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  1. I have a Switch too! I'm really enjoying it, it was great when i was living in a caravan to be able to have a console-like experience in a handheld
  2. Yeah of course, it's a great series of you haven't seen it
  3. Item: The Wire DVD Boxset Location: Mollymook, 2539, NSW Price: $10 + Postage at buyers cost Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Downsizing DVD collection Payment Method: Bank Transfer, PayPal (buyer's expense), Postage Extra Info: I had the choice between Blu-ray and DVD but went for the DVD because that was the intended 4:3 frame they shot it. On Bluray it was reframed at 16:9 meaning that the intended emotional isn't conveyed as well such as zooming in on a character's face is lost as parts of the set that weren't meant to be included are, also set props that aren't meant to be in shot are. Also when TV went to HD they intentionally kept it in a 4:3 frame even after the original cinematographer passed away to keep the same continuity throughout the series. There's an article by David Simon that explains this: http://davidsimon.com/the-wire-hd-with-videos/
  4. Hi, Just wondering if it is safe to have one input to a stereo amp with one speaker on the corresponding channel with nothing at all on the other? Thanks in advance,
  5. Hey, just after a budget tactile transducer along with a budget amp. Because I'm unsure how much I want one I am looking to go as cheap as possible to play around with it. I was originally looking at a buttkicker gamer 2 but heard about issues with the included amp and then got onto the Aura bass shaker because it is cheap and easy to drive, then even cheaper is the Dayton Audio bass shaker. I was then looking at cheap class D amps that are around $34 but supposedly have enough power for the Aura. I just want a cheap setup for the lfe channel out of my oppo 103 when using headphones in my desk chair for movies. Any advice is welcome Cheers,
  6. Yeah I think that's a great deal, I think they perform well as all rounders
  7. The only issues I can think of is that the 6XX are very pad dependent, any aftermarket pads will alter the sound for the worse. After about a year of daily use you would want to change them, but that's after heavy use. They are also not that cheap to replace, around $50 I think. Other than that they are brilliant, I can't think of any other issues
  8. Yeah I recommend the JDS Labs Atom amp, I had a Schiit Valhalla II before that and I prefer the Atom amp. I couldn't really notice a big difference between the two and the Valhalla was about $400 more. If anything the bass is better out of the Atom amp because of the low output impedance. It's just very clean sounding and I think that's a good thing for the 6XXs. Price wise they are a good match for the 6XX and have more power than a THX AAA 789 amp in single-ended output. For a DAC I recommend the Grace SDAC, with the Atom amp it costs about the price of the 6XX so I think that's a good system there. I'm sure other people would recommend other DACs and amps but I don't think they're as important as some people say.
  9. It was a while ago when I ordered them but I don't remember them taking an awful long time because they are basically always in stock. I absolutely love them, they are so incredibly smooth and balanced sounding. I don't want for more treble or bass and the mid range is spot on. They're worth the couple of weeks wait just because of the cost, they're great value.
  10. Oh trust me I have blown plenty of money on changing my mind, my tastes, my wants etc haha I'm definitely not shy from blowing money on things. I'm also into gaming so I have less money to spend on audio. What it made me realise though is that I'll never be satisfied if I keep chasing and will forever be chasing an itch if I don't realise that I don't need the 'best' or every game or record and that things come and go and don't last forever. Sorry I'm on a rant now, don't let that deter finding what brings you joy though, I'm just lucky the HD650 is cheap now compared to when it first released and that it suits my tastes
  11. Yeah it's so easy to keep looking for something new, different or better but sometimes you just need to be content. I've basically stopped with the HD650 because it is exactly what I want for my music. I'm tempted to find some headphones for gaming but even the Portapros hit the spot for me, if you can't tell I'm on a budget haha
  12. I think a brilliant dac amp combo is the Grace SDAC and the JDS Labs Atom Amp, basically all you need out of an amp and dac and I'm sure the Atom will power the 880 fine
  13. Yeah you might just grow to get used to it, comfort is a major factor for me with headphones. Haha yeah mindisc is a good shop and easy to overspend
  14. That's a shame about touching the driver it would probably only increase with the pads wearing in
  15. Hardly tried any headphones, I need a trip to mindisc haha
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