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  1. Listened to these a few weeks ago and they sound fantastic with a huge WAF. I would love to own them but I would only offend you with what little I have to offer. GLWTS
  2. Are they some sort of interchangable tonearms on the floor next to it with the leaf things weaved over a stick?
  3. Just spotted this thread and also an old pana owner which has outlasted three bloody samsungs and is soldiering on on playstation duties in my teenage sons room and beleive me it gets some serious hours of workout in there. They dont make like that anymore!
  4. Im pretty sure on this model you actually step inside the dust cover for access.
  5. "What is important to the ear is not necessarily important to the eye." McCvinyl.
  6. Hats off to the Tech Das guys truly mind boggling engineering on their decks. Short arm people need not apply!
  7. I got in touch about a month ago but it took a few attempts and red flags to eventually get a reply, would like to give him the benefit of the doubt but.............
  8. Could be more electrical than mechanical if there was noise produced from something mechanical it would mean some sort of friction and would speed up when the noise stops not the other way around. Electrical is not my strong point but would it be possible the motor is getting too much juice for a period until what ever is causing it has warmed up and stabilizes.
  9. Could be a torque thing happening if there is excessive play in the thrust points of the motor bearings so that when it is working up to speed and under load the motor want to pull one way and may be fouling on something. Does speed vary when the noise stops? If you want to get serious with smoothing out the drive wheels I can help you out with some precision grinding.
  10. Cheers for the info metal beat, l picked it up second hand and 2014 pressing so assumed it would be half decent but from now on its Not Now never again!
  11. Well after a crap week at work l decided at the end of the day to clean some purchases l had made weeks ago and get lost in some tunes tonight. Had a bit of a collection of 6 or 7 vinyls to soak into and personally evaluate each album to a point but mainly and most importantly just enjoy the music. But how do some modern engineers go to the trouble of releasing somthing on vinyl that, is to put it politley CRAP! But some dusty dog eared thing that is found leaning up against the rubbish bin can sound clean and natural with magic dust sprinkled over it. Is it just me or does anyone else have this phenomenom. How does an album like this with a reputable musician sound like it was recorded through tin cans with pieces of string from rural am radio! A cruddy, scuffed up reject from the 2 dollar box but has nature and detail that some would spend a small fortune to get the same level of improvement from electronics.
  12. I would spend hours just turning the knobs and flicking those switches just for the feel of them! Gorgeous looking machine, love the retro thing. GLWTS
  13. Im sure I saw some in the classsifieds a while back.
  14. Great to see you have got it in operation, looks gorgeous especially dressed in pale green cart and matching vinyl!
  15. Any protractors you recommend? Have been looking for one but having trouble deciding.
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