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  1. Should be a good show for those lucky enough to have tickets. Adelaide misses out again.
  2. Just u tube. No Quarter. I thought the drummer was very good.
  3. Just had my first listen to Tool on the headphones and I have to say the drummer is very handy. I haven't worked out what they are about yet but will be having more of a listen when nobody is home on the bigger system.
  4. I agree. Hits the right spot for me. The hd 600's were great but a little neutral for me.
  5. Thanks Andy I bought the ADC a while back with the intention of putting my vinyl on a hard drive. I just haven't actually played with it yet. As for the ohms settings, can I assume 3 4 5 6 7 8 switch up=1000 ohms and 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 up=1600 ohms? I hope one of the limited settings will sound good with plenty of gain settings to try. As for the cartridge coil resistance being 17 ohms, I think I read somewhere that anything up to 1700 ohms could be good. I will play around and listen before I go ahead and attempt converting to a hard drive. Rob
  6. So I can change loadings while playing a record?
  7. Hi I have a AT33 PTG Prestige MC http://www.kogerer.ru/subj/at33ptg.html I am trying to work out what setting is best with a PS Audio ADC https://www.psaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/NuWave-Phono-Converter-Owners-Manual-Rev-B-V3.pdf I am not sure on what switches to put in the up position to give the best Ohms settings. Gain is easy to change from the front buttons. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have only watched up to season 3 but loving it, especially the Penguin character.
  9. I might be able to PM a low ball offer for this troublesome amp. OK mabey it's not for sale now?
  10. I think about the clowns texting while driving every time I venture out on the roads. Is today the day I get rear ended???
  11. You would think this would spoil the money making but obviously some might miss the warning signs while on the phone.😲
  12. Speaker porn. Look's like they are going 100 miles an hour just sitting there.😛
  13. Oh well, I'm a bit behind the times as usual. Here is an excuse to watch it again. I wasn't going to search thru 144 pages for it.😀
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