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  1. Hi Mark. Sounds like someone here has upset you. Don't let anything here get to you! Opinions and arseholes. Enough said. Rob
  2. Hmmm. Just down the road. THINKING.
  3. This is not who's playing. My mistake. Post below informs me they are still going! More of a who was playing roughly 30 years ago. The Zep boys. I vaguely remember seeing and hearing them at least 10 times at the Gov, Broadway and the Newmarket in Adelaide. They were great and very loud, probably contributed to some hearing loss over the years. I am sure some of you elderly may remember them.
  4. I am not an interior decorator but this looks in great shape and I would imagine very solid. I wish it was in Adelaide. I would gratefully snap it up.
  5. Just love the finish on these cabinets. Not quite black, not quite dark red.
  6. I have a solution for that but it will be expensive. Just PM me mucho peso's for a quick fix.
  7. No idea. I am just a happy owner. Need lots of power as I said.
  8. Not much of am upgrade amp wise! Need to jump up in watts like double to notice. Speakers are 8 ohm so no improvement I think but I am no expert.
  9. Mabey reverse the cables to the correct connections!
  10. Red. They go faster. Seriously good sounding to me although I have not done a lot of comparing.
  11. More than 40 years ago for me that I felt this with my stereo ripped off! I managed to recover most of the gear but the invasion feeling remained. Fairly cheap Sonus Faber Chamelon T's in the commercial section at the moment ( yes made in Italy, not China). I am very happy with mine, but they love a bit of juice to get them going.
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