector! Sounds great!
  13. Hi, ill take the chord rumour cables. Pm’ing You now. Cheers Paul
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