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  1. TNT FleXy Table Deluxe audiophile racks

    From my experience Bamboo is pretty inert, and what vibration is there is kind to audio. I use it for isolating components from sources of vibration. I use MDF shelves but with bamboo platforms under components, some this anti-vibration matting from bunnings under them especially under TT's (I also use this rubber matting under the threaded rods at the base to protect floor surface and further isolate the rack. I also originally used rubber washers in combination with metal ones under and above each shelf, but find it too wobbly like this and now forgo the rubber washers used in the original flexy designs.
  2. Gumtree Seller - NS2000, Diatone, JBL 4344

    Wow! that's not cool at all. He can keep his wears as far as I'm concerned, I rather do without that special piece of gear than deal with someone who behaves like is outlined in this thread. Time will tell if he changes his behaviour or just burns out as they do when they burn others.
  3. Tube integrated on a 1-1.5K budget?

    No idea how it would compare to an equivalent amp by Earle, but 32 watts seems about right for a AB1/PP UL circuit.
  4. What would it take to change your view?

    I guess it depends on what DAC is processing Tidal and what the Tidal source is. If through an entry level DAC a P1 might do it.. Both digital and analogue can be done poorly or well, so it depends on what is being compared to what. Also either can be done on a budget with different results depending on how well It's done at a that given price point. OT, so I'll leave this topic for the appropriate section.
  5. What would it take to change your view?

    I would suggest something better than a P1 entry level TT, maybe a level like a second hand P3 with a fairly decent cart correctly set up using a decent phono stage. All have to be picked to work with each other and your system as a whole. Then playback decent pressings of those albums. Otherwise the vinyl front end isn't going to be getting a fair shake Records need to also be clean and without damage.
  6. @oztheatre and he appears to need a good feed
  7. Felix, snap out of it! The guy is a black belt in being a drop kick.
  8. Gumtree Seller - NS2000, Diatone, JBL 4344

    Not so, from my experience. The cops handle criminal complaints, fair trading handles trading complaints.
  9. Tube integrated on a 1-1.5K budget?

    I had a Yaqin MC-10L originally, made lots of modifications, triode strapped, replaced some of the poor quality parts, by-passed the less than stellar input path ect'. Ended up stripping the whole thing and just used the transformers in a completely different circuit using different parts. All else went in the bin.
  10. Gumtree Seller - NS2000, Diatone, JBL 4344

    Anyone with issues around this seller should take them to fair trading, or the corresponding body in the state you reside. Time for this seller to find out what consequences are possible for his inappropriate trading practices, is over due by the sounds of it.
  11. Fishy Trademarks Mislead Consumers

    Yup, raw fish and under cooked meats can be parasite heaven Edit: it amazes me when I see Aussies eating red meat that is often under cooked, seems like a tradition in this country. Toxoplasma gondii from under cooked stake is an interesting one that should be avoided. Under cooked Pork is a risky one also, for other parasites like roundworm. That's just two parasites, but there are many others. Edit: interesting write up on Toxoplasma gondii http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3534779/Could-eating-rare-steak-road-rage-Parasitic-bug-infects-half-adults.html A list here of the top ten parasites, BUT be warned, some nasty pictures so the squeamish might like to avoid http://theconversation.com/the-top-ten-parasites-that-could-be-lurking-in-your-food-29015
  12. So, you have no idiots in NSW? Lets see, Tony Abbott is well educated, I wonder how you work that one out? Anyway, this is OT. Lets focus on the dud with the gun, the individuals at fault rather than creating a broad brushed tribal us vs them view point. Education can be a factor, but It's not even the biggest factor. It's also not confined to QLD, no school system here teaches how to reason effectively, if I had my way reasoning and physics would be at the basis of any education...but It's not so we get well educated idiots instead. Learning to fact repeat is what is currently taught in school systems including advanced education country wide.
  13. Maybe you should build a wall on the NSW/QLD border?
  14. Gumtree Seller - NS2000, Diatone, JBL 4344

    Hope this is resolved soon, GS. I hope the seller realises that his lack of professionalism is going to cost him more than he can imagine over the longer term. Avoidance is a blunt tool, and the worst tool to use in business or life. I would suggest to him if reading this, that his best course of action for himself is to contact you ASAP.