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  1. Wow - now I'm sure we're all curious about getting some Firebirds which actually in some ways are a bargain compared to their recent absolute top models - well done and look forward to hearing any more insights about them as your listening goes on. Cheers
  2. Hi Darthlaker, shame that the 75cm Everests were too short for mis system. So the Silver with Copper Firebirds are a step up from the older tech all silver Everests? What percentage improvement would you say? And did you consider the Dragons? Cheers
  3. Hi, I just went through this exercise myself less than a month ago. I too was considering running dedicated 20amp or 30amp circuits for my Krell monoblocks because that’s what the manual recommended. However in taking with the Krell distributor they correctly pointed out that the manual is referring to USA power running at 120 volts whereas we’re fortunate to have 240 volt AC and therefore you just need to do the math to work what is the maximum power draw at peak output of your amps to work out what you need. From the manual the maximum peak power for each monoblock is specified as 3,600 watts. We have to allow for a variance of +/- 10% in our 240V supply in Australia, which is 215 - 265 volts, so the maximum current draw will be between approx. 13 and 16 amps (Power = Current x Voltage). This means I was fine with a 15 amp circuit as the chances the voltage will drop that much at the same time the amplifier is running at peak capacity would be near impossible. So I installed 2 seperate 15amp circuits (one for each mono lock) and an additional 15amp circuit in case I ever need one for a power conditioner or other component and also a seperate 10amp circuit. I figure this should have all components covered. I’m now on the search for after market power cables that are rated at 3600 Watts. Hope this helps. Cheers
  4. Thanks to everyone for the help. Ended up with second hand 2 year old AVID Sequel SP with SME 309 and Benz Micro Ace S. Now considering a phono stage to suit - anyone had experience with the AVID phono stages?
  5. Hi Haztone, which you consider offering a package deal for both the Benz and the SME V? Cheers
  6. Hi, how old is the tone arm please and how much use? Cheers
  7. Thanks Geoff, that’s good to hear as I had that cartridge as my front runner. Cheers
  8. Now that’s commitment to the pursuit of extracting best possible sound.
  9. That VPI Classic was tempting me as well but the Prime seems to be a good value (subjectively) but also more expensive than the Classic. If there was a Classic 3 on the classifieds then I'd probably be sold. I'm only a very recent EVO1 owner (about 7 months) and have only just installed two dedicated 15amp circuits for each mono block and they sound superb. Would have liked to get the matching EVO2 pre (not that I would have the room for the 4 seperate components) but someone beat me to the only ones I have seen for sale in AUS, so the Illusion was the next best thing. What pre are you running with them and are you running them at 15amp or 20amps? Also interested if you have tried any other power cables other than the cables supplied? Cheers
  10. Thanks for the tip on the app and confirmation on the shortlist of decks. Cheers
  11. Ok thanks, I'll do that test first. The room is above the garage on steel beams and doesn't feel bouncy and the sides of the garage are all brick and the rack sits very close above one of the walls.
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