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  1. Most 4K players do a good job of upscaling to 4K with your Blu-ray and DVDs.
  2. Not sure if a single ME900 Monoblock would work in my setup, but... for you? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ME900-MONO-BLOCK/224053854297?hash=item342aa68059:g:b4IAAOSwqK9e8GiE
  3. For your information, this arrived yesterday. Perhaps the post is easing/ catching up a little?
  4. Recent purchases, expected to arrive this week: Otoboke Beaver - okoshiyasu-remastered-2018 Otoboke Beaver - Love is Short EP PNKSLM (label) Mystery Bundle 2020 - five random PNKSLM vinyl releases, including at least 4 12"s, for just 20 EUR, that's 4 EUR per record if you're counting. Guaranteed satisfaction. Jaded Eyes - Call Of The Void (Cover art by "Away" from the band, Voivod) Recently arrived - Born Sh!t Stirrers - "Depressed Fathers Club" Album Download only - Bob Vylan - We Live Here Download only
  5. I heard that in Arnold's Austrian (get to the chopper) accent. ...or check out the seller's 21 other items, including a number of other special JBL's
  6. I'd also like to wish you a welcome to this forum. Please consider posting a pic of your setup on the My System Today thread, with a brief (or extended) description. As for your inherited gear, please start here, https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/yamaha/rx-v2090.shtml
  7. U is for the unctuous, uncredulous U2 ‎– Achtung Baby
  8. K is for the krafty, kalculating and ongoingly klever: Kraftwerk - Autobahn. This was the introductory tune on Rick Stein's kooking tour in the land of kraut, last night on SBS.
  9. J is for the jocular, jaunty and double-jointed - Jimmy And The Boys! - Not Like Everybody Else!
  10. I is for those ignoble children of southern ignorance and insensitivity, the innovative: I Spit On Your Gravy ‎– Fruit Loop City
  11. H is for those historical harbingers of havoc, who haphazardly happened to fire up the crowd with their song "The Star And The Slaughter" , instigating the Star Hotel Riot in Newcastle (my home village). H is for Heroes - Heroes
  12. G is for the enduring Generals of British punk. The genteel and gumptious G.B.H. - No Survivors If you like your City Baby the way I like mine, then enjoy this disc. In keeping with the G-theme, my cover of this LP is generic, but the price was $5, so no Grumbles.
  13. Fantastic fiery frogs, Batman. It's Frenzal Rhomb ‎– Forever Malcolm Young Just one of the Frenzal albums in my flock.
  14. E is for the exasperatingly excellent music from Jeff and the boyz: Electric Light Orchestra ‎– ELO's Greatest Hits The intro to the track Mr Blue Sky was part of Rick Stein's culinary trip within Germany on SBS last night.
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