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  1. Further information: Selling because I have severely downsized my DVD and Blu-ray collection. It's not getting the use it deserves because of that. It has excellent upscaling abilities and is able to play SACDs. It's a bit of an AV Swiss army knife and I've been incredibly happy with it. The build quality is astonishing. It has had light use but sadly there is some corrosion from battery acid in the remote. I have cleaned the contacts in the remote and it functions perfectly. It also has a light rattle in the remote but nothing noticeable unless you really shake it. There is
  2. Further information: I was using this in tandem with an OSSC but with the announcement of the OSSC Pro it is no longer required. It's main use was to upscale and standardise odd resolutions to an acceptable one for my TV. It's been an excellent upscaler and the image quality is amazing. Photos:
  3. Yeah mids don't sound massively scooped to me either. They just sound slightly dipped compared to my relatively forward Sennheisers. I also think it might be because of the wider soundstage too that makes them sound less intimate or more 'distant'. I absolutely love the TYGRs. That's such a shame about the pricing! Thanks for the heads up, I didn't realise they were that cheap in their native country! But I still think they're a bargain at $350. Thanks for creating the post, I'm so glad that there's a fellow stereoneter that's enjoying them too.
  4. Also, for the current $350 down from $450 at Minidisc, these are a steal. In most parts of the world they are bundled with an included fox mic which bumps up the price dramatically. We're surprisingly lucky for the pricing. I recommend everyone jumps on this. I just hope that oratory1990 releases a Harman target EQ profile for these and I may be able to enjoy these for music as much as I do my Sennheisers.
  5. I just got a set this week. I'm coming from a HD600 and HD650. I wanted something for playing games and watching movies. I was looking for something with better imaging and soundstage than the Sennheisers. The TYGRs definitely deliver in this department. They are my go to for movies and games now. Because of the fleece that Beyerdynamic have used to dampen the treble they actually sound similar to the Sennheisers in a good way. The treble spike that's inherent in the DT990 driver that the TYGRs use has been reduced by half while the mids and bass have remai
  6. Not sure if anyone has recommended it but the AKG K371 are great. A good tuning towards the Harman Target which is popular amongst most consumers.
  7. An Atom amp by JDS Labs is pretty much all you need for amplification. You could get a EL Amp II but that's mainly an upgrade in aesthetics and build materials, like an improved volume knob. It's a contentious subject but in my experience you don't need an expensive amp to get good sound quality.
  8. JDS Labs Atom amp, they are releasing an Atom DAC soon or an El Amp II and El DAC II. I love JDS, they have incredible customer support. A genuine company that deserves the support.
  9. Hi and sorry if this is off topic or does not belong here, I was unsure where else to ask. Does anyone have any knowledge on connecting a video source with limited range output to a PC monitor? I have the impression that TVs generally accept limited range and PC monitors accept full range. Is this a false impression?
  10. Further information: I purchased these to listen to lectures online only. I have found a pair of 3M earmuffs that isolate more so I'm going to use them instead. The 280s were purchased on the 20th of March directly from Sennheiser for $179. I've only used them for lectures, maybe 5 hours in total. Price includes postage costs. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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