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  1. Item: BeoPlay H7 (wireless) headphone ear cushions/cups - Natural colour Location: Melbourne Price: $60 Item Condition: Brand-new Reason for selling: Inadvertently ordered these from B&O in the UK for £45 but meant to order them for my H6s, won't fit so out they go. New in box. Payment Method: Pickup, post with P&P Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Hi All, After a bit of advice. We're moving into a new place next month so I'm finally building my (semi-) budget dream system. I started off wanting a nice 2.0 system so have a second-hand Perreaux Audiant 80i that I imported from NZ. I'm looking for some speakers to pair it with, and was looking at Elac floorstanders, but now have SO approval to put in surround as well. The Perreaux has a HT loop with unity gain so I just need more speakers and an AV receiver with front pre-outs. I've seen this ad on Gumtree (Integra 30-1 with Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 speakers and sub for $1000 negotiable). My TV is 1080p so that's ok, and not too worried about Atmos or network features for now. Does this seem like a good deal? I'll probably look at upgrading the fronts sooner rather than later, but think the rest of the system should be acceptable for adding centre/surround and the sub for LFE in movies. Thoughts?
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