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  1. Best mate Ninja...snoozing to some Creedence.
  2. I have an FGS ruby l may reluctantly part with after l get comfy with my MC ventures.
  3. My LM805 sounding superb with thanks to @frednork , @Pegasus , @Petit-fou-fou for their help and fine selection of tubes.
  4. I don't seem to be able to tag any members. From what I have read their names should automatically pop up when I type them in my message screen. Likely I am missing something.
  5. Damn .. too slow but I will put my hand up on the off chance it falls through.
  6. I feel your pain, there is nothing that does your head in more than earth (presumably) problems. I second the extra earth lead and just make it a long one so you it can reach from the connection of your phono amp to everything on your turntable and proceed to contact it with the arm and then the pillar as well as both at the same time. Also unplug your digital setup from power and also from your pre amp to eliminate any interaction. I know it sounds weird but speaking from experience I was ready for a straight jacket before working that one out. Good luck.
  7. Nice work! The 3 layers you mention is that the illuminated acrylic?
  8. This is one of my faves and my original copy is a bit manky. Let us know how it sounds.
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