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  1. We got the VOIP phone line in our tpg bundle but just never bothered with a phone.
  2. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/pioneer-bookshelf-speaker-pair-designed-by-andrew-jones-spbs22lr-pioneer/
  3. I switched over recently, not very impressed................at all.............. only positive is the wifi adapter drivers are written better for 10....in my case.
  4. The SGO Mundorfs are nice, but bettered by the Miflex Copper, Andyn copper, Duelund Jam ect' IMO.......all sounding more natural..
  5. Apart from electrolytic caps, you need to be careful with some of the old paper n wax and paper n oil caps, as some of these could also deteriorate over time. Then there are carbon composition resistors that absorb moisture over time, and drift in value.
  6. Can you give us a pic of the internals, see if anything obviously shot, and see if it's original or not.
  7. You can just use the variac, just don't take it beyond the rated mains voltage for the amp, 110 or whatever. Edit: I would have a tech' look over it first.
  8. @Assisi I also know and have known members that stop sharing their experiences after similar treatment, many end up leaving the forums, or share on other forums instead. I think we also need to remember that as a portion of society being forum members, we will have some folk that have the same issues as found in percentages of the greater population. Like people with power and/or control issues (they usually go together). People with these issues will try and control their environment and the people around them. So some conflict can likely be the result of particular personalities exercising their issues and attempting to control others.
  9. Re-watching Season one of Lost In Space, picking up on some details i missed the first time around.
  10. I'm not sure what "the" question you are referring to is? If someone doesn't know the answer, they ask the question. When the thread starter is not seen again it is impossible to know the reason why, any speculation to why is just that. Meh, just how I view this *shrug*
  11. It's not a new rule book though, it is about communicating effectively, without the insults, put downs and general poor communication. Maybe some having a drink is at times a fuel for the fire we are discussing.
  12. And that is the purpose of this thread by, David.
  13. Thanks, Tasebass, very informative
  14. So of no relevance, and yes it is an attack in regards to what you posted, it should be obvious.
  15. How is that even related to this audio forum, or this discussion revolving around this audio forum??
  16. It's not that nobody does it, you have been here since 2017, there have been members use that exact term addressing others on here in the past, and not just an isolated incident. I know as I had been the recipient more than once and from more than one member.
  17. @Tasebass I often wondered about the damage to clear coat that is seen on many cars, including mine, I always just figured it was an incompatibility between base coat and the clear. Now I know what it is, thanks @Tasebass is the wash an wax type products OK? I guess would have to make sure there is no silicon component in it?
  18. Anyone calling anyone delusional, is in error! That is an attack on the person. IMO
  19. I used to watch the qualified painters in panel shops I worked with chuck a nana every time they discover these protective coating, or at least ones that were around 25+ years ago when I worked in panel shops. Nothing to do with quotes, just because it makes the job so much more as you state...a PITA. Annoying enough when it was just silicon based waxes.
  20. Am I getting this correct? It looks to myself as the thing there is that you are extrapolating on what they say, they say such and such works, and you add meaning to it that is not stated. Is this correct?
  21. Have you gone New Age, Andy? I can almost smell the incense
  22. For the full rang ,maybe look to the maker. But I just get the small bottles of cleaner and enhancer from jaycar like rodders3 linked to, I mostly use the enhancer..
  23. In general change is difficult for most people, but I agree with all stated in the OP, though will take a conscious effort on peoples part to have a chance of progress along such a path. I have been trying 6to follow something like this for a while now as I used to be a lot more reactive and emotional regarding conflicts/disagreement here. For my part I'm willing to make even more effort to be part of this objective. Only thing I'm hesitant with is the tribe aspect (maybe It's just the term I'm uncomfortable with), where there is more than one, it in itself fosters barriers between identified tribes. Maybe it is my view of tribalism that I have an issue with in this respect.. I likely should have woken up more before posting, but.... time for another coffee We need to be one tribe and we all need to try and view it in this way, and I need to make a concerted effort to take this view myself. Great post, David.
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