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  1. Agreed on all accounts. I might then add shipping and reduce the price and then the next bloke can pay for shipping himself. Because that is the thinking. I’m not trying to recoup my shipping from the USA I’m trying to think about the cost of shipping here in Australia which will be at best $150 at worst like $250-300 I don’t really know. I know I won’t get $4500. Can I ask have you sold stuff on eBay? If I list them at 3k people will be offering me 1500 all day long for a fact so my thinking is list them at 4500 with open to offers and I’m getting offers of 2k which is way to low after s
  2. Not refurbished no but have seen them sell in USA for $5999 USD your not taking into account the selling and shipping fees which brings my pocket down to about 3750.
  3. Hi Guys I have a couple pristine units a CA-2000 and BA-2000 Sansui and unfortunately looking to sell them but I just can't figure out a price that is fair. They are up right now on eBay for an exorbitant amount but I have shipping and eBay 11% to deal with and to be honest I am not wanting to let them go cheap. I think they are harder to come by now because they are finding forever homes again more and more so I feel this justifies my asking price.
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