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  1. I thought this was posted around here somewhere, if not it needs to be! This is a client issue, and Apple, Android and other users are at risk. Extenders/repeaters are also vulnerable if I am understanding this correctly. Not routers as far as I understand. So far Apple and Android have not been patched as far as I understand it. MS is OK if you are using a supported OS by the looks of it. ---------------------------------------------- C&P in part check the link for more-------------------------------------------------------- A security flaw has been discovered that could be used to hack into any device that uses Wi-Fi. That includes your phone, your laptop, your PlayStation and your smart fridge. The key reinstallation attacks, or KRACKs, were discovered by Belgian researcher Marty Vanhoef and are so serious the US Department of Homeland Security has issued an official warning. How does the hack work? According to Mr Vanhoef, KRACK is a problem with Wi-Fi itself, not any particular device. That's what makes it so concerning. The attack manipulates and replays cryptographic handshake messages in the four-way handshake that is used when you attempt to connect to a protected Wi-Fi network, if you're after the technical explanation. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-17/wi-fi-vulnerable-to-hacks-after-flaw-discovered/9056334
  2. Target Turntable with Bluetooth

    It will only sound as good as the playback gear used with it. That's why us lot are constantly upgrading phono stages, turntables and cartridges until we can get the most out of the media (records). That's why there are turntables priced between 200 bucks and 20k, and phono stages between 50 bucks and 5k, and cartridges between 25 bucks and 2k. Some go for higher than those high figures I stated. Granted once you get to a certain price range the improvements are less noticeable.
  3. Target Turntable with Bluetooth

    @Richard Sparks I'm not sure what ones, and likely have no experience with either, just recently sold my own table ect to get car repairs done. I know you are worried about possible issues with a secondhand one but that's where the value is. Anyway, once you have something ask on here and someone nearby might be able to help with initial setup, if need be. Don't rush in, and take ya' time.
  4. Target Turntable with Bluetooth

    Not to worry we all start at some point and then as we go learn from others, occasionally make a less than better choice still, but we learn from those hiccups also I'm sure you are in for a lot of fun on the path you are now on, Richard
  5. Target Turntable with Bluetooth

    On track now, Richard Is likely why it took a while for responses, nobody likes to tell someone something they have is....well, for want of a more accurate term.......less than..... Is why I didn't.The guys here will guide you well. Love the Carpenters and dare I say it? ABBA also
  6. Night time like while asleep? Not something i would do, but then I'm not much of a gambler
  7. Always interesting to read different individuals descriptions on the same product Look forward to your further comments after more hours listening
  8. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    Good that some of It's getting sorted, and the stupidity rather than HW problem is something I'm well aware of first hand I would be inclined to stick with quiet fans and just get more for any available position. Room for 2 x 12cm ones there?
  9. Making it 'big' in hi fi.

    I see it differently, but that's me, others can choose differently. "It was only by chance his numbers came up" I don't bother with lotteries, knowing the odds. Edit: Based on 18 games, the odds remain 2,521,090 to one. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2012/11/06/what-are-your-chances-winning-oz-lotto
  10. Making it 'big' in hi fi.

    I guess there is an argument for it, but It's ambiguous IMO. Definition of luck 1 a :a force that brings good fortune or adversity Luck was a big factor in the outcome. b :the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual The loser muttered something about bad luck. 2 :favoring chance; also :success had great luck growing orchids
  11. Making it 'big' in hi fi.

    @Satanica I see it as 'chance' and not luck. Edit: "Game of Chance" the only ones that have mathematically worked out they can't loose are the ones running it.
  12. Gran Turismo Sport

    The G29 looks cool A purpose built stand sound good, I used to have a habit of yanking the steering wheels off the desk play these driving games, couldn't secure them well enough I handed in my gaming drivers license ages ago, i suxs at those games.....but my oh my they can be a hoot!
  13. Making it 'big' in hi fi.

    Timing is a factor. and accurately predicting movements in all areas can be critical. Hope it goes well for you in the short and long term, @blybo
  14. Making it 'big' in hi fi.

    I left out 'hard work and long hours'
  15. PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

    ^^^^good idea^^^^