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  1. Playing now, a bit of Status Quo - GOLD.
  2. Just giving my new (to me, anyway) Oppo 95 JLTi player some Police to feed upon. Thanks @Warren M. for the player and support. Something for the dual/ stereo subwoofers soon. Maybe some Testament? The Police - Live !
  3. Prepare for the weirdness and experimental noise of Quttinirpaaq (LP - Let's Hang Out) Ltd Ed of 300. Available on Bandcamp and good record dealers.
  4. Concise and decisive. Bonus points. I'm warming more to Dylan now, but in my mid-twenties his music was all boring, samey folksy bollocks. Very similar with Lenny Cohen and Velvet Underground. @metal beat, thanks for your guidance and input. I will buy some cheaper/better priced CDs and try them out, for a start. I'm certainly not against hip hop and rap. I even own a bit of Aussie hip-hop and some old Tone Loc. Time to try something new...
  5. REL seems to work fine for me in HT. Maybe it's because I have Richter speakers with decent woofer support. I'm about to try dual subs for my music setup, thanks to a recent addition of REL T3 sub (I believe courtesy of @Ants2me last weekend). Thanks, mate!
  6. A carefully curated (and useful) part of my collection.
  7. From where did you source these, JJ?
  8. My apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I was wondering how you got on. I have a REL T1 and T5, but have not run them together. I used the REL sub recommendor from the website and it said I needed a T9 or two for my mid-size room and Maggie 1.7's. Have you visited that page for a recommendation? There is a contact link above the speaker selection box, which you might use (as they do not list your speakers) Les What Is The Best Subwoofer for Me? | REL Acoustics REL.NET Discover the best subwoofer that will work harmoniously with your main speakers and room acoustics to extend your system’s range and bring enhanced clarity to the mid tones. Select your speaker...
  9. Nice rack. Bunnings under $40? Very similar to mine. Nice work. My LPs are currently out of the way, awaiting re-assembly and re-deployment of the rack. So many things to do. Les
  10. I looked them up for you on Discogs. They seem to both be song titles (not CD album titles), and furthermore both for EP/Maxi CDs, released in 1995/96. Check these links, as you may need to buy them again. Maybe you can listen for free, via YouTube or Spotify. The Innocence Mission - Bright As Yellow (1995, Digipak, CD) | Discogs WWW.DISCOGS.COM Label: A&M Records - 31458 8435 2 • Format: CD Maxi-Single, Promo Digipak • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Salt - Honour Me (1996, CD) | Discogs WWW.DISCOGS.COM Label: MVG Records - CID 626,Island Records - 854 503-2 • Format: CD Single • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock
  11. The Caballeros - Another Day Another Day (Single Version), by The Caballeros THECABALLEROS.BANDCAMP.COM track by The Caballeros
  12. Today I bought THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET - TIME OUT (New CD) And an iron-on embroidered patch for my daughter's BF.
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