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  1. Didn't think Pioneer brought out a 55". just 42" 43" 50" & 60" Correct me if I'm wrong tho. Have a 50" still going strong but may have to replace it with a 65" Pana GZ1000 before it's too late. Eyeing one up for $2700.
  2. Also have this projector. Stunning picture for a great price. Bargain with all the extras.
  3. My wife purchased a new car in May 19. I really really wanted the new Toyota Corolla as the previous car was a Toyota 2001 Camry (from new) and trouble free motoring during the whole time of ownership. I also have a 1990 Toyota SW20 mr2 owned since 1994 (13000 ks at purchase ) also trouble free motoring. Our list was Toyota corolla, Mazda 3. Totally disappointed with the new Toyota. Felt flat and totally boring to drive and boring inside. (even for a Toyota) Hated the info unit sticking up on the dash. Really wanted/tried to like the car but couldn't. Mazda 3 was really nice to drive, felt good to drive, ticked most of the boxes except the model that we wanted was near impossible to procure. Still a contender though. Tried the Maxda CX3...too cramped and small. Thought we would take a look see at a Honda because the dealer was just down from the Mazda dealership and my wife had owned a Honda years ago. She sat in the Honda RS Civic Hatch and was hooked immediately. Second one down in the civic range (didn't want lane departure}. It felt and looked luxurious and drove far better then the mazda and Toyota. Had 95% of the top models bells and whistles. It even converted me. Ended up buying a RS Civic in Modern Steel. Been happy ever since. Never even really considered the Honda initially. Heard lots of comments / complaints about the Mazda soul red paint. Too thinly applied and chips far too easily.
  4. Great set up Blackman. Can't help noticing the suspended plane MiG 29, Su 27 or F15 Eagle maybe. Can't quite make it out. Oh yeah...lovely TV set up as well.
  5. Utter Shame. Been a member since 2004 and have learnt so much from members here. Even the "polite" disagreements have been informative. My favourites list won't be the same without DTV at the top.
  6. Probably need to elaborate. I had 2 Pioneer Kuro 508XDA's. Stunning pictures on them as stated. I sold the one with the highest hours and purchased a Panasonic 65"ST60 ($1700). Best of both worlds now..as long as the other Kuro doesn't misbehave. mistar2
  7. Just sold my 50" Pioneer 508 XDA in excellent condition on fleabay for $520. Should get more for the LX model.
  8. Re: picture quality...Already have another 508 I'm currently using/watching..... this one is because I can't resist the deal.
  9. How would it come with 5 year manufacturers warranty when it has been used for displays???? Will just go off the purchase date on the receipt if I need to have work done on it. Thanks for the feedback........just can't get my head around the deal when I see what else is available in that price bracket. I don't even have a place for it to go at the moment. Will keep it in storage. Have just purchased a table mount for $100 from ebay UK... now have both options of mounting.
  10. Can someone advise me if this is still a good deal. Have I missed something. I am able to get a ex "demo" 50" 508 XDA for $1000.00 interest free.. It has never been used as a TV and hasn't been tuned yet. It has been only used as a demo for a wall mounted Bose sound system. Only comes on when the Bose dvd is demo"d. It went on the wall as soon as it went into the store.. hasn't been placed on the floor. Not shop soiled in any way. Comes with a Pioneer wall bracket. Still has a 5 year warranty when purchased. The Bose sound system has only worked intermittently...probably in the 18 months it has only worked 6 months continously.. and we have had the bose tech guy out 3 times to get it going. So the tv has really had little use at all. All this info I know because I work in the area where the tv is demonstrated. I'm greedy because I already have a 508 but thinks that for a 1000 bucks I'd be silly not to get another. There is no other 50" out there as good as this tv for $1000. Thoughts please.....
  11. Wow.... talk about a blast from the past. Found an old receipt (29/04/85) for a pair of Lambert 250 SP's that I'd purchased from John Button. I'd also purchased the Craft Amp and pre amp from him. A nice "high end" gentleman from memory. The Lamberts are still going strong (now in Oz) but I sold the Crafts a few years ago. Still have the amp instruction manuals, and the Lamberts original speaker boxes/ packaging......how sad is that. Think I have the ole Sound N Vision? magazines in a box somewhere also. Sad to hear the demise of EHF. Brought my Yamaha 3090 amp (still going) and Polk speakers there. Always had good service at the Howick store. On a different note JB HiFi is doing extremely well over here. The "majority" of people just want the best prices for items, and they(JB) cater for that very well. Customers "do" the research.... then bargain for the best price. All the best..from Oz
  12. Well....Have worked in the Tv retail industry the last 5 years and have always been blown away by the consistant high quality Pioneer Tvs. Out of all the tvs that we display.... it has always looked the best straight out of the box with no fiddling at all. I never imagined that I'd be able to afford one. The 508 came into our store RRP of $5499 several months ago.... still way outta my price range. To get to the chase... I purchased one last week. Final cost to me was $2400. How could I refuse... it was cheaper then the 428 and for that price simply blew everything else out of the water...... who cares if it isn't 1080P. It's panel looks better than some brands with 108P. Waiting for delivery.... not worried with the wait.... have already been lusting over Pioneers for 5 years.... whats another few weeks. Now I need to find a decent cabinet.... have looked at the Akari range... they look great. M튆àR 2
  13. I work in the retail Home Entertainment "arena" and quite simple everything we sell regardless wether it's been a floor demo or not, is sold with the manufacturers warranty. It isn't classed second hand til the first purchaser buys it. The first purchaser gets the warranty even if we sell a demo model a year later We have sold the odd unit that has been between 12-18 months old....demo models, with the full warranty. As long as the first purchaser keeps the receipt showing the date that it was purchased...the manufacturer honours the warranty starting from that date. The exception to the rule is if we have had a unit returned to us that needs fixing and after fixing it under warranty terms the client no longer wants it. Because it has been fixed under warranty terms....if we were to onsell the product....it would have to be under the original purchase date warranty. When it is first fixed.....the serial number is recorded with the purchase date....it has a history. If we sold a returned repaired unit ( we dont ) 6 months after it was first repaired, it would be only covered by the remaining balance of the manufacturers warranty, because if it was returned for another repair the "history" would show the first date of purchase. All warranty repairs would start from the original purchase date no matter how many times it was "sold" So to get to the "guts" of this....legally, unless it is second hand ie. been sold....it has to be covered by the manufacturers original warranty conditions. (normally 12 months). Hope this aint too confusing. Mistar2
  14. I believe for legal reasons...they have to put region 4 on the box even tho the machine has been multi zoned. Hope this helps. Mistar2
  15. Thanks Dave for the support. Yep....it's not always easy pleasing the customer.....but at the end of the day I just want to make it EASY for them to make an informed choice. Most (not all) of our customers just want a great looking screen at a"reasonable" price. They want to get it home .........plug it in and then leave it......they're not interested in "playing" with it. As long as it's a good picture out of the box (which most are) and turns on when they press the remote they're happy. Of course the option is there if one wants to tweak later on. Re: the $3000. difference in the TV's......sure we have people noticing the difference ....but very few are willing to part with that amount of money to pay for it. Most people still just want a good picture at a "reasonable" price. What is a reasonable price?.....ask the customer. How many of us continually buy things that have all the bells and whistles on it......but only actually use 25% of the capability. Customers still want things to be simple.....which is getting harder and harder to provide in this tech age. Just read the forums here and see the diverse amount of opinion/knowledge. Ooops getting off the thread......ummmmm I still think the Pioneer is the best but they're all good. Would recommend all of them depending on what you were looking for. mistar2
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