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  1. PeppaPig

    PS Audio vs Devialet

    “There really is nothing like the Devialet, every review, even from the most respected journalists who have heard it all can’t say enough good things about the whole range. It is certainly revolutionary with many patents against it including the hybrid power design at its heart, using both Class A to voice it and Class D to power it, all very clever.” — Quoted. [emoji1]
  2. PeppaPig

    Devialet OdA 1000Pro output current

    Thanks Geo. Devialet 1000 PRO can do 1200Watts into 3 Ohms.
  3. PeppaPig

    Devialet 200 and ATC speakers

    The Devialet is so revealing. And if you google ACT, you will find users say it sound quite sharp and harsh. So both together might not a best combination, try another speaker or amp, I will keep the amp and look for another speaker if I can't resolve it.
  4. PeppaPig

    Devialet 200 and ATC speakers

    1. Try a very good copper cable, avoid silver cable might help. 2. Try improve your source quality. 3. Try to do some room treatment. It could be the combination of Devialet+SCM19 being too resolving, if this is the case you probably won't be able to address the "issue", unless you change the amp or the speaker, otherwise you have to do some filtering on your music collection.
  5. PeppaPig

    How is Devialet Expert 1000 Pro?

    All Devialet from 130 to 1000 Pro shares same sonic signature... same architecture. I heard the 120 and 200, I don't heard any sonic difference, both 120/200 driving the GT1 in their demo room sounds identical. I always suggest don't pay too much attention into tiny details and try too hard to find the difference, just heard it with relaxation, when we have to try very hard to find the difference, then its useless and easily go wrong, in most the case its become a psychology thing. The GT1 sounds significant different when changing SAM on/off, I think its one of the speaker benefits the most from SAM, may be Devialet did a better modelling on the GT1.
  6. PeppaPig

    How is Devialet Expert 1000 Pro?

    Hi @jt301, I think the quality of Devialet should be fine, giving 5 years warranty, not many companies does that.
  7. PeppaPig

    How is Devialet Expert 1000 Pro?

    @wikeeboy , please PM me, thanks!
  8. PeppaPig

    How is Devialet Expert 1000 Pro?

    Hi @wikeeboy, I know another guy who uses a Devialet with TAD speaker (Like you?) but he is using a D400, it sound bright... there are some report on web as well, you can search it. And my personal experience for Devialet, choose the right speaker is extremely important, a very revealing speaker usually sound brighter on Devialet. Some poeple may think LS50 is very revealing, but I think its in relative to some other speaker... well. but this doesn't means its Devialet's fault, it can be the speaker. or half half, because I do hear many system with Devialet sounds quite balanced and nice too. Anyway @wikeeboy could you please tell me the details of configuration you mentioned previously? so I can test them out? @frednork, Yes you are right. I do hear few people using external DAC analog into Devialet and they say its significant better! But I haven't heard one personally, so I am not sure. Technically if Devialet is 99.9999% transparent, then its very possible.
  9. PeppaPig

    How is Devialet Expert 1000 Pro?

    Internal DAC, i don't think we can bypass it? @wikeeboy I have listened to Mutec MC-3+USB and compare it to Devialet AIR, it seems the AIR is very similar to MC-3 output. I have also listened to other D1000 setups, some are good, some are too bright. When you mention settings in configuration, can you share more details?? @Others Don't get me wrong, I am not making a conclusion here, I definitely love the EXPERT range products, and I think it is one of the BEST amplifier in the world. I just trying to figure out why some system I heard is better than the others, especially when Devialet connect to a higher end speaker I would expect much better result.
  10. PeppaPig

    How is Devialet Expert 1000 Pro?

    Thanks for the input guys. I heard the Devialet few times from oversea as well as one of my friend have it here. What I found out is when the speaker's resolution isn't super super high, the Devialet seems really good driving them, I think the LS50 is one of the speaker like that. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean LS50 is not good, but its not a very high end product. But when Devialet connected to a super high end speaker, my listening experience is it sounds too bright, sharp, thin.... for example, those TAD, MBL, Burmester... Look I am not trying to make any conclusion here, it just what I found out in few of my personal experience, that's why I want to hear someone else's opinion... It could be the system I heard isn't matched properly, or Devialet isn't targeting for those speakers' market? I like the Devialet's simplicity, having two smaller boxes rather few big boxes and a lot of interconnect cables.
  11. PeppaPig

    How is Devialet Expert 1000 Pro?

    I want to hear experienced people’s opinion.
  12. Seeking experienced audiophiles who have intensive experience with the Devialet 1000 Pro and other similar priced amp can tell me your opinion about them? How Does Devialet sounds to you and does it worth the money? Pretty expensive price tag... thank you for your input!
  13. https://cruxaudio.com.au/products/vita-music-server?variant=2245716181022 anyone knows anything about this music server? looks quite good, not sure how it sounds and usability wise..
  14. PeppaPig

    BelCanto $37k aud Class-D

    This kind of post is call “gun article” or “soft article”. DEVIALET Expert 1000 PRO smiles.
  15. Item: Atohm GT 3.0 HD - Floorstand Hi-End Speaker Location: Melbourne Price: 8500 Item Condition: Almost brand new Reason for selling: No space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Extremely new. Made in French. Retail at $18000 AUD, Atohm’s Flagship hand made speaker, top of their range. Amazing sound!! Pure white, easier to maintain. All original package available. Can't tell the difference between this one and a brand new one. Check the reviews then you know how good is this speaker and the background of the Atohm founder Pictures: