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  1. Amazing! It can be anything. I had it on a Node 2 which was powered up but not connected to anything.
  2. Get yourself a length of cable with bare wire each end. Touch one end on your pre amp earth and touch the other end on the casing on your amp or other equipment and see if anything helps. Also try turning off any other equipment such as a dac, streamer or cd to see if they are interacting somehow.
  3. Thanks Graham Justthe answer l was looking for as after five months you’re out of the honeymoon period and if you still love them it’s a good sign. Titans might be stretching it for me size wise but I will still check them out when in Melbourne next.
  4. Anyone using the Eos reference elites. They are high on my shortlist and I am after some advice on near wall placement, outer sweetspot and low volume performance as well as suitability to a Line Magnetic 805.
  5. I have black in vgc with box but in Adelaide if interested.
  6. Sounds like you are after something like the Econowave which was popular a while ago. There is quite a bit online about them and you may be able to find a kit or at least some plans which would help you with the crossover. Have not heard them personally but people seem to be impressed with their efficiency and dynamics and also their use of inexpensive pro drivers.
  7. Speak to Edward at Adelaide speakers. Good work and good rates.
  8. The late Bill Withers first album and its a great one at that. Cant believe he couldn’t make a career out of it.
  9. Wow Dave it sounds like you have been on a hardcore LG journey. You give me no choice but to track down the MPO and decide for myself?
  10. Love the “built like tank” retro look of these and im sure they sound impressive.GLWTS
  11. I guess it had to happen at some time as the album was actually a sweetener from my purchase of the Sade box set in which one of the album was scuffed up to the shitehouse and being no more box sets left I worked out a deal on this album. as it has always been a favourite of mine.
  12. Sorry bout the late reply, dont know how I missed it. Got it from Discrepency records but they had no stock but they ordered It. Sounds fantastic and am pretty chuffed with it. I have read on the net about some surface noise problems but mine is dead quiet.
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