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  1. McCvinyl

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    oooohhhh yeah! Detachable speakers so you can lay on your bedroom floor with them either side of your head an inch away from your ears. Ahh the memories.
  2. McCvinyl

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Looks neat Batty. I was looking at this table too with the same itch to see what the fuss is about the Linn sound. I like the arm board plate did you get it made or did you have it left over from another project.
  3. McCvinyl

    Show us your tubes

    Could be an opportunity to biamp your new project ?
  4. McCvinyl

    My System this morning

    What speakers are you using there willmax they look like beasts. Im into unicorns as well🙂
  5. McCvinyl

    Power Conditioners - What do you notice?

    I have had an isotek aquarius in my system for a few months now and it has made my system sound like it did at 2.00am but now I can enjoy that sound at any time of the day but not to say it will have as larger effect on a set up in an area which already receives reliable power.
  6. Bet they sound as good as they look big WAF factor here! GLWTS
  7. McCvinyl

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Nice work there Phillip did you machine up the feet as well and do they have any dampening properties.
  8. McCvinyl

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Thats a very swish looking build just love your tube base to volume knob match up.
  9. McCvinyl

    DIY Turntable and phono rack

    Looks great and nice and solid too.Thought of getting the brasso on the copper pipe to give it that extra bling.
  10. McCvinyl

    Enjoying this table tonight.

    Nice! Love the way the sun sets beutifully behind your turntables.
  11. Paint these yourself mate or did you get them professionally done?
  12. McCvinyl

    Passive Stereo Soundbar

    Try Edward at Adelaide speakers, he has a couple of different models and could probably up the specs depending on what level you wanted to go to.
  13. McCvinyl

    DIY - HiFi Racks - Stands - Cabinets

    Looks neat, did you use full length threaded rod through polished tube or is it polished solid bar with short threads screwing them together?
  14. McCvinyl

    Mc cartridges

    It's hard to resist the temptation of what a mc can achieve and it can be very special but it can also be an expensive experiment and you can find yourself running in circles. SNA is a great tool to guide you in the right direction to analog nirvana.
  15. McCvinyl

    Stumps Horn Speakers...

    That's great news stump you must be super excited. I'm sure all that patience will pay off, it will be an awesome system Have you knocked a wall out yet so you can fit them in?