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  1. These look absolutely beautiful. Hope to hear a pair of these one day. GLWTS.
  2. Hi Lonewolf, thanks for the interest - I already have a taker (pending pickup) but if it falls through for any reason I'll let you know for sure.
  3. Hi, rationalising my media and getting rid of these as no longer needed. These are made of solid wood and cost about $90 each from a joint on Parramatta Road if my memory serves me correctly! Pickup from Marrickville, NSW. Cheers!
  4. Item: Bundle of 20 Jazz CDs Location: Inner West, Sydney Price: $30 the lot Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Thinning out collection Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi, this listing for a collection of Jazz CDs - condition is variable - most are completely fine but some are marked/scuffed. All played OK for me. The Billy Cobham is missing booklet. If there's a title where you're particularly interested in the condition lemme know and I'll describe it as best I can. Inspection before buying very welcome, preference given to local pickup for this reason, it is also very difficult for me to get to the post office when it's open! Thx for looking. Pictures:
  5. Item: ECM CD BUNDLE - see below for titles Location: Inner West, Sydney Price: $30 for the lot Item Condition: Used, ranging from G to Mint Reason for selling: Purging excess CDs! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi, this listing for some ECM CD titles. Some are in flawless condition, some definitely second-hand with scuffs and marks. Cases also in variable condition and the Selected Signs comp has a water-damaged booklet. All played fine for me and I think the price reflects the condition. Inspection very welcome and pick-up from Inner West Sydney preferred for this reason. Thanks for looking! Pictures:
  6. Love the look of your souped-up DM1400s. I have a pair (non-modded) and despite being cosmetically shabby they consistently delight with their sound.
  7. Fair enough, it's a great looking collection - cheers John
  8. Hi John, would you consider posting to Sydney (at my expense of course!) - if so I'd like to put my hand up for the two Bowie CDs and the two Pink Floyd CDs. Thanks! Richard
  9. Hey @JukKluk2 - it's sounding good thanks! I've been going through my CD collection because I'm enjoying hearing everything with the new presentation and there have been some real revelations along the way, which I suppose is what this game is all about. (There have also been a few times when a poorly-mastered CD has really revealed itself, which I suppose is an occupational hazard). I did upgrade to a Denon DVD-2910 which (at least subjectively) made a difference source-wise compared to the old 80s Technics CDP I had previously. Currently nosing around for a meatier pair of speakers! The bass is there, and it is well-defined, but I'd probably like a bit more... just have to find the right pair.
  10. Yep it does. Having turned off the loudness means I am much better able to judge what the tone controls are doing - I'm trying to get used to a flat presentation first but I do think I will end up taking the bass up a notch or two and likewise pulling back the treble. I don't know how much is CD harshness and how much is my ears being stuffed after 20+ years of gig-going - but certain frequencies I find really horrible to listen to, probably leading to a preference for a bass-heavy sound.
  11. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for this advice - I think this was the key - I was totally used to the loudness "on" with my old amp, and in my defense on the Technics it actually does add a bottom end boost that flatters my Kytes. But I can also see now that I was pursuing a particular brash, boomy sound. The loudness button(s) on the Accuphase don't play as nicely with my speakers (and are presumably calibrated differently) leading to that distortion I was hearing. Current plan is to listen to the Technics with the loudness turned off for a couple of days to get used to the less inflected presentation, and then swap back to the Accuphase to make a fairer assessment of the sound. I started this morning and even within the space of one album I started off thinking it all sounded thin & tinny and then got used to the flatter sound. I still really love - and covet - strong and rich bass, but I think if that's what I'm after I should probably look into some floorstanding speakers. It's an ongoing process this lark isn't it. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks Wimbo, that kind of seasoned perspective is very helpful. I'll do as you suggest and spend a few days with the Accuphase to see how things feel when I've stopped comparing. Could be the Technics amp gets swapped back in and the Accuphase benched until I can find a source and speakers it deserves! Cheers jrhill, I'm definitely keen to get it looked at in the not too distant future - I can tell it is a lovely amp, even though my system probably isn't allowing it to realise its potential! It's a beautifully built piece of kit, and - save for this slight dissatisfaction with the low end - it does sound really great, especially on vocals.
  13. Many thanks for the advice Wimbo - I generally do have the loudness on, it's true - but I had the loudness on my old Technics amp and the bass from that sounded pretty good on the Kytes! When I switch it out it feels like the bass disappears, at least relative to what I'm hoping for/expecting. There is a tone bypass on the Accuphase which I have turned off at this point. Kytes are on (vintage) Apollo Hi Fi branded shot-filled pedestal stands. The room isn't ideally set up for listening but the old Technics amp seemed to work pretty happily with the Kytes - as this is the case I guess the crux of my question is whether the problem is likely with the amplifier, or the matching between speakers/amp.
  14. Hi all, Long-time reader, first time poster! I've only really just started personally exploring the world of better quality audio, and could use some advice re troubleshooting a problem I'm hearing. Apologies if I've placed this in the wrong section but it feels like a beginner's query! Some background - all of my gear is second hand, and at this point I'm happy enough to piece together as good as system as I can with the gear I can pick up for affordable prices. Up until recently I've been listening to music from CD (via Technics SLP-555 CD) or vinyl (Teac PX-500 tt with Ortofon Red cart/stylus) with a Technics SU-8055 Amp and a pair of Rega Kyte speakers. For a cheap and cheerful setup this was actually pretty good! Particularly the bass felt well-defined, fast and punchy. I have just obtained an (unrestored) Accuphase E-204 amplifier, which is obviously streets ahead of my previous amp, and on paper it should sound miles better right? And it does in the higher frequencies, and overall - but the bass is notably more indistinct and, I guess I'd call it muddier, or even slightly distorted. I've been reading about the symptoms of failing caps, DC offset etc and none of these seem to account for quite what I'm hearing. My gut feeling is that maybe the speakers aren't quite handling the frequencies the amp is putting out - even at carefully low volume levels - but is that a realistic scenario? Or is it more likely to be a function of the amp being a bit out of sorts? Sadly I don't have access to a better/bigger pair of speakers to test my "theory", although if the amp checks out ok I'll definitely be pursuing a pair. One other thing - when listening through the amp's headphone output, everything sounds pretty rich and full with none of the (admittedly mild) lower frequency lack of definition mentioned above. Any advice welcome! Thanks, Emsworth
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