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  1. Muon N'

    Audio research ls27 tube upgrade

    Yeah, real DR's go for $300 and up for a NOS (New old stock) pair. I think 600 for a pair is way crazy.
  2. Muon N'

    Audio research ls27 tube upgrade

    No worries, wasn't trying to correct you, just helping it to be clear to readers
  3. Muon N'

    Audio research ls27 tube upgrade

    That would be referring to new production with the EH and Sovtek as both names are owned by New Sensor.
  4. Muon N'


    Agreed, RRP is often higher than street prices.
  5. Muon N'

    Audio research ls27 tube upgrade

    You are limited in the 6H30 tube, I personally like them but some do and some don't, curcuit and stystems can have a bearing on this. There are only 5 types I know of. Old Sovtek (maybe two versions EB and EV, EV might indicate longer life) Premium, Sovtek 'DR' type (very expensive but is said to be the highest grade for military use) New Sovtek both standard and DR I think (name now owned by American distribution company New Sensor, they hold the name of many brands now including Mullard and others) Electro-harmonix Some say they can hear a difference between the old sovteks standard and DR type, but some say they can't. I use the old Sovtek's Non DR in my non ARC amp, I don't feel compelled to try the other types, the old DR maybe but far too expensive for myself. There is this page that is useful to tell some apart. http://www.aca.gr/index/hiend/hiendArticles?row=1988
  6. Cabinets are relatively easy compared to crossover design. The boxes interact with other design elements and vis-a-vis. Likely best avenue would be to follow an existing design where they have worked out all the elements already. Edit: I'm not a speaker builder so have no recommendations, but there are lots of candidates around, others will have recommendations though. A couple of random sites where the hard work has been done (design and parts & materiel choice) http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/speakers.html http://www.zaphaudio.com/index.html
  7. That link in the OP is now "Sorry; Page Not Found" Found it https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-08/high-voltage-fuelling-increased-electricity-consumption/10460212
  8. I didn't provide much in any way advise, I really thought someone would have added something more useful by now or sooner.
  9. His R1 Dragon Litz interconnects are Excellent.
  10. Muon N'

    DENON DL-103R just died....

    You checked the head shell leads I expect? After that maybe try swapping out the interconnects, if hard wired to the table with the cart not connected check continuity of the lead with a DMM. Also check the interconnects between the phono stage and amp.
  11. Muon N'


    Welcome, furtherpale
  12. Muon N'

    Turntable Basics Part 1 - The Turntable

    Disagree, if done smart it doesn't take a serious bank balance. But agree with the importance of correct set up.
  13. Yup! Eric does nice tidy work under the hood. GLWTS
  14. I thought the G model used a third party arm, either they down graded the arm or have they used the wrong pics, or....? Eh, I was thinking of another model, likely costs more having the SME arm . Damn, I was completely wrong, this is a new but modded table " Timestep EVOke " http://www.soundhifi.com/sl1200/Timestep Technics EVOke SL-1200GAE.htm