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  1. Cheers for the heads up was meant to go monday to grab the new Gomez release but didnt make it. Will make more of an effort today.👍
  2. I have been having great success with a Garrott optim ruby. Found its got the finesse of MC with the meatiness of a MM and simple phono set up if your loading options are limited.
  3. Cheers mate, I have not progressed any further yet due to spare time being scarce but hopefully this week I can pick up some material and finish the next step. They are a real bugger to get underneath and into position trying to lift a 30+kg table with one hand and squeeze together the feet and try to slide them into position as each one has to be an equal distance from the center of gravity of the table.
  4. After some positive results from using rubber blocks from Bunnings l decided to take it to the next level and go maglev. So got busy on the lathe, studied up and invested in some ring magnets and come up with these.Any way they look cool but there is a crappy friction coefficient with the aluminium body and the brass shaft so next is a ptfe or similar insert for the shaft to move more freely. Watch this space.
  5. Billy Vera and the Beaters Some cheesy lyrics but “At this moment” is superb.
  6. Very nice! l have a lenco in bits and am looking to do a similar thing. I have heard the reed arms a a good combo too. Plenty of listening to do for you now. Am keen to hear your assessment.👍
  7. Heads up 20% off at Klapp at the moment
  8. Yep just like that Grump. Good luck with the ear. You might still be ok for mono recordings though.
  9. Aquired an acoustic solid myself and am loving it. Recommend some of the bunnings rubber squares under the spike cups. Just cleaned the sound up another level from top to bottom. Got me that exited I have started to machine up some maglev feet to suit and see if can get any more out of it!
  10. I have heard that the 103r is a tricky one for loading and may cause you grief if you dont have variable loading options. Best way towards something that will put a smile on your face is to narrow it down to carts that are a good match for your phono. As far as mc better than mm l think that it is if you get that loading right but l have been in your situation where loading options are limited and have done full circle and come back to mm with the purchase of a Garrott optim ruby and wont be going back to mc in a hurry. For and couple of hundred more than your budget it has the finesse of an mc with the meat and bones sound of a mm witch I think is a good match for your music tastes.
  11. Listened to these a few weeks ago and they sound fantastic with a huge WAF. I would love to own them but I would only offend you with what little I have to offer. GLWTS
  12. Are they some sort of interchangable tonearms on the floor next to it with the leaf things weaved over a stick?
  13. Just spotted this thread and also an old pana owner which has outlasted three bloody samsungs and is soldiering on on playstation duties in my teenage sons room and beleive me it gets some serious hours of workout in there. They dont make like that anymore!
  14. Im pretty sure on this model you actually step inside the dust cover for access.
  15. "What is important to the ear is not necessarily important to the eye." McCvinyl.
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