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  1. Considering the Base model is $US5500 ( Pro model $US10000), as Franin said on page one of this thread, it's likely the Base model will be close to $A10k by the time its landed. But we will see.
  2. So the question is @wooferocau, when does yours arrive ? After that glowing report from Nigel, I'm sure you can't resist comparing it to Madvr.
  3. Didn't Channel 10 and Foxtel share the Bathurst 1000 car race telecast last year with Foxtel using it as their opening salvo on their 4k channel. The FTA channel could have transmitted in 4k if they'd wanted to ( I presume ). The cost of bandwidth is too high for them to bother with as far as I can fathom. I'm sure FTA thinks ; "Hey punters still buy DVD's, we aren't going to gain anything by spending a bucket load of money trying to satisfy the 1% of the market that is discerning enough to appreciate a better picture quality."
  4. You can check here: Support Information & Download for JVC Products | JVC WWW3.JVCKENWOOD.COM Support Information & Download for JVC Products Good to see JVC's Aus website finally showing the current models of PJ instead of listing the Xx000 series.
  5. Thanks Al. Yeah , a big move at my age.😃😃 As your sig. says, "it's a drug", and I am a confessed addict, so don't worry I will continue to lurk here and keep my finger on the PJ pulse. I can see Dean's CC getting a workout very soon for a NX7, despite the fact he just bought a new bulb for the X7000.😁😁 Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from the new machine. As you say, they are certainly more "plug & play" than HDR on the first gen machines.
  6. @murawai it's all up to you now. I'm in the process of relocating to NSW. I will have to survive without a PJ and my beloved HT room for an indefinite period. Hopefully when I build our new dream home in a year or so woofer will be selling his RS4500 laser along with an Envy. I'll be packing my X7000 and all my gear into storage in the meantime. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  7. As Madshi has said in the AVS thread, making a DIY HTPC will always be cheaper. But remember the Envy was created to fill a gap for those that didn't want to build and more importantly learn how to use a HTPC. I don't think you can compare DIY to a proprietary consumer product, especially considering: "Not to forget all kinds of license fees (e.g. for HDCP), costs for warranty repairs, support costs, CE certification, costs for legal stuff, accounting, designers etc etc etc. It's frightening how many types of costs add up to what starts as a seemingly modest amount of hardware parts."
  8. Dont get me wrong. I certainly am not "complaining " about the price. Madshi has been contributing to the community for over a decade, so he's entitled to charge what he feels is reasonable. I'm sure it costs a packet to produce. I'm just sad that I don't have that sort of money to spend on what is one of my many hobbies.
  9. Ok. News time. Madshi's official press release for the Envy: http://madvr.com/EnvyPressRelease.pdf Very exciting, but as expected the pricing will see me watching from the sidelines. ( Pro model $US 10000, Base model $US 5500). I hope he sells a truck load ( so he may eventually release a bargain basement model for $A 2000 😊😊) More details here: https://www.avsforum.com/forum/37-video-processors/3053602-madvr-envy-anticipation-thread-25.html#post58541994
  10. Here is the JVC US release statement: http://pro.jvc.com/pro/pr/2019/consumer/firmware_update.html It will really interesting to see how this Frame Adapt HDR algorithm works. If its anywhere near as good as madvr or the upcoming Envy for DTM then my X7000 will be heading to the Classifieds. Particularly interested to hear what the likes of Manni and other N-series owners, that also use a HTPC with madvr think. Hopefully @Javs and @wooferocau can give an appraisal as well.
  11. How many 4k UHD discs are encoded with HDR 10+? A quick Google search is telling me 2 ( Bohemian Rhapsody & Alien 40th anniversary). Let's not confuse HDR 10+ capability with the sort of dynamic tone mapping that Madvr or a Lumagen can perform on all source material.
  12. Seeing that JVC have acknowledged this current model will be carrying over for another year, it's great to see these firmware updates coming out. Not sure which "Stability issues" are being resolved by 2.8, but it would be great if someone notices a improvement. My biggest issue with this generation is the green or purple bars. The fact that it can appear any time from 0 - 300+ hours is a time bomb I am just not prepared to risk. So I'll be sticking with my X7000 for a while yet. But it would be great if JVC could confirm that 2.8 fixes that issue.
  13. 😁😁😁 Well they had been repeating the First Meeting of those 2 teams for 3 months. Haven't checked whether they're now showing last weekend's game ( and plan on repeating that one for the next 3 months. 🤔😉😉).
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