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  1. Yes still off topic but check out Dave Matthews tiny desk. Hard work singing!
  2. Thanks. I only use hotmail and will ask the hard questions tomorrow.
  3. I have nbn now and am trying to avoid paying for an extra month for 1 day's service with the old provider. As the new provider will activate 1 day later than my billing cycle with my old provider I am thinking I can live with one day with no service. Hope that makes sense. I am just wondering if the connection needs to be active on the day of the switch? I will make some calls tomorrow. Just thought someone may have been in this situation. Thanks
  4. Hi all I am in the process of changing nbn providers. Currently no contract, pay monthly. My estimated activation from the new provider is 22nd May. My monthly payment is due 21st May with the current provider and can be cancelled any time. My question. Can I cancel the current provider a day before the new activation or is an active connection needed? Any input appreciated. I will call the new provider Monday to see what they have to say but would like a little knowledge pre phone call. Thanks
  5. I like the promising improvements. Just need to do a bit of research!
  6. That's crazy. Must be a big market for magic this can produce sound wise.
  7. Little bit too much information
  8. I have been looking for something like this. Sounds promising!
  9. Needs to be pointing towards the stars or it will not be effective with static.
  10. I have found that if my speakers are facing north and are on three spikes the sound stage and depth and whatever else is greatly improved. South east or west is all over the place and not ideal. Four spikes presents all sorts of problems and should be avoided.
  11. If you email or call rinnai they will post replacement clips to fix this all to common problem. Great heater.
  12. Looks like a bargain from here!
  13. I can say as a new owner of a pf800 tt it is a great performer. Very happy.
  14. I wonder what speakers are in the main room if these are the man cave speakers?
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