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  1. Yep. Go big. If you think 65 might be enough go 75.
  2. My daughter had a tcl which died just out of warranty. I won't buy a TCL! You are right to not be happy especially when you pay for a premium product. My expectations were never sky high due to being the cheaper end of tv's.
  3. I have a KD-43x7000E in the bedroom (non android). I found it would start up by itself during the night if netflx wasn't exited before shut down. It also restarted by itself sometimes but seems to have stopped doing that lately. Other than that it is a good bedroom tv. Hard to say but mabey some brands are overrated. All brands seem to have some issues these days.
  4. I would definitely leave the house. Very nice speakers.
  5. In my case it starts with E and ends with L, 12 months are up soon and will be going elsewere. Having said that I don't know where the handbrake is.
  6. My experience with ISP providers tells me they will say the issue is not their end. I am changing soon so I won't bother.
  7. I don't have speed issues. Just netflix speed issues.
  8. It was fine a couple of weeks ago. I'm getting 45 mbps speed. Mabey my ISP is the culprit re netflix in the slow lane but it seems many have an issue.
  9. I have been using my daughter's account which is HD( was). It isn't even watchable now with speed of 1 mbps if you are lucky. Plenty of internet speed, just not with netflix. This is a good argument but price should be adjusted to reflect the product being supplied in my humble opinion.
  10. I have only just started Ozark but agree Animal Kingdom is very good.
  11. Probably not willing but don't we always get to pay premium price?
  12. I am wondering why? Are we considered a good country to offload the inferior models?
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