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  1. Killer amp! Can't believe it hasn't sold yet?! GLWTS
  2. Does anyone have a internal picture crossover / cabinet bracing etc ?
  3. I think @Audionutz has the matching CD Player he might be interested. You cant go wrong when its free 😁
  4. Hey champ I purchaced this Vimak from you for $150 a couple of weeks ago I just wanted to confirm is the unit now fixed / repaired ? Your post is not very clear Cheers Max
  5. Item: Metaxas Iraklis Location: Sydney Price: $750 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLU Payment Method: Pickup / Post $65 Extra Info: Pm for more details 240V 20KG
  6. Wow these look amazing Great price GLWS
  7. Item: Luxman M-1600 Location: Sydney Price: $1300 Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: NLU Payment: Pickup / Post $100 Aus wide Extra Info: Pm for more details Pictures: Picture is off google i will take some over the next few days
  8. Yes what you see is what you get Amp is pending pickup atm sorry Garry a bit to late
  9. No idea about the mm / mc I don't use a TT
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