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  1. I have a friendly family.? Just love the amps for sale here.
  2. I thought hi fi porn was reserved for speakers. I can see these lovely things doing their thing in a dark room with just me for company. Sadly just dreaming?.
  3. They impressed me big time in 1980 at a party. Might have been influenced by other substances at the time but the memory is there. I said at the time I will get a pair of these speakers but went for marantz hd 600, which were great for many years.
  4. I have been using one of these for a year and have only used the supplied fluid. Perfect ready to play every time so far. Must be a small issue with blockage. Very powerful vacuum leaves my records dry and ready to go.
  5. I used this when I was installing a couple of 8 inch subwoofers in the parcel shelf of my car. Obviously not the ideal place for sub's but I already have a large gas tank in the boot and did not want a sub to take up more room in the boot. Result was very good considering the parcel shelf is not strong enough for the job of mounting subs.
  6. Giving me a headache reading this. Passionate lot, aren't we. I am a pre amp man. Wouldn't not have one.
  7. I bought this model then cancelled after GG sold me what they didn't have. I believe the Sony would be the pick but after the Hisense Q7 has been here for a month I think it is adequate for the money. Samsung Q80 and Sony x9500 and Hisense Q8 would all be better but I can't fault it other than android would be good. Google tv fixed that issue. Only regret I have is I should have gone 75 over 65 inch.
  8. Totally agree. Only reason I moved mine on to a new home is I have an extra large head and needed something to suit. Fantastic bargain at a give away price.
  9. Disgraceful. No mud on it. Hope it is not mum's taxi. Tidy unit with all the off road extras obviously.
  10. Surely must be getting near audio nirvana with all those tubes glowing.
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