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  1. McCvinyl

    Show us your tubes

    I was a skeptic but was recommended to try something a bit more extravagant and it definatley increased SQ now I am a believer. Go for it !
  2. McCvinyl

    WTB: Lenco plinth for PTP

    Hi SETfan, I have aquired a gl75 myself and have been studying up on the lnco heaven site. Im looking at a ptp6 with a sean bearing and will probably diy a laminate bamboo with a couple of sheets of maybe 5mm aluminium constrained and bolted together to hopfully create a solid inert plinth. Did you have any luck tracking down somthing for yourself?
  3. Another current Aussie tt is Once Analog which have some good reviews and Vince is a nice guy to deal with as well.
  4. McCvinyl

    Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    Still procrastinating , that Perspex cover sounds like a handy item.
  5. McCvinyl

    Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    Cheers willmax but I was only dreaming about the artisan bit out of my league at the moment...maybe one day.
  6. McCvinyl

    Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    Im using some Kef LS50's.
  7. McCvinyl

    Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    He seemed to think that either would work well but I think I will opt for the kt 120 just to make sure I have a little bit in reserve if I need it. If the el34 model drives your NS1000's I don't think I should have any issues
  8. McCvinyl

    Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    Thanks Jim I will be passing through there over Easter but I will be on a mission to get to Nangiloc at a decent hour with a car load of kids and animals. Are you past Yamba over the border? Renmark Victoria is confusing me. OB's and valves sounds like a great combo!
  9. Scoop it up mate it will sound better than anything else you could pick up for a few hundred bucks and there are plenty of mechanical upgrades when funds permit and be transformed into a solid performer.
  10. McCvinyl

    Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    Been known to make some interesting choices while loosened up myself . Are you running the kt120s in yours and l am starting to understand that Earl is fond of bacon.
  11. McCvinyl

    Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    Cheers buddyev I have had a chat with Earl and he seemed to think that the topaz would be suitable for my kefs. I have only been feeding them with pp 300bs at about 18w and theres something missing but with my 60w bryston they take on a whole new level but Im a valve man at heart and they dont show me any love only the facts if that makes sense. Earles amps definatley have the WAF as I have moved from my man cave due to storage issues and the wife not keen on turntable, phono, dac, pre and mono blocks with 3 kilometers of cable piled against the wall in the kitchen dining area ( sure I am not alone here) so a weston ticks all the boxes and I am close to pulling the trigger.
  12. McCvinyl

    Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    Cheers for your help guys its much appreciated. Looks like i have hit a snag with this one but no biggie.
  13. McCvinyl

    Turntable up to $5k

    There is design build listen in NZ. Simon is the designer of the wand and is stepping into producing his own table as well. I had a close look at it in Melbourne at the hifi show and had a chat with him about it. It has some great design principles and looked good too and if his arm is anything to go buy I am sure it performs.
  14. McCvinyl

    Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    Cheers Luc, sounds like you could slot right in at Christmas with my family! Did my bit and lost an hour and a half of my life standing in line at the polling booth to get to front of the line and they tell me the computers are down.. Arrrggggh! I will leave this float on here for a bit and see who bites, plenty of time for there needs to be some stuff moved on before anymore purchases ( the group sessions are paying off) .