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  1. New NanoAT high current single end EL 509 just in a few days ago. 12 watts and high current even driving my LS50’s without much trouble. Sound is super clean and detailed but still very smooth. Its a hard sound to explain but it wows you and puts a smile on your face.
  2. Wow they've monsters. I agree they probably lose a bit of magic, and I have no issues in moving the furniture out on to the patio so I can squeeze some big boxes in but I don't have authority to do such a thing. So I have to stick with something smaller.
  3. Thanks Willmax Yes it has been a long time coming. I have had this amp made by Ben from NanoAt and I had some input and put a bit of bling on it. Ben has been great and totally comunative and has taken only months. I can see it but can't touch it as there is a photo of it on the NanoAT website. It was the other amp builder whose name I will not mention who dragged it out for that long it did my head in😡
  4. Thanks for your insight Alex. It looks like the HPD's may be out of reach power wise so golds might be the go.
  5. Hello to those educated in all things Tannoy. I will be taking ownership of a new 12w single end el509 amp any day now and the builder was telling me that he really enjoys the sound of the Tannoy monitors with his amps so it has sparked my interest in these classics. As much as I would love to have some wardrobe size cabinets with 15" drivers it just aint gonna happen. Do you guys have any reccommendations for some of the smaller cabinets or cabinet plans for something a bit slimmer. I gather it would have to be a 10" but I am pretty green and a bit confused in the differences between all the Red, Gold, HPD and things I need to look out for if purchasing a vintage driver. Cheers Michael
  6. Love it mate, looks super clean. Is the Corian hard to work with? Is it any better than say slate or hardwood? I have a Lenco wreck and am looking at doing something like this. Been looking at the PTP but I think Sien has stopped making the bearings.
  7. Can you tell me what it is made of. To me it looks like machined slate or carbon.
  8. Great deal and opportunity for someone to upgrade their whole vinyl setup. GLWS
  9. I have had the same noisy and scratchy Alps experience in my phono. Just replaced it with a TKD and transformed my sound quality. A lot quieter background and image is a lot more distinct now.
  10. Cheers. Acoustic Solid wood with Audiomods classic arm.
  11. Thought i would give the A11ms a go as l am looking for something a little more efficient. Had a chat with legend that is Dave aka Planet10 and went with a Woden designs Sea Stack MLTL. So after a bit of cutting, drilling, gluing and screwing these babies were born. l have to say lm pretty impressed with the sound. They have fantastic insight and deep bass that doesn’t intrude on the rest of the frequency range. They dont take up much floorspace and still sound good at low volume. Out of the sweet spot they lose a bit of top end but l am working on some tweeter helpers firing upwards and early tests seem positive.
  12. They look BEutiful. Do you know what the specs are? Do they need a bit of power?
  13. Any luck yet Anthony? Same story here I have an Apan but no plinth plus a few other carcasses that wouldn't take much to get going if you had a bit more time.
  14. Love your work on the photos mate, well done.
  15. Gaia are a great product if a bit pricey If your looking cheaper try Bunnings, either the whites pads or threaded feet with rubber pads
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