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  1. Good to see that someone is throwing Sinead a bone or two re singing work. I like a bit of Mr Gabriel's work here. Oh, "I turn to stone" just escalated, on the speakers and into my ears. OK, back to ELO listening.
  2. Some E.L.O. right now. Gonna take some time to get to the song I was thinking of (and the one that inspired the album to be played) - Strange Magic. "BRUCE, don't bring me down!" hahahaha.
  3. Thanks Gary, for taking us along on this journey with you. It's been a real epic! I have a pair of 1.7's and think I will be hanging on to them for a long time, although it's always good to have aspirations.
  4. From my experience,... you'll be back!
  5. Maybe the winning member/ purchaser intends to do that.
  6. Have you considered the white covers (socks) for these speakers. I have them and they blend in well with most rooms, I hear.
  7. G'day @ttv6 How is the room setup moving along? Just wondering if you have adjusted the Subwoofer crossover frequency/ volume outputs or sought support at https://www.svsound.com/pages/customer-service Highly recommended, I read. There is also an SVS Subwoofer Smartphone App if that appeals. Hoping for your best outcome. Les
  8. Surely, being an IKEA item. it can be disassembled and flat-packed if that helps @lonewolf
  9. Looks great. Also, bonus respect for good footwork in the photos. PM sent with genuine intentions.
  10. The Ventures (not the Venture's) - Only Hits (and not their only hits, I'd further venture). Double LP from 1973 (via eBay). Great condition, but a little confused. The B-side of Record One is marked as Record One and Side 4, and contains the songs from Side 4 (as per the album cover). Great recording and instrument separation.
  11. Some old-skool Tone-Loc and now some Daft Punk (sounds clean 'n' loud on the Maggies). I may have been moved to dance, a little bit.
  12. not quite a fiend. An occasional fan, perhaps. Home theatre perhaps. Maybe some DSOTM or Gojira, at times of celebration. Thanks for your response. Les
  13. Would they make a happier note with a pair of REL subs? This is not yet an offer to retain the items.. Les
  14. Maybe on vinyl one day, but I currently have this on CD and Blu-ray audio. Have only listened a couple of times as it only arrive late last week, but I like it!
  15. Giving a few singles a play on the Sharp Optonica RP-3500. This one reminds me of a friend from Canberra (now in NZ). I Spit On Your Gravy - "Piranha".
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