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  1. 😂😂😂😂 Nice one. Welcome aboard. I like your style.
  2. Was just going to post the same thing. 😀
  3. If it's not too rude a question, can I ask a ballpark cost for the build,please? It will help in my decision about the value of the Madvr Envy on the horizon. Thanks.
  4. Ah, ok , thanks for that . Looking at the manuals for all 4 players , it's hard to know as they don't really provide screen shots. Typically vague.🙄 All 4 mention the "HDR optimizer" , but only the 9000 has a setting for "HDR Colour/Gamma output". Obviously the 420 doesn't have DV. Sorry, all this is getting OT for this thread.
  5. JB have the UB420 on sale for $248 at the moment and I'm sorely tempted. Love the quality and features of my Oppo 203, and my Arve curves are still serving me well, so it would be hard to replace it. I have a sinking feeling the Madvr Envy will land in Australia for $A3000++, which would put it out of my budget. Time will tell.
  6. Me too. Maybe it's just my failing eyesight, but it looked less "compressed" to me.
  7. Yeah, the AVScience site doesn't have many contributors but there is SO MUCH less waffle and repetition of the same questions being asked. More and more of the "main players" are finding it, so despite being around for a couple of years it is starting to gain traction. Mike G and Craig P are there too so the "sales" part is still in the background, but their contributions generally aren't that overtly pushing a product in the same way they come across on the other site.
  8. Lol. Keep up Colin. JVC firmware came out today. 😆😉😉 Davo already has it installed on his N7. Now all we need is for Al to buy an N7 ( already has the UB9000) or for Davo to replace his Oppo.
  9. Seriously. I just can't believe JVC australia would do that. If the rest of the world can DIY, why can't we? That would make me extremely angry if I was an owner. And possibly a deal breaker as a prospective buyer. Who makes these decisions?
  10. Have you had a look at the JVC Australia website for projectors? They are still using the Xx000 range from 2015. They wouldn't have a clue about what you are referring to if you asked them.
  11. I too registered interest through madshi's link, as madvr dynamic tone mapping sounds a bit like " the holy grail " compared to the current static TM most sources and displays possess. If I could BUY a pre-made HPTC for $1500 with the specs to run Madvr I would be all over it. I am not interested enough in the hardware components to want to build one myself. I think madshi has a difficult decision with regard to the Envy. If he makes it to "ultra high end " specs , and competing against the Lumagen which sells here for what $6-7k(?), he might sell a few. Maybe 10 , 20 , 50 worldwide. If he could build different incarnations with different levels of performance, I believe he could sell many hundreds, even thousands. Personally , as I said, my budget would extend to about $1500-2k. I think the video card required ( RTX2060?) sells for $6-700 alone , so I feel I might end up in the "disappointed" category 😣😣
  12. Got to agree with @wooferocau here. Whilst I hate to catastrophize as a general rule, with the small number of N-series projectors that have landed in peoples hands ( maybe 20 - 30 owners on AVS ) the percentage that are DOA and require replacement is astounding. Arrow-AV's first NX9 is a dud, and now he's got a DOA NX7. The sheer PITA factor of waiting so long for these things to arrive, only to switch it on and instantly realise you've got to contact the dealer and arrange for a replacement, and wait for more stock to arrive. They appear to be more fragile than any previous series, as the conjecture is they are being damaged in shipping. Fingers crossed for all those awaiting delivery. I hope you are in luck. Personally, the whole QC issue does not inspire me to offload my current X7000 any time soon. Especially at the prices being asked. ( I know the 2nd Gen of this series isn't going to be any cheaper, nor a laser variant )
  13. No projector at this point in time ( and probably for the foreseeable future ) can do DV. Well maybe the $100k Christie, but nothing that a "normal " person can afford.
  14. Pretty sure I used the existing ones from my IQ2 and everything was fine.
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