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  1. IMDave

    2019 projector releases ?

    Got to agree with @wooferocau here. Whilst I hate to catastrophize as a general rule, with the small number of N-series projectors that have landed in peoples hands ( maybe 20 - 30 owners on AVS ) the percentage that are DOA and require replacement is astounding. Arrow-AV's first NX9 is a dud, and now he's got a DOA NX7. The sheer PITA factor of waiting so long for these things to arrive, only to switch it on and instantly realise you've got to contact the dealer and arrange for a replacement, and wait for more stock to arrive. They appear to be more fragile than any previous series, as the conjecture is they are being damaged in shipping. Fingers crossed for all those awaiting delivery. I hope you are in luck. Personally, the whole QC issue does not inspire me to offload my current X7000 any time soon. Especially at the prices being asked. ( I know the 2nd Gen of this series isn't going to be any cheaper, nor a laser variant )
  2. No projector at this point in time ( and probably for the foreseeable future ) can do DV. Well maybe the $100k Christie, but nothing that a "normal " person can afford.
  3. Pretty sure I used the existing ones from my IQ2 and everything was fine.
  4. Absolutely. Once the N-series hit the ground here I'm sure you'd be able to pick up @betty boop 's X7000 ( under 1000 hrs, and treated with care 😚) for a steal. @wooferocau 's photo in the other thread is a crack up.
  5. IMDave

    2019 projector releases ?

    C'mon @betty boop . You know you want to. 😆😆😆
  6. IMDave

    2019 projector releases ?

    So you're now going to be listing the Oppo 205 and the X7000 as a package. ( To be replaced by the NX7 and a UB9000, of course )😉😉☺
  7. IMDave

    One sub or two.

    Good luck. Bye for now.
  8. IMDave

    One sub or two.

    Not sure whether you're trolling, but one thing's for sure: The more you learn, the more you appreciate you don't know very much.🤔😉
  9. IMDave

    One sub or two.

    Yeah, it always makes me laugh when I see people say " trust your eyes/ears". Seriously, a subjective opinion of what sounds "great" to a novice ( or someone who thinks they know it all for that matter), is just " taste" over accuracy. Unless you measure it , you'll never know whether it's 'right' or not. Despite how self opinionated everyone feels they are, nobody has a golden ear/eye.
  10. IMDave

    One sub or two.

    Whilst it probably isn't for the uninitiated, running REW( Room Equaliser Wizard) in your room is a very revealing exercise. Everyone usually says " trust your ears", and that's all well and good. Yes , you may think your system sounds great. But when you measure it, it makes you realise you have this "great big peak at 40hz" that kicks your kidneys, but there's nothing under 30hz, and there's a giant null at 80hz. You love it. But it's not a "flat response ". But the specs for your sub says it's flat from from 20hz to 150hz. WTF????? Your ROOM has more influence on this stuff than your Sub. You may be extremely lucky and have a perfect room, and thus be able to get away with one really good sub. But in 99.9% of the time, we don't have perfect rooms . To get an "accurate" frequency distribution from 20hz( or below) to 150hz you will need at least one sub in one position, then another one in another position to "fill in the holes". You will probably need to use a DSP ( digital sound processor) to be able to EQ the two subs to give the flatest response at the main seating position, but it's not essential. None of this stuff is easy. That's why people like @Red Spade Audio make a living out of creating a great sound from any room. You could spend $50k on the greatest, biggest ,most mo-fo of a sub , but unless you have a perfect room, you could definitely get something that sounds WAY better by spending less on two( or more) subs that are placed ( and/or EQ'd) in the right places within your room.
  11. IMDave

    2019 projector releases ?

    That's what makes me want to hit the "ignore" button on so many of the AVS contributors. Seriously, people are questioning whether the entire range is a "lemon" and to be avoided. There are probably only 5 or 6 people that have actually even received their machines in the last 3 or 4 days........ WTF!!!!!!!!! Sure the DI failure for non-zero iris settings is a major gaff by JVC, but if you want to live on the bleeding edge you've got to expect "teething issues". If that is unacceptable to you, then don't put your hand up to be one of the first owners. As mentioned on numerous occasions by us early adopters of the Xx000 series, the first few months of HDR were a nightmare. And JVC Australia didn't have a clue about any of the issues. Most stuff was eventually fixed, but to be frank, JVC were pretty miserly with the firmware updates. The fact that Gamma D was never fixed properly for Tone Mapping is a complete travesty. As Woofer's DI appears to be working properly for his NX9 ( correct me if I'm wrong there), then it would appear that the shipment delay resulted in them fixing one thing , but breaking another. So a firmware fix for the DI hopefully isn't too difficult. Good God, could you imagine being a "punter" and walking in to a B&M store and buying a projector and trying to set it up. If the "experts" have issues the general public would have no idea.
  12. IMDave

    2019 projector releases ?

    Thanks @wooferocau . I love it when we beat the Yanks. The AVS thread now has 10000 posts, and a shed load of whining and wingeing. Just for giggles...let them ask all the questions they want...............but don't give them any answers. 😁 That will drive them crazy.
  13. Probably the monthly fuel bill for @wooferocau ' s tank.
  14. I'm hearing you. Had a look at the dimensions of the NX9 to make sure it would fit in my ceiling box. tick Now I'll just wait another couple of years and pick one up as a run out model before the next generation arrives. If I told SWMBO that I wanted to spend $27k on a PJ, well you know the song...." D...I...V...O...R...C...E "
  15. Lucky luck b@$tards 😎 Enjoy.