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  1. Muon N'

    New member

    @szan Welcome to SNA, Shuhaizan :)
  2. Muon N'

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    Welcome, Adam. It's recommended to create your own introduction thread
  3. @G-Dubz depends on how much current is being transferred from amp to speakers, if the speakers are efficient enough and not current hungry ones, the 16awg should be sufficient. Maybe with your setup you may prefer the heavier gauge if the amp provides the extra current *shrug* Aurealis Audio also have a 4 braid Duelund cable using the 16awg so.... doubled up and LCR is good too as I understand it, so that is better for more current, if needed. What would you prefer where Duelund tin plated copper in an oil impregnated cotton dielectric vs the copper (no idea on any other aspects of this cable) would be down to what you like aside the power requirement issue, I suspect. I haven't noticed any degradation of the signal with having multi contact banana connectors on the Duelund wire. I have made up a couple of pairs of Duelund cables for mate's and used muti contact bananas, but tested as bare wire before adding the connectors both times. Personally I like the Duelund Tin Plated Copper in it's dielectric over most cables I have used.
  4. Maybe something in the diy areas could be what you want. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=diy+uhf%2Fvhf+antenna
  5. The antenna on our units is the same one that was there before the advent of digital TV, works fine for Digital TV. Marketing is quite powerful. Like much of the world, Australia is shifting from traditional analog television to digital broadcasting. This means new set top boxes if your TV isn't already able to pick up digital signals. But that doesn't mean you also need to change your antenna, says Dr Stuart Hay, principal research scientist in electromagnetics with the CSIRO's Information and Communication Technology Centre. "Antennas made for analog TV signals work just as well for both digital and high definition signals. It's incorrect to claim that you need a special antenna," says Hay. http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2011/05/19/3219974.htm I just think of all the 'new' digital antennas sales, and the many perfectly fine antennas that are now in land fill. Edit: so i guess, if the antenna you have is only VHF compatible then you need one that covers both VHF and UHF regardless if it is called analogue or digital. Here’s the basics of how an antenna works: A broadcaster, or transmitter, takes their content (which could be data, pictures, sound or some combination of all three) and converts it to electro-magnetic signals referred to as “radio waves”.
  6. I thought that link might lead to something that may help, ah well.
  7. I thought a antenna is an antenna. https://www.acma.gov.au/Citizen/TV-Radio/Television/TV-reception/do-i-have-the-right-antenna-system
  8. Muon N'

    GoT streaming

    I gave up the alternate ways a number of years ago, so unless I subscribe to something at least short term I'll have to wait for the DVD's, yeah, don't have any fancy pants players :D Avoiding spoilers will be hard work though.
  9. Muon N'

    Single Ended 300B

    Not his amps. Not sure how you came to that conclusion.
  10. Muon N'

    Single Ended 300B

    Very likely you would not get the amp pictured on the site if purchasing one, so those little cosmetic faults in the pictured one would then be meaningless, and of no consequence.
  11. You could likely manage a 5.1 speaker set from Krix for your budget. Might be worth a look at Adelaide Loudspeakers. http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/home-theatre-speaker-packages.html
  12. Triple Frontier OK sound track, and worth a watch I guess if you have nothing else. Edit: I'm not a Ben Affleck fan.
  13. Muon N'

    ML2 Stands: What Height should they be?

    Not to worry, we all have to get used to these abbreviations at some point early on when we take up forum existence. :)
  14. Muon N'

    Help Needed

    Colin, as others have said, sorry for your loss, when a family member It's one of the worst kinds of losses. @Wimbo More power to you in helping Colin with this
  15. Just had a look at that Muji inside, looks interesting Edit: Tubes are just a buffer?