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  1. Specs on Vintage Etone Drivers

    This is probably to late and you've moved on but I've had a set of these dual cone stones in the past and own a pair now from 1986 and they are rated at 8ohm 100Watt yours may be the earlier 60watt 8ohm duel cone, http://www.guitargear.net.au/discussion/index.php?PHPSESSID=kffmcjsu3kbgtsd4didkischf0&topic=17664.0 etone are still in Sydney and have a web site, they make excellent speakers, With these you will need to run a pizzo tweeter for optimal sound, they will surprise you what they can do, I run mine on a 1000watt 8ohm power amp and they have never let go, nice speaker great all round sound perfect for powerful home system or smaller PA