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  1. Item: Creative Aurvana Live! CAL! Biodynamic Headphones Location: Ulladulla, NSW, 2539 Price: $69 $49 + free postage ($99 RRP) Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Doesn't provide the noise isolation that I am after. Payment Method: Postage - Bank Transfer - PayPal Extra Info: I recently purchased these directly from Creative AUS and was hoping to use these as closed backs to isolate myself from ambient noise in the house. As they isolate, but not enough to my needs I've decided to move them on. I listened to them for 2 hours after I received them yesterday and have decided to move them on, apart from that they are brand new. They still have a one year warranty and I can provide the receipt if needed. The CAL! uses the Foster (parent company of Fostex) 443741 driver that was in the Denon AH-D1001. Being a biodynamic driver it is a punchy little headphone with a slightly elevated mid-bass that can still reach down into sub-bass. For a budget headphone it's quite impressive and is fun for EDM and Hip-Hop. It has great imaging and even though it is closed back I was tricked into thinking that there was a sound in the room coming from behind me, when it was actually a hidden noise on the track that I was listening to. It's also fairly well resolving for the price range. In short, it punches well above its price range but doesn't suit my needs so I'm regretfully moving it on. Feel free to ask any questions. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Watch from 6:10 I would personally use books because I would be worried that I would apply different levels of pressure to different points of the metal headband if you do it by hand so it would not be evenly stretched. If you use books its an even pressure, just don't over do it and be patient and give it time to wear in so it doesnt crack the plastic. Also, rest assured sennheiser have really good replacement parts for all parts of the HD6XX so if you snap a headband or whatever you can always get a replacement part if you're worried about that. A downside of using books is that it'll wear your pads in quicker but like I said you can always get replacements.
  3. Hey just try stretching it out over some books. If not the Massdrop K7XX had a loose clamp force
  4. That sounds like a great setup. Because I'm on a tight budget I currently use a 103 as a dac to my headamp for movies and I also use the hdmi in for my games consoles. It sounds great to my ears but I'm considering using a Topping D30 connected to my 103 or alternatively I have been considering connecting it to my TV. Not sure which setup to go with.
  5. I've done alot of research and currently use an oppo, thanks for sharing the link
  6. Actually I recently looked into the AKG K371, that might be of some interest to you. Quality control is an issue though. I was also looking at the Etymotic ER2XR, but that is an item.
  7. Not well haha I'm still looking at buying ZMF headphones but that's still a while to go
  8. Thanks for the information, I'm guessing I'll only run into those problems once I jump up to 4k etc?
  9. Thanks, yeah my limit is 1080p 60hz, I have found alot of unknown brands that make me a bit hesitant buying from
  10. Hi, I've noticed there is large gap in prices for HDMI switches, I'm just wondering if there are any noticeable differences in audio and visual quality? Also are there any recommended brands? Thanks, Farpun.
  11. Yeah definitely is, I'm hoping someone else will make a suggestion but alot of headphones that have good punchy bass in the $500 range tend to be v shaped and have recessed mids and sibilant highs.
  12. It's basically what I'm looking for too, if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. I'm eyeing off ZMF Atticus or Aeolus
  13. HD600 and HD650 both have great mids and highs but have a bass roll off from about 40hz down. I think to get good mids and highs with thumping bass you would have to go up much higher in the price bracket to something like a ZMF.
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