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  1. Hazzzy

    Mc cartridges

    I went for the convenience of a wet/vac. Pro-Ject. One minute clean before every wash and straight on the TT. Great but I am sure the US is the best way to go.
  2. No. I was hoping for an UPGRADE.!
  3. Hazzzy

    MotoGP, Moto2 and moto3 2019

    Yes he must get by with a good dose of adrenalin. Mine comes with a dash of bourbon and times gone bye bye!
  4. How much do u want for a kidney? Mine are playing up.
  5. Hazzzy

    MotoGP, Moto2 and moto3 2019

    Yes but why not let the young guys go for it? His bones must be giving him hell! Back on topic, sorry to have wandered of moto gp.
  6. Hazzzy

    MotoGP, Moto2 and moto3 2019

    This is a bit off topic. Bayliss should consider retiring and let the young guys go for it! I loved his career but surely it is time to give it away.
  7. Hazzzy

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Warnie gets paid lot's of money to say it works so there is the answer. Somebody come up with an offer. I'd be asking for a box with beer in it.
  8. Hazzzy

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Looks like this is getting serious. I withdraw any offers I may have been thinking about making but couldn't pull the trigger.
  9. Hazzzy

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    I have been thinking about this. It is obvious the pig farmer loves his pigs but has no idea how to love his pigs! Yes aiming too high BUT with good intentions. I am astounded that this sony system has not been snapped up as it is a lot flasher than what exists in most sheds. I also agree the guys may be taking the piss but don't give it to them.
  10. Hazzzy

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    I agree although my knowledge is limited on the subject. Obviously has no idea!
  11. Hazzzy

    Paper Records

    I thought this was an April fools joke in March!
  12. Hazzzy

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    The buyer probably didn't have WAF!
  13. Hazzzy

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    Awesome list. I have Sad Wings of Destiny but have calmed down lately to more emotional stuff and have stopped upsetting the neighbours lately. Obviously old age has something to do with it.
  14. I also agree. I think you hear the pre amp and the room more so than the amp which makes the showroom listening just fun and games compared to when you get it back to your room. Of course the amp has big impact on sound but I have a room that influences the sound more than all of the above. But hey it's all good fun.
  15. Hazzzy

    Paper Records

    Obviously black paper would have been the way to go. Coloured paper. Crazy. No nothing racist here. Black paper would have sounded better of course.