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  1. Album 1 of this collection. Status Quo - GOLD Old Skool Rawk!
  2. I hope you understand that those scissors will no longer be fit for purpose* Takes the edge right off... * From personal experience and replacement costs.
  3. I thought it was a jolly nice getting-to-know-you gift for this first-timer from NSW. ...but now I feel like my standards are being judged...
  4. based on JJ's post in "One hit wonders", I recall this by the Anti-Nowhere league (from whom I have several LPs and CDs). I just had to listen!
  5. The Back Seat of my Car is also a song by the Dwarves. The song is a lot shorter, faster and some might say ferocious and focused.
  6. With respect to the Cars and their song Drive, I have a strong preference for Stannard Ridgway's - "Drive, she said". Also, I find the tune "Camouflage" to be as moving as Redgum's "I was only 19". I know, big talk, right? Now listen to the Big Heat.
  7. The Best of Talking Heads. Great tunes...
  8. More listening here. Some Depeche Mode - Ultra (first listen)
  9. Pre-made Saturday Glam mix.. (with some mild adjustments to the subwoofer)
  10. Same advertisement. Fwiw, the price has increased to $79, I assume in lieu of the current offer of 20% off with code POLLEN20. AND the ad, as you can see in my first post, has always claimed SACD playback. Attention: @One and a half
  11. The JC1's are just starting to bring out the best of the speakers... (after several hours/albums of use) ELO - Very best of...
  12. FWIW, I heard an ME1400 driving some Black Knights this weekend just gone. Relevance? I'm getting there. One of the guys at the meeting mentioned that Mr Dunlavy was very big on measuring all his speakers and ensuring they were both equally matched. Having said that, I would be almost certain that he also would have measured the output of the speakers for all the available amps, and that tells me the ME1500 must have had a detectable (or at least measurable) advantage over the other amps. My 2 cent price tag advice can be rounded down to zero cost.
  13. Just then... The Monkees - Original Masters and now.. The Beatles - LOVE
  14. Yesterday I bought an XLR -> RCA adaptor (2 actually) Simple, yeah? Apparently not. The female to female adaptor was required but not available at Jaycar. First up, I was supplied with a a male XLR fitting which had to be exchanged. Imagine my disappointment at needing to buy (extra cost as well as inconvenience) two extra RCA (F-> F) adaptors. At least my VRDS-10 transport now connects to the DEQ2496 and into the pre-amp
  15. Lounge- VPI Scout 1.1- BlueSound Node 2i- Klein DAC - ME14 MC card - ME850- ME SE300 monoblocks - Osborn Epitome with Bass Bins Bedroom- Linn Sondek: Technoarm and Mober upgrades - Yamaha CD-2000 - Yamaha A-2000 -Custom Yamaha NS-1000M @jakeyb77, time to update the signature?
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