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  1. Purchaser has pulled out so this unit is still for sale. Condition is practically spotless with all original packaging and accessories. It works really well with Cambridge Connect app. Please make contact if you are interested and I am willing to post. I will have it double boxed and well secured for the trip.
  2. Many thanks everyone. Still processing info and options. I guess the next step is to decide between MM and MC.
  3. Hi Andy, My power amp has balanced and RCA inputs. To listen to turntable I had to get behind the power amp and manually plug in RCA cables from Yaquin. This bypasses balanced inputs which is where my other preamp (and digital sources) feeds into. Obviously to get back to other sources this had to be reversed. For some reason Yaquin does not work to well as a phono stage when connected with the other preamp. Hence I am thinking upgrade phono stage and get new cartridge to match. Steve - which cartridge would you suggest I should try with Vincent?
  4. Further information: Great combo should sell together. Pure direct function on both eliminating unnecessary tweaks. Both units are in great condition with remotes, manuals original cables etc. I will also include a pair of old Technics speakers to get you started. I still have original boxes but they are not in great shape as have been used to store other stuff - yours if you want them. Let me know if you are interested in one of the units and I may consider separating. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Further information: Unit is in great condition with original box, remote, cables, manuals etc. All works and can be tested at my place. At this stage prefer local sale but open to suggestions if there is interest from east coast. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Hi Guys Currently using Ortofon 2M Red with Rega MM phono stage and I feel that it sounds uneventful. Previously used same cartridge with Yaqin MS 12-B connected directly to power amp and it felt more dynamic with superior sound stage. There was a nuisance fiddling with the cables every time I wanted to listen to turntable hence tried Rega MM for convenience. Now I am thinking about upgrading phono stage and possibly cartridge to match to achieve optimal outcome. Wife will have to approve the budget so no specific amount has been set but would like to keep it around $1K to $1.5K in total. Would be grateful to hear your suggestions.
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