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  1. 1978 for myself, and one speeding ticket and just a few years ago, 7km over in a 50 km zone going down hill in the old early 505 PUG that needed a run off for the following hill
  2. Used to be a constant 250vac at the wall in my Brisbane suburb, but sometime in the last several months they changed something and now it hangs close around 239vac. Seems to be widely variable in how much and how variable it is depending on where you are in this country, right down to the local substation.
  3. @pete_mac or Skippy are my first thoughts, they are in Sydney though.
  4. I used to have one of those, very sweet sound with a dark background. Still miss it sometimes. GLWTS (good buying at that figure)
  5. No, they just sit in the passenger seat criticizing all the other drivers including you, and having never held a license or driven on the road they must be right. Time for my nap
  6. I hate those drivers that don't drive, they really piss me off!
  7. Made the correct choice I think, would have definitely been untrustworthy
  8. Never understood the need to speed, It's not like you get to your destination sooner by a factor that means much. I guess it's an mind set/attitude. My bug bear is people not indicating their intentions, makes for some very close calls, and some too close.
  9. Well, that was good, but painful to watch only one episode
  10. Get the timing right and you are set.
  11. Welcome to SNA Related to hifi collective UK? the parts supplier?
  12. I'm watching afterwards on demand. Have binge watch it on netflix so this will be difficult being spoon fed each week.
  13. Not NOS I don't think, at least his TDA1541A DAC's have the SAA7220 over-sampling chip. No idea on the TDA1387 DAC'S he has. @MattyW ? One of those is capable of accepting PCM384kHz and DSD64,DSD128 Signal with It's supporting hardware I think. Edit: I went NOS in my Marantz, and love it, the crystal clock distribution is re-clocked via flip-flop and buffer chips instead of via the now nonexistent SAA7220P/B oversampling chip.
  14. I expect Clay's new DAC based on the AK4499 currant output chip will be interesting and ahead of the previous models using the older AKM chips (as good as they are), that's the one that would interest me if I was in a position to move on from the TDA1541A and venture into modern DAC chips again. Edit: not that I have much interest in DSD myself.
  15. Make sure you are no creating a load that exceeds the capabilities of any one board in the chain, for a start, need to be careful around this aspect. Piggybacking powerboards has the same risk factor as piggybacking double adapters did in the old days. So never do it in order to create more sockets to plug into. https://www.appliancetaggingservices.com.au/blogs/know-the-dangers-of-overloading-your-power-board I use a standard 4 point board into the wall that has my amp connected to it and also a filter board connected to it, in turn I have another of the same filter boards connected to that and then my CD Player connected to that second filter board, so load is far lower than any board sees.....and I get twice the filtering for my CD player where I get a sonic benefit yet am far from the capable load of any receptical in the chain including the dual point wall receptical. There is also a non filter board that plugs into the second wall receptical but it only caters for a TV/Modem/router. I have the amp plugged into the first non filterboard as when plugged into the filter boards it looses dynamic headroom where the CD Player does not. So in total for the dual wall receptical there is a load that includes TV/Router/Modem/20 watt integrated amp/CD Player. (TV is always off when the amp an CD Player are in use) The non filtered board on one only sees Amp/CD Player, the other only TV/Modem/Router. I think as far as filtering goes, you can have anything filtered other than the power amp, but that might depend on the boards used. I use Thor Duo's for filtering the CD Player.
  16. Binge watched Bad Blood, found it very enjoyable. Nearly finished The Inbetweeners, silly but funny.
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