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  1. Yeah definitely is, I'm hoping someone else will make a suggestion but alot of headphones that have good punchy bass in the $500 range tend to be v shaped and have recessed mids and sibilant highs.
  2. It's basically what I'm looking for too, if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. I'm eyeing off ZMF Atticus or Aeolus
  3. HD600 and HD650 both have great mids and highs but have a bass roll off from about 40hz down. I think to get good mids and highs with thumping bass you would have to go up much higher in the price bracket to something like a ZMF.
  4. Have you received your Auteurs yet? If so how do they compare? I have a 600 and 650 and I'm contemplating the Aeolus
  5. Own this amp, absolutely brilliant and pinches far above its weight
  6. I think a 660 is worth it more than 700. A ZMF Auteur or Aeolus would be a nice step up too.
  7. Hi, generally speaking PC monitors have lower latency/input lag for videogames than does a TV. I am wondering if I use an external video scaler to upscale my videogames to the TV and/or monitors resolution if they're would still have a difference in input lag. If you use an external scaler does a TVs scaler still get used and cause input lag? Sorry if I worded this badly but basically I have an external processor, a monitor and a tv and was wondering what the lowest latency option would be?
  8. The 58X has an inferior driver and isn't as resolving as the 600/6XX. Budget wise I would get the 6XX first because honestly there is not a huge amount of difference between the 600 and 6XX. I bought the 6XX to begin with and loved it so much that I bought a 600 and cannot decide which one i prefer. It comes down to personal taste. It's hard to justify owning both but like I said I loved them so much and the timbre is so good on them that I just kept the 600 and 6XX. Long story short the 6XX first due to being the best for the money headphone then the 600. I wouldn't consider the 58X because I believe the 6XX/600 is superior and worth the extra money, I'm sure some would disagree.
  9. Item: - Blue Jeans Cables, LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables, 3ft. - Blue Jeans Cables, MSA-1 Miniature Stereo Cable 1/8 to 1/8, 3ft. Location: Ulladulla 2539 Price: - LC-1: $20 + postage, MSA-1: $10 + postage Item Condition: LC-1: Excellent, MSA-1: acceptable Reason for selling: Too heavy for my light weight JDS Labs Atom amp. Payment Method: Postage - Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: I was using this in my speaker system then went to headphones only and it's just too heavy for my Atom amp. Great value cables, good build quality. The MSA-1 has crinkled a bit and lost its shape but the LC-1 is on excellent condition and has retained its shape. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Audeze has recently released the LCD-1, there is a glowing review by Metal571 that was interesting. I'm really interested in it for the imaging and the bass, also it's good that is weighs alot less than the LCD lineup. Check out the review below.
  11. An EL DAC by JDS is good too, Grace SDAC of you're on a tight budget.
  12. Atom amp or thx 789, I had a Valhalla 2 and didn't think it was worth the premium over the atom amp
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