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  1. Be aware that your warranty starts from time of purchase, so don't leave it in the box for 12months waiting for your original lamp to die without at least checking it for 10-20 hrs. If it's a dud after lying around for 12mths you'll have no recourse. Edit: Sorry John, I note you mentioned that you were going to test it.
  2. Here's the link to the JVC software for the Autocal program. https://www3.jvckenwood.com/english/download/dla-x970r_x770r_x570r_x9500_x7500_x5500_x9900_x6900_x5900_rs620_rs520_rs420_calibrationsoft.html Once you've input your serial number you can download it and all the instructions are there.
  3. Personally, I think projector ownership is a classic example of the Law of Diminishing Returns. I am a firm believer in the opinion that the room is perhaps the main contributor of the level of performance. In a "bat cave" the N5 would be a serious consideration. IMHO with a less than optimal ambient light environment the potential for a better lens in the 9400 and a couple of extra lumens might swing me in that direction. YMMV.
  4. "If" the lamp replacement ends up fixing the issue, that's great. So you got 3000hrs out of that lamp? Is that consistent with your previous lamps, based on 7000 - 8000 hours of use. If so , that amazing. Having said that, I'm pretty sure switching the PJ on/off causes aging as much as actual "on" time. I know my lamp is getting close to end of life ( original lamp) but only has ~1200hrs. But I'm lucky to watch one to two movies per week ( 5 hrs tops). Oh, and in the early days of setting up Arve curves and learning to use Autocal, I could switch the PJ on/off 4 or 5 times pe
  5. Yeah. You,me and Al in the November group buy. Ironically, mine is still on the original lamp with ~1200 hrs.😆😆 I'd love to spend more time in the HT room, but you know " happy wife, happy life".....😉
  6. I'd be asking Zombie10k or Dominic Chan in the AVS thread. Their knowledge of the Xx000 series probably exceeds anything local. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/official-jvc-rs600-rs500-x950r-x750r-x9000-x7000-owners-thread.2222586/page-1646#post-60037477 Or certainly our own @oztheatre had a lot of experience here with that series.
  7. I know they are pestering you on AVS, but @wooferocau now that the NDA has been lifted it would be great to hear your impressions of the Envy. TIA.
  8. Sure. After all a custom generated profile is just a series of "targets" on a plot. If the targets are "wrong", then the colours will be skewed and things just won't look right. If you don't like what you see and revert back to the defaults. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  9. It's been a while, but from memory, I believe you can only use a "Standard" ( ie non-Custom) colour profile when doing an Autocal, otherwise the Gamma cal will not work and you will get a "-" error in the plot. So in your case you would need to do Autocal using the X5900's "HDR" colour profile. But I would think there is nothing to stop you uploading Manni's BT2020-NF into a custom slot and selecting it once you've done the the Autocal. I believe Manni reported about a 7-10% difference in the coverage of DCI-P3 on his X7000 which has the Reference filter between BT2020 and BT2020-NF, so
  10. Daughter is a mad Musical Theatre buff. Actually flew to NYC in 2017 to spend two weeks in Broadway. Saw "Hamilton" , unfortunately not with the original cast. She came home on Saturday , having subscribed to Disney Plus on Friday specifically for "Hamilton", so we could all watch it together. Personally, I'm generally NOT a Theatre person. Once I got through the first 3-5 minutes of going with the flow of the "Hip Hop / Rap " delivery, I must confess I thought it was one of the most outstanding performances I've ever seen. Dolby Vision ( well, LLDV) and Dolby Atmos on a
  11. Having recently gone done the " fake-Dolby Vision" ( LLDV) route using my Vertex with my Oppo203/ Apple TV & my X7000 I wish I had the $$$$ for an Envy. Using this "hack" ,the difference between a HDR10 encode and a DV encode of the same movie is subtle at best. I'm yet to experience DTM through a next gen JVC, but other "hackers" are reporting that LLDV is 90% comparable to DTM, so that just confirms to me the law of diminishing returns involved in this hobby. As for spending $20k+ on a Sony with their "grey" blacks. Forget it. IF I could convince the CFO it was time for a
  12. Considering the Base model is $US5500 ( Pro model $US10000), as Franin said on page one of this thread, it's likely the Base model will be close to $A10k by the time its landed. But we will see.
  13. So the question is @wooferocau, when does yours arrive ? After that glowing report from Nigel, I'm sure you can't resist comparing it to Madvr.
  14. Didn't Channel 10 and Foxtel share the Bathurst 1000 car race telecast last year with Foxtel using it as their opening salvo on their 4k channel. The FTA channel could have transmitted in 4k if they'd wanted to ( I presume ). The cost of bandwidth is too high for them to bother with as far as I can fathom. I'm sure FTA thinks ; "Hey punters still buy DVD's, we aren't going to gain anything by spending a bucket load of money trying to satisfy the 1% of the market that is discerning enough to appreciate a better picture quality."
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