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  1. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    In the words of the great Big Kev..."I'm excited" ( for you)
  2. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    When the Oppo uses it's "Strip Metadata" feature to convert HDR to SDR-BT2020 it crushes blacks. Namely, if you use a calibration disc to set Brightness, with HDR you should try to set it such that "77" ( 1.5%, which is the equivalent of the lower limit of the mastering of HDR discs 0.005) is SOLID and "88" (2.0%) is just visibly flashing. When the Oppo does the HDR-->SDR conversion you can't resolve anything below 10% or bar 152. Hence it is said to "crush blacks" or "raise the black floor". I haven't tested whether the new firmware DOES fix this issue, and as I don't use Strip Metadata, I don't really care, . But others with non-HDR displays have been hanging out for this bug fix for over a year, so it's been eagerly awaited. YMMV
  3. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Interdyn has released the new beta firmware update for the 203/205. http://support.interdyn.com.au/support/solutions/articles/4000112113-udp-203-205-beta-firmware-release-udp20x-54-1108b- NB this is a beta update. so install at your risk. It is also irreversible, so you can't go back to the previous official firmware. But from all reports, despite not mentioning it anywhere in the Release Notes, it finally fixes the raised black floor issue with the HDR --> SDR conversion. Amongst other things.
  4. @Kazz where did you pick up "Leon" It's been in my Amazon cart as "unavailable " for ages.
  5. @Shaynos I gather the rumpus room is going to be multi purpose? Do you have a plan as to where the PJ will be mounted? On a shelf on the back wall ( 5.6m??) or ceiling mounted in the room? Throw distance may help with the decision. If you are trying to light up a screen in a white room, you're going to need as many lumens as you can get. Is there any chance you'll get permission to one day turn the room into a dedicated cinema room? What do plan to watch? Bluray , TV or do you want to head down the 4kUHD rabbit hole? Gaming?
  6. In my opinion, if you can't completely light control the room and minimize reflective surfaces, then you will not be taking advantage of the 9500's higher contrast ratio. You will be wasting your money. The 7-series JVC's are still fantastic units and would likely be the better choice.
  7. HD Fury Vertex

    Yeah mate. Look as I'd said to you earlier, I didn't think I'd buy a Vertex because I was really satisfied with what the Linker was doing. But then they developed this macro to auto-select the type of disc inserted,and had to do a rethink. Whilst it will mean that anyone in the family will finally be able to walk into MY cinema room and use the harmony remote, press "Watch movie" and be good to go with either BR or 4k discs... I might have to implement a few custom booby traps to keep them scared off.🤣 Ultimately this stuff will finally be "plug and play ". The other thing that got me onboard it that I truly feel that HDFury is one of those rare companies that really listen to "the punters ". The things they have come up with in the last 12 months to help "us" overcome some seemingly insurmountable obstacles has been astounding. And their back up support is on par with Oppo. That is, second to none. Within a couple of months, I reckon I'll be able to pick the winning Tattslotto numbers via a macro written by HDFury for the Vertex. They are THAT good.🤣🤣😂
  8. Hi all, Whilst technically speaking this product is neither a projector nor a screen, I couldn't think of a more relevant area to post this information as it is of particular use to the owners of JVC Xx00 model projectors. Some of you may be aware of other products in the HDFury range , namely the Integral and the Linker. Basically they make little boxes that are placed in the A/V chain to overcome HDCP / EDID /HDMI / Upscaling problems. https://www.hdfury.com/ With the introduction of the Xx000 series JVC UHD projectors , there was a lot of frustration with JVC's proprietary Gamma D and the loss of the Dynamic Iris with 4k/UHD bluray discs. Then Arve came along and created his customizable gamma curves to replace gamma D. But every time the metadata on the disc told the PJ it as a UHD disc it would default to gamma D, and you'd have to manually select an Arve curve . After a recommendation from Manni01 on AVS, HDFury added some functionality to their Linker product whereby it would trick the PJ into not seeing the HDR metadata, and therefore stay in whatever custom gamma mode the user had set as default and better yet allow the use of the DI. Personally, I've owned and used a Linker since March, 2017 and have been enjoying stellar performance in 4k UHD/HDR ever since. Then HDFury announced a new product combining the funtionality of the Integral and the Linker, and also incorporating some new features. I thought, I was happy to stay with the Linker..................until earlier this week. Now Manni has been talking to the HDFury team and they have written a macro into the Vertex's features, controllable by an RS232 cable plugged into the JVC, that reads the metadata , and based on that information can auto-switch between User settings within the projector to select a specific profile for 1080p Bluray, 1000Nit graded UHD/HDR, 4000Nit graded UHD/HDR. So finally it looks like it will be possible to just load a disc, any disc, into the player...........and it will just .....play in the correct mode. This is a gross oversimplification of what is going on, but suffice it to say....I ordered one tonight. If you want to know more, this is where it all started: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/37-video-processors/2902961-what-does-vertex-do-over-integral-linker.html Here is a link to Manni's reveal about what this thing can do.... a much better write up than mine, but hey the thread would have looked pretty pathetic with just one link under the banner. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/2222586-official-jvc-rs600-rs500-x950r-x750r-x9000-x7000-owners-thread-909.html#post55097696
  9. Mate, I WILL take you up on that offer one day. Probably need to make sure I haven't eaten too big a meal beforehand, because I think my internals might get a bit shaken around by all the " Big Bass". How many subs do have running in that room again?
  10. Yeah I have " Baby Driver" and "Blade Runner 2049" on my hit list as well. Actually, very happy that JB did the 20% off on the release date of "Westworld". Loved that on HBO last year. Also picked up "Wonder Woman" and " Blade Runner" so I'm slowly learning to .............wait. Agree with you about the enjoyment factor. Plus, sometimes you forget how absolutely astounding the image / sound quality of some of your collection is. I wanted to do some checking on my subwoofer, and had read on AVS that someone used the naval ships firing during " Hacksaw Ridge" as their reference. Well , re-visiting that movie's battle scenes just blew my mind. The detail of the flames in the bomb explosions, and the texture of the flying dirt just had me sitting there gobsmacked. Oh... and I'm going to need a new sub....more impact required.. 4k UHD and a JVC X7000 with Arve custom curves is a sight to behold.
  11. The trouble with being impatient ( )........... is it's really annoying seeing about 75% of your 4k collection that you paid top dollar for in the 2 for $40 ( $18 each with discount ) sale. There's some really good stuff there if you've just jumped onboard the UHD/HDR train.
  12. Can't say I can help you with the tube stuff , but good to see another MP local here. Welcome aboard.
  13. "Written in gold " text for the firmware ? ( Ignore me...it's just the jolly green eyed monster coming out... )
  14. Totally agree. Thanks Javs for taking the time to do this work. For someone like me that tends to hold on to their gear until such time as there is a "generational" improvement, it looks like I'll be hanging on to my X7000 for a few more years. Whilst I can't wait to hear from @wooferocau about his 20LTD compared to the X7000, I'll just be living vicariously.