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  1. Apart from the similar (not same) front baffle shape they are very different speakers, the drivers, cabinet and crossovers and crossover components and design, I'd bet all very different. Lenehan ML-1's Pulsar 2 They look quite different to me. Edit: the Pulsar at least in size is more like the ML-1, if it performs as well or even close to the Lenehan speakers it is special. The Pulser looks like it would be considerably more costly than the standard ML-1, and in price would be facing off with a Reference level ML-1 at least, I'd guess the Pulsar a greater cost by a very fair bit. The Pulsar is priced at $7700/pair that's USD I imagine ($11,218.97 AUD) their latest the Pulsar 2 is $8999 (13,111.96 AUD) from what I can see online. They are well reviewed.
  2. Tortech in Sydney can custom wind what you need if they don't have one that matches the primaries and secondaries of the original.
  3. You see a parallel because you want to see one, not because there is one. The direct ancestor of all European bowed instruments is the Arabic rebab (ربابة), which developed into the Byzantine lyra by the 9th century and later the European rebec.[13][14][15] The first makers of violins probably borrowed from various developments of the Byzantine lyra. These included the vielle (also known as the fidel or viuola) and the lira da braccio.[11][16] The violin in its present form emerged in early 16th-century northern Italy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violin#History
  4. Not the biggest fan of the didgeridoo , but there is nothing sadder than a white dude playing one. Sorry, saaw this on the cover of a CD in an op shop today, used to see it in Byron too, just wrong IMO
  5. That's a bias, people seeing what they want to, or expect to see in patterns
  6. By all means, if it fits the budget no problemo! :) I'm on a very limited income, that's just me, if I were not....well.
  7. ............. Never mind, it needs to be properly diagnosed.
  8. Yes, looked at the site. I'm not questioning whether it works or not, was just curious about how, anyway......... doesn't fit with my budget constraints, but that applies to many things in this hobby for me.
  9. So this thing must be addressing vibrations in the tray? The Disk is not on the mat when spinning I'd imagine. Edit: hang on, this sits on top of the CD?
  10. Just looking at the still vid, holy crap! Looks like an alien moss has taken over.
  11. Added cut bamboo boards between the rubber pads and speakers, very tin bits of blu tac to add stability, seems to add a slight sweet warmth, maybe, need to go back an forth to qualify it (don't ask me what sweet warmth means), will need to also try the other arrangement too. This tweaking can reach a point of being tedious Edit: 'Body' might be better descriptive than 'warmth'.
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