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  1. Let us know what you decide on, I'm interested in what you go with, hope our posts helped.
  2. Koss Portapro, Koss KPH30i, Koss UR40, Koss KSC75 are your best options. They all have the same driver except for KPH30i and they all have a Massdrop/Drop edition that is usually cheaper except for UR40. I have the Portapros and the audio quality is amazing for the price. The Massdrop edition come with a microphone if she uses a mobile phone.
  3. This is probably very subjective but do you personally feel it's worth owning both? Thanks for writing back to me
  4. Hey sorry haven't had a good chance to reply. I've heard of sonarworks, I'm apprehensive if I have to pay for it, is it free? I'm quite interested. The Atom Amp is brilliant and in my opinion all that you need from an amp. Really happy with how it has improved my portapros I couldn't believe it. I really want to try/get a HD600 because I love the HD650 so much
  5. This may be off topic for what has been posted before but I recently started powering my Portapros off a JDS Labs Atom amp and have found a huge improvement in the clarity and most noticeably in the bass. I was surprised to see the Portapros scale, they really do punch above their weight, with a good source and amp they really shine. My next goal is to get Yaxi Pads for them to help with the comfort, I've heard good things about how they alter the sound aswell: https://www.yaxi.jp/product-gallery/porta-pro/?mobile=1
  6. Happy to see this thread, I feel there's a lack of headphone discussion on Stereonet so I'm all for it!
  7. I've heard that HD6XX are very pad dependent and you shouldn't use anything but Sennheiser but Dekoni post their hd6Xx measurements with their pads that seem decent
  8. Yeah I honestly don't need anything else, once I heard these I realised I didn't need anything else. I enjoy them with anything I listen to
  9. My endgame; Grace SDAC, JDS Labs Atom Amp, Sennheiser/Massdrop HD6XX
  10. Item: LP Location: NSW Price: $50 ONO + Postage Item Condition: Near Mint Reason for selling: Selling my entire vinyl collection to go all digital Payment Method: Paypal; Bank Transfer + Postage Extra Info: Bought this in Katoomba a few years ago. A rare Australian Aboriginal Country Funk album from 1976. Goes for quite a bit on Discogs and is hard to find. Postage is sent on weekends
  11. I'm happy to wait haha, if they're in stock now at least you won't have to wait for them to drop. They share the same driver as the new HD660, I'm sure you'll like them
  12. Hey can you please give us an update on your impressions of the HD58X, I would love to hear what you think
  13. https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/audio-technica-3-5mm-female-to-6-3mm-male?variant=16064026819&gclid=Cj0KCQjwn8_mBRCLARIsAKxi0GIAjsUyJadVmOrRP1k_H7MQIvw7rGC5VvC-42nRl4wFiG1Aifgn-zoaAlfzEALw_wcB
  14. Yeah that will work fine, just check the size of the headphone jack for your receiver it might be larger than that cable, you can just get an adaptor for it which is pretty cheap
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