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  1. Just my humble opinion Adam. Mabey a lot of separate adds so people don't have to go thru the whole add looking at stuff they may not be interested in. Great gear.
  2. Mabey that hits it on the head. It really should have been squeezed into the one season and edit out a lot of the stuff that dragged it out. A bit like a lot of shows that go one season too many.
  3. Not just you. I thought it was nowhere near as good as season 1.
  4. Yes I would like to know as well! Almost half the price of the Thor. I wonder how much protection these actually give?
  5. Item: Salience phono pre amp. mm/mc Location: Adelaide Price: $480 + post if required Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Yes Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal as friend or+3% Extra Info:Salience MM/MC phono preamp. Condition is excellent used. I have had this for two years and it has served me well. It has been given the works by the previous owner who is an audiophile electrical engineer. It is upgraded with Mundorf and Elna Silmic 2 silk caps in the phono amp. Also the power supply caps were upgraded with Philips long life caps . I can say it sure sounds great. I have upgraded. There are a couple of small scratches to the lid of the power supply. Also the right output plug is missing the white plastic sleeve but doesn't affect it's use. It was like that when I bought it and never bothered me. Prefer pick up in Adelaide but can post at cost. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. I have this from 30-40 years ago with fond memories of my Doberman named Argus. Will give it a spin Tomorrow. Time was.
  7. Tough crowd. I paid $149 for similar.
  8. Yes it seems to be the case. Thanks
  9. Hi all I am wanting to connect a sub to a pre amp. The pre amp has no sub out but it has two l and r out. The sub has lfe in and l and r in, is powered with crossover control and volume control. I have a few sub cables but only one long enough. The question Can I connect one sub cable to the lfe on the sub to the left or right out on the pre amp? Or do I need two sub cables, l to l and r to r? If I need two cables do they have to be the same quality. The length will be 6 meters. Thanks
  10. I presume the gst would be added somewhere? Anyone used drop and have had gst or any other tax added on top? $664au on ebay now free post from China. Plus gst I would presume.
  11. This is a give away price. Wish I was in the market for something like this.
  12. Item: SL 120 with SL 1200 mk3 arm Location:Adelaide Price: $550 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:One too many Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: This deck has been well looked after over the years. I have owned it for two years. It has rock solid speed and performance. I believe it has the original rubber mat. Comes with an Empire LTD 200 cart fitted. Age is unknown but sounds great. Also included is a spare mm cartridge, spare headshell and a Technics overhang gauge. There are a couple of cracks in the lid near the hinges and the previous owner has cut out the corner behind the arm. I presume it had a fancy arm on it at some stage. Still presents well from the front. This has had Van Damme pro grade ultra silver cables fitted. Also included is an acrylic and felt platter mat( not in photo's). Sadly my photography skills are limited. This is pick up in Adelaide. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Item:Goods transport Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:I am offering transport for Hi Fi gear to Melbourne or Melbourne to Adelaide. If it can't fit in a boot or the back seat( sedan) I can't do it. Needs to be dropped off at Clovelly Pk Before Saturday arvo( 3 Aug) and picked up at Sunshine Sunday night{4 Aug) or early Monday morning. Can be picked up any time in Clovelly Pk after that.
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