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  1. I can only imagine those XO's that will make those K Horns sing beautifully
  2. I watched the BBC - re-enactment that shogo mentioned, it was a incredibly tragic incident for many in the Ukraine then, and since, one that should not have happened.
  3. Ah! of course you are dead on, Pete Has to be inductors in there of course, I have been consumed with inductors and capacitor thoughts too much in the last couple of weeks, but mostly capacitors
  4. If I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing, I'd have a transparent top too, but I have a parts fetish Edit: if quality parts, the other extreme not so much
  5. Could it be related to how the PU Adaptor is connected? I'm a bit vague on it even looking at the user manual https://www.thetubestore.com/lib/thetubestore/schematics/Quad/Quad-22-Owner-Service-Manual.pdf Looks like there are common and isolated PU adaptors. Edit: I'm not much help with this, I feel like someone out of time.
  6. I can see the vintage paper an Oil caps like the West-cap 8uf ones closest in the corner and a similar stack in the far corner, and the silver case vintage ones with the bypasses on top in the middle. BUT I'm also seeing what looks like 4x BIG Duelund CAST capacitors! but I don't recognise the series? Edit: Please! tell us more?
  7. So Michael said " This MX-20 mixer s a discontinued item with replacement spare parts " so they stock parts? I would follow it up requesting the part, communication across languages can be like a game of ping pong sometimes.
  8. A mate picked up some Wizards and turned out two of the Audax midwoofers rub, apparently these spent time in storage up in Cairns, so possibly corrosion in the case of those. Edit: a misaligned magnet would also cause a coil to rub.
  9. @mwhouston I think they will do it, and I might even look at stealing the signal from after the first op-amp as well.
  10. I'm just a lowly part swapper so not really building. Installed some better caps on the out put of my old bog standard CD65, an easy improvement. Removed the remote and Digital board to utilise the rca holes to mount some ETI sockets. Might get me back into listening again.
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