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  1. It depends on what is driving the load I suspect. If an op amp is driving the subwoofer then it may be a problem. http://www.analog.com/en/analog-dialogue/articles/ask-the-applications-engineer-25.html
  2. Cables also sound different because of the equipment they are connected to. For example some outputs from amps, cds, dacs etc do not like to drive capacitive loads so a cable with low capacitance will sound better (in most systems) than a cable with high capacitance. The combination of outputs, cables, inputs, rooms and individual preferences is so high it is impossible to say this particular cable is the best. Always use the shortest cable you can to minimise the affect of the cable on the sound. Trust your ears and remember price is not a good indicator of sound quality.
  3. May I suggest anyone interested send a Personal Message to the seller helotoby.
  4. The player uses Burr Brown PCM1702 J grade, true 20 bit r2r colinear dacs and very well respected. I think this player also has digital in so it can be used as a dac so very versatile. It also has XLR outputs as well as RCA, looking at google. I would buy it myself but I am in enough trouble with she who must be obeyed. GLWTS
  5. Hello Muri I had another look and this player also uses the Sony KSS-151A CD drive, experienced people say this is one of the best drives ever. Also has the sm5813 digital filter which is good. I checked and found a technician (in Brisbane) that charges $60 for a quote, so if you want, the player cost you nothing if you find a local tech that charges about the same for a quote it might be worthwhile finding out what is wrong. If it is something simple then you can make your mind up about fixing it. The most you could lose is $60. I hope this helps you.
  6. It is a good quality player with a good but rare dac (pcm64). Paying someone to fix it would be uneconomical, in my opinion, due to it's age. If you have some electronic skills you may be able to fix it. It is great that you saved it from landfill. Maybe put it on the classified section someone might need spare parts or have the skills to fix it.
  7. If the Player will play CD's then how can the laser be faulty? Are there two laser devices in the one laser assembly? Original Sony lasers have a blue coating on the lens, Sony recommends that you do not use any cleaners other than soapy water (one drop on a cotton bud then rinse then dry) as cleaners may destroy the coating. Do you have a schematic for the player? I don't have much experience but the first thing I do is check all the power supply voltages, that removes all the simple faults. You will need the schematic and a voltmeter. Also check all the connectors are tight first it might just be that simple.
  8. Hello, Please read this thread it might be your problem.
  9. What processor are you using? I recall a Rotel processor around the time of the RB-985 that had an earthing or ground issue. Maybe a google search will shed some light on the subject.
  10. Power them up on a regular timetable. The initial inrush current after turn on after sitting idle for a long time does the damage. I think that professionals use a variac (a transformer with variable output voltage) to bring the voltage up slowly so the capacitors charge up slowly and the equipment survives. For equipment with out boxes I am going to start sealing them in garbage bags to keep the dust and humidity out. Finally store them in a cool and dry place.
  11. The first production of the RC-995 was made in Japan the latter production was in China and has a different remote. As the pictures were not posted yet I was trying to find out which version was for sale as they are different. Offer sent.
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