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  1. Im having trouble tracking down anything on kasum audio I have one channel giving me some issues. Do you have Brunos details?
  2. Hi Grump It seems hifi on the LeFevre is alive and well. Just noticed you are having some fun with tonearm wires, I wouldnt call myself a technician but I do have the equipment and have soldered tonearm wires with some success before. Be happy to trek all the way across the bridge and get you spinning again If your stuck.
  3. Hey Stump I justtried to read your message and some how deleted it on my dodgee ipad but I think I read osborn?
  4. That would be good I notice your a fan of the LM stuff, I am looking at an amp upgrade soon and would be keen to hear your oppinion of it. How does the LM fare up against the ASR there is a bit of a difference in $. How far are you from Largs Bay?
  5. Hi Stump Sounds very generous, I am always keen to try something different in my system and I have a couple of balanced only brystons that I would love to hook directly up to a phono/pre and the clear audio ticks the box. Dont have anything in the league your after for a swap but I have an icon ps3 or a consonance r40 for the hell of it or maybe a bottle of red.
  6. I am using just cable adapters from my tube pre and sometimes straight from my tube phono to my brystons and have no trouble with hum at all. I understand its pobably not by the book but its cheap and it seems to work, probably worth giving it a go and if it causes any issues then you know you have to bite the bullet and buy or make a converter.
  7. WAF and a good thing.

    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you get a thumbs up from your better half. Had a similar experience when at the last hifi show when i called her to let her know i was heading back to the airport and i hadn't bought a thing when 5 min after i hung up i got a rush of blood and was walking out the door with a new mat and a goldring 2500 in my backpack. Get home and come clean with my favorite " I just got something small " and set it up.Started with a bit of Dire Straights Love over Gold and it sounded great straight off the bat and my wife releives my anxiety with a " wow that sounds great ! " The next day I decided to fix a leaky pipe which was well overdue to build up some brownie points before the credit card details where exposed and something happened that has never happened before. While i am busy with the plumbing the album i was listening to finished its side and all of a sudden the music started again and the volume was even turned up a notch! With shifter in one hand and water running down my sleeves I had broken down a barrier and made a huge leap toward my next upgrade....
  8. Show us your tubes

    Holy sheeesh! Theres more bulbs than on my christmas tree. What are those beasts.
  9. Show us your Turntables!!!

    You must be one proud owner! That is one of the best 401 jobs I've seen, love the gloss black and silver combo and your custom mat carries it on well great work thanks for sharing it
  10. advice about tube phono preamp

    I have a consonance reference 40 that I have upgraded from that is all valve with SUTs for the mc section and my wife is pushing hard for me to move some gear. I dont know what the specs are for your dennon but I would be willing to offer it to you and its within your budget.
  11. That is out there! When you sell it your neighbors will be smiling and waving it goodbye in their driveways.
  12. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    Looking at upgrading at the moment and both of these are on my list.Have you come to a decision yet and interested to hear what you views are on them both.
  13. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Like the look of the dynavector on the kuzma and pu7, sure it sounds the biz too!
  14. I have a consonance reference 40 taking up shelf space at the moment if you are interested.