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  1. The sky

    Leading Astrophysicists and Cosmologists say it doesn't exist and never has existed. Frank the plumber on the internet believes it does. Edit: I mean come on, who ya' gonna believe?
  2. Audio Music 833M mono blocks

    Ha! I glanced at ya' Av when you made this thread and looked at the tube, made perfect sense at the time
  3. Audio Music 833M mono blocks

    Petrol generator for power source? Would need tube rectification also i guess. Oh! and a bunker Reading about it again in that link, I love reading about these non hifi uses of tubes. Oops, sorry way off topic, back to that devilish coloured tube
  4. Audio Music 833M mono blocks

    Thanks, Rocky I just woke up so haven't warmed up enough to google yet
  5. Audio Music 833M mono blocks

    That 6C33 tube is the one they use in the Mig Fighters or was it the Mirage Fighter? Or maybe I'm confusing tubes
  6. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    No worries, @wolster , I was all posted out and need a breather anyway Being vocal and opinionated like i am can be quit exhausting Edit: Meh...I don't really have anything I can add to this thread that wouldn't be me just repeating myself, and I do that too much as is. So I'll watch, I like to watch
  7. Repairs?

    @Martykt Yeah, GW is the only one I can think of, then there is Clay down the GC but he is often busy with his DAC's but maybe? There are tech's around, but none with store fronts that I know enough to recommend. There are likely many capable to do this just don't know them. If my eyes were better I might be able to do it myself, but wouldn't risk it on someone else kit. It's not like it is a big thing if just a straight replacement.
  8. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    I can't see it, Wolster, but out of compliance, I'll avoid new members and especially Michael if that is how I'm being viewed. Makes no difference to me.
  9. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    No idea what the FM155 is. But the key part of that is "IF" How do you check that before purchase, I don't gamble in any way or form so maybe I'm just not a player in this game.
  10. Audio Music 833M mono blocks

    Yes I am into coloured sound Real instruments are coloured and I sometimes like those too
  11. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    That can inside a can is nothing (it's also a very old pic that gets circulated every now and again), they fake caps that are not cans in cans, they are real caps but of a sub standard make compared to the real thing, often unable to handle the ratings on the caps.
  12. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    @Michael Hope Better that you tract the circuit of the built clone and not trust what they give you. I have two circuit examples of a, 'at the moment popular' cheap valve amp, the circuit that they supply that it is built off and one where an owner has noted some of the changes they have made compared to what the circuit calls for, the changes they have made scream "we don't know what we are doing!" The changes in component values they made are nothing short of silly. Also, Michael, can you tell the difference between a sub standard fake Elna capacitor and the real thing? Or Wima for that matter? Anyway, each to their own discussions on purchasing.
  13. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Michael, have you see the schematics for those Chinese amps? This will be more telling than any visual appearance of what you are really buying.