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  1. Giving me a headache reading this. Passionate lot, aren't we. I am a pre amp man. Wouldn't not have one.
  2. I bought this model then cancelled after GG sold me what they didn't have. I believe the Sony would be the pick but after the Hisense Q7 has been here for a month I think it is adequate for the money. Samsung Q80 and Sony x9500 and Hisense Q8 would all be better but I can't fault it other than android would be good. Google tv fixed that issue. Only regret I have is I should have gone 75 over 65 inch.
  3. Totally agree. Only reason I moved mine on to a new home is I have an extra large head and needed something to suit. Fantastic bargain at a give away price.
  4. Disgraceful. No mud on it. Hope it is not mum's taxi. Tidy unit with all the off road extras obviously.
  5. Surely must be getting near audio nirvana with all those tubes glowing.
  6. Yes. Outrageous. Something should be done. Mabey a new interest for the wife is needed.
  7. Fantastic review. One thing to note. No Ethernet like the ultra. Won't be needed by me so I will be buying to make my non android TV to suit my needs.
  8. Excellent. If you are happy, what else matters? We all hear differently.
  9. The Reverant( again). Love this movie. Not for the young'uns.
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