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  1. Prefer to use Plex at this stage but will look at Kodi. Plex couldn't see the files when I tried that. Just wanted it to be simple. Connect HD and turn shield on to access. Hoped I wouldn't have to download a third party like Kodi or Plex just to play the files. Thought the shield would do that. Thanks for the reply madfonzy
  2. Hoping Shield users can shed some light here... Have used/using a WDTV for years and very happy with the simplicity of its use. Just hook a external HD to it and files play seamlessly to TV / projector. Thought I'd upgrade and bring myself into the modern age of UHD /4K playback ability, but alas things have not gone smoothly as I would've liked. I was hoping that the Shield would work in a similar way to the WDTV but with added benefits ( Plex & NAS ). The 4TB WD HD is formatted as exfat. It has been formatted on the shield as an externa
  3. Finally sold mine to get the 65GZ1000 Panasonic Oled....hopefully a worthy replacement. Still have the 65ST60 Panasonic Plasma in another room. Best of both worlds with a 110" screen dropping down in front of the Oled when watching movies on the projector.
  4. Thanks Sebastian. Have already taken the speaker to a person recommended from a stereonet member . Atilla Tanka. He did a great job of replacing the surround. Unfortunately there was another issue {amplifier board needed a reflow). Jim from Filatronics in Pascoe Vale did the honours there (fixing) once again at a reasonable cost. So for under $200... all fixed now and back in it's home doing the job it's supposed to do.
  5. The Photo in my sig is a Lambert speaker which I currently own. ( purchased new in 1985 ). Yes Peter Boland is the NZ repair man to go to. Repaired my tweeters in the 90's when I lived in NZ. Think he still does repairs but he does't hurry himself along...slow and methodical and does / did a good job. My speakers are the Lambert SP 250's.. still very happy with the sound they produce and yes they are solid beasts. More info here Grant
  6. Have these been considered at all? https://www.harveynorman.com.au/yamaha-in-ceiling-speakers.html?CAWELAID=720013240000116870&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIndaZ6eu-6QIViw4rCh1oaAtsEAQYASABEgLm5PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Didn't think they were too bad price wise and sounding.
  7. Hi Cazzesman Noticed the SVS and a cple of others here. Thought all about what you said and I agree with a lot of it hence the dilemma. In the end I've decided to fix it. Trying to keep things in perspective. The sub has served me well for 20 odd years and for a simple surround fix ( under $100 ). Cone and coil are fine. I'm hoping it will do me another 20 odd years. Have been happy with the bass it has provided...clean and controlled. The cabinet is immaculate with no scratches and the grill is unmarked with all tabs intact. The repairer also commented
  8. VanArn Am leaning towards the repair because it will still be a REL after, not a hybrid if I go the replacement method. Re Aus Post...received a car headlight posted last week. The satchel was shredded in one corner and the factory ctn (hella) had a hole in the bottom extending halfway across the box. The light was hanging out the bottom when I picked it up. The driving isn't too bad. 1 hour each way 4 times. Drop off / go home/ collect repaired item / go home. Traffic is lighter at the moment as well. Is repairing a Sub essential travel..... T
  9. Have contacted REL UK who have suggested these https://www.wagneronline.com.au/peerless-12-woofer-sls-paper/prod-id-usersearch1/830669-7158/3252/pd/ as a replacement. Given that my sub is 23 years old, would this be a good way of modernizing it. Do I repair the original {4 hrs travel time} and still have a REL sub or for a similar price, replace with a modern driver. Then it won't be a REL sub anymore. Has anyone had experience with Peerless by Tymphany deivers. Would I really notice any BIG difference between the two options. TIA for advice
  10. Thank you VanArn Will call them tomorrow if they're open.
  11. My 23 year old sub has just given up the cone (see pics). Cabinet is still in ex condition, lugs all intact on front grill. Is it worth fixing/ replacing driver/cone (if possible). Is the tech inside considered old and outdated compared to new. Do I just buy new REL T5's (2) or one T9 or even look at the JL range. Does anyone know where REL's can be repaired in Melbourne South East. Suggestions welcome please...hate watching bass less movies. Specs for info Type: single driver subwoofer Frequency Response: 2
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