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  1. Muon N'

    the Greens go 'green'

    194 km Edit: I was in NNSW for some years and put my name down for dental, a number of years later once having been back in Brisbane a year they sent me an appointment
  2. Muon N'

    the Greens go 'green'

    Dunoon a nice little place, though I have only been there once.
  3. Muon N'

    DTV tuner missing after reset.

    Any functions should be covered in the manual. Maybe someone else can help.
  4. Muon N'

    DTV tuner missing after reset.

    The manual is here if that is of any help http://support.sharp.net.au/downloads/opmanuals/LC32D53Xom.pdf
  5. Muon N'

    the Greens go 'green'

    @Two Flies There's a bit of a paranoia around opioids in the medical system of late, as you would be aware. It does suck for those where It's the only option that works to some degree.
  6. Muon N'

    Hi From Melbourne

    Welcome, turbo
  7. Muon N'

    Hola from Spain

    Hi there :) Welcome.
  8. Muon N'

    the Greens go 'green'

    I'm wondering how you separate. For instance an under active Thyroid is common medical ailment especially in women, and for those people It's a huge battle to lose weight or avoid gains.
  9. Muon N'

    Netflix currently watching

    Lost in Space was different but enjoyable enough, watchable for fans of the original like myself IMO.
  10. Muon N'

    Is it true that we are headed for doomsday?

    @Two Flies I recon take as many of the %$#&$ down. I forget who 'they' are? was it the Kiwis?
  11. Muon N'

    Is it true that we are headed for doomsday?

    @Two Flies the money might not mean much post this scenario anyway
  12. Muon N'

    Is it true that we are headed for doomsday?

    We have the 6x Collins class subs so one can be in the carrier armada, but we need some more ships like the Hobart class destroyer, more of them
  13. Muon N'

    Thoughts on upgrading

    Looking at the stereophile review of the Epos ELS-3 and measures it staying above 6ohmes for the best part, so a bit better where the impedance goes, they state minimum 4.9 but the graph looks like 4.5 to me *shrugs* Might help in picking. https://www.stereophile.com/content/epos-els-3-loudspeaker-measurements
  14. Muon N'

    Show us your tubes

    @Mendes I like Guru did, zoomed in, I did it on windows PC, he on his iPad.
  15. Muon N'

    Show us your tubes

    Behind the tubes the transformers appears to have a primary of 40k and I can't read the secondaries, look like OPTs. Edit: loks like the P/N might say Output Transformers. (windows pic viewer . zoom)