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  1. Item: SL-23 Turntable semi auto Location:Adelaide Price: $sold Item Condition:Good working condition Reason for selling:Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info:This turntable has a newish belt and replaced av cables. Needs a new needle for the original headshell. Some scuff marks on the lid. Has a glue spot on the plinth which I don't want to try to remove. It may be able to be removed if you want to try. I can supply a good headshell with mm cart and good needle for $40 if wanted as pictured in photo 5. Photo 6 is the original headshell/cart that needs a needle(easily found). Won't post so pick up in Adelaide only thanks Pictures:
  2. Just wondering why I didn't get any response to my request posted last night? Also no answer to both PM's. Just curious, you have the right to sell to whoever you wish.
  3. Dire straits self titled Divinyls Tempremental red Divinals Desperate Hoodoo gurus mars Masters Apprentices Skyhooks 70's Thanks
  4. Hazzzy

    Technics SL-1200 thread

    I have a tube of hydroseal in the shed. I wonder if that would do? It sure looks like the guy in the video is using normal grease.
  5. Hazzzy

    Technics SL-1200 thread

    Hi all. I am wanting to re grease my arm height adjuster on a sl-120 with a mk3 arm. It is very hard to turn up or down. I intend to follow the instructions in this u tube video. It says below the vid where the comments sometimes go, Warning. do not use lithium or copper based grease on any part of your turntable. I have been looking at the grease at repco and all tools ect. All seem to be lithium or copper based. Could anyone suggest what to use? Thanks Rob
  6. Hazzzy

    SOLD: BNIB Tannoy Legacy Arden

    Sorry dear, nobody wants to buy them. They look smaller out of the boxes.
  7. At least you are getting plenty of marital and financial advice--Just no buyers.
  8. I like 24 bit. Sounds better. Simples
  9. Hazzzy

    SOLD: FS: Sennheiser HD600 Headphones

    No desire to upgrade my 600s. Awesome headphones.
  10. Why don't you buy them? At least I was trying to be helpful unlike some.
  11. Can't see one I would play. You could take them here. Goodwood road https://www.rocktherapy.com.au/
  12. Hazzzy

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Happy for you. No I wasn't bidding against you. Some bargains were snapped up, even allowing for the 17% they wack on the sale!
  13. Hazzzy

    SOLD: FS: CEC Dac Dx71 Mkii

    If I was needing a dac it would look happy to me. Mabey the photos are sad!