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  1. Sometimes the programming in the firmware gets messed up and fails to recognise what it once did. Certainly a first step, either reinstall the original firmware or an update. Cheers!
  2. Have you tried to reinstall the firmware? Sounds to me like that could be why it's having problems (primarily).
  3. PM sent re desired items. As for DVD-Audio, I'm one who still has interest (as long as I have a player that supports the format). I have read that a few manufacturers have decided to save money on the fee to run the DVD-A format in their players. Could be based on lack of community interest.
  4. Maybe it should have been publicised more heavily and support garnered from our esteemed vanguard here. A well-contrived survey or two. Newcastle is too rough a place to support such a venue, but is considered a good test market. Was thinking of a German concept bierhall/ Kölsch-haus. Would that suit some high-end German audio-technik? Am thinking of various theme nights (Kraftwerk, Tankard, Classical .., other)
  5. Good value. Cosmetically better than one I bought via SNA in Feb '18 . May need to have some tired caps replaced, but Dang, that's hot! Happy to endorse this model pre-amp as a great quality/ value unit. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Seems that a lot of "Providers" really do NOT value long-term customers, but offer first year discounts to entice new business. When moving to broadband just last year, I asked if there was any incentive for me to upgrade with my current ISP, as I'd been supporting them for about 17 years. Even when I asked to talk with the shift supervisor, the best I could do was free postage for the new modem. When I changed to NBN this year, I did it all online, eschewing the waste of time that is "call support". The term "Valued Customer" is now defunct.
  7. Off-topic for a moment, but why do time-travel stories bent on changing history want to always kill Hitler or save JFK? Wouldn't it be easier to save Mary Jo or stop Gough's dismissal, for example? For mine, I'd like to sort out a few personal issues before starting on the big picture stuff. Anyway, currently ripping a number of discs purchased recently from @rotur, with thanks. This one right now: The Anthems II.
  8. Duntech, as depicted above, at least. Kiat mentioned that he was going to a show. Great to see those Duntech speakers representing us. Hope that's not the first and last Aussie repped product.
  9. TISM also had the right stuff. Hillary had Everest in his veins; Armstrong did Moon- was not the same. In any case, he'll never be an 'Ol Man River.
  10. GG Allin and the SF's - E.M.F (Eat My F***). Listening while the young and impressionable one is out playing D&D with friends. Not entirely good quality (music or production) or socially acceptable lyrics, but definitely raw and driving. Somewhat intimidating at first listen. I have the 1988 reissue LP, as depicted here.
  11. Getting Cyco right now... Infectious Grooves with their album Groove Family Cyco.
  12. I took some inspiration from @Music monster Gary and repositioned my speakers. Also took the output to 10 (o'clock on the ME25 pre), and had to bump the sub way down. Now listening to The Peep Tempel (S/T).
  13. Thank God for the Cellies! Here's one of my favourite covers from them...
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