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  1. Thanks. I think you just called me a genius. I honestly did not register that until it was pointed out. Thanks again.
  2. W is for Wire ‎– It's Beginning To And Back Again
  3. M is for Mangione. Chuck Mangione ‎– The Feeling's Back (Chesky Records)
  4. L is for Liz Phair ‎– Girly-Sound To Guyville (Boxed Set)
  5. D is (and will EVER be ) for the Dwarves - Take Back The Night (Including "Here's Looking At You")
  6. Z is for Zappa* ‎– The Man From Utopia (not currently recorded in Discogs, but it's in the collection).
  7. Sorry to tell ya this, but Russell Morris don't start with a V, although the album name does... so I'll give you a pass (not that I have ANY authority to do so)
  8. Eric does make amps with a built-in pre-amp, but if it's not specified, I'd not assume that is the case. I have a 3 in 1 amp/pre/headphone amp from him, which can be used as an integrated amp (with only 1 or 2 inputs) or as separate pre to feed an amp (or mono amps). If you want something special/unique/"no longer on the market" , I read that Eric is happy to work with you and meet your needs. He often spends significant time testing and adjusting amps. Contact and discuss your requirements. You might be very pleasantly surprised. Same advice goes out to @Bensoundresearch for info re input sensitivity.
  9. Joy Division ‎– Substance It was a throw-down between this and a Jesus Chrust single. Choosing from record collections only makes it hard as my LPs are not fully catalogued yet (maybe by the end of the pandemic there will be a positive outcome).
  10. Instantly recognisable. Have you considered the extended and very loud "No" from the intro of Radio Birdman's version of TV Eye? Many times I have been involved in such a quorum and thus am happy to validate your authority to proceed on that basis.
  11. Everybody needs an occasional indulgence.. I don't mind this one for you, for what my opinion's worth.
  12. Q is for Quttinirpaaq ‎– Let's Hang Out (Ltd release of 300) Experimental noise rock from Austin, Texas.
  13. S is for Sesame Street ‎– Sesame Disco!
  14. P is for the Porkers - Tired of being Pork Hunts* Bonus P for Peter Porker (Cooper) up front. I knew this guy from high school. and occasionally see him at the local movie house. * former band name
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