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  1. Many thanks, looked at this one already, just found another one as well. Sony XBR X950G Series Picture and Audio Settings - Imgur
  2. HI I am getting a 75" Sony Bravia XH95 installed this afternoon. Searched the net and have only found a couple of posts on how to set it up for the best picture settings. I know "best" is subjective and personal preference however does anyone have a good starting point guide or recommendations? Cheers
  3. Hi, not sure what happened to my reply last night but I said thanks very much and that I purchased the second one on the list. I then said massive price difference between the top two. Thanks again buddy much appreciated.
  4. Hi Does anyone know if you can use wireless / Bluetooth headphones with my Anthem 720? Cannot find an answer by searching. Thanks very much.
  5. Many thanks Snoopy. Not desperate to sell. I wanted to buy OLED however my loungeroom is very bright so that was out of the question. Then I wanted to get Samsung Q95T but in Perth they are now sold out so I have decided on a 75" Sony x95H or x9500H or x950H, it is all the same model, unless someone can convince me that there is a better TV out there for around $4,000?
  6. Hi, I am about to upgrade my tv which is a 65* 2017 Panasonic TH-65EX780A.. I canot find anyone selling one so not sure how much to ask. any starting point? many thanks
  7. I have a Panasonic 4k UHD TV but the interface and app support is poor. Thinking of getting either an Apple 4K TV or a Roku Ultra 2019 model. For streaming music and movies, what would you recommend and why. I have watched a number of reviews but cannot choose one of the other at the moment. Cheers
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