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  1. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Agreed, but both sides of the burn-in coin will think that And round and round we go
  2. Wii games wanted

    My fav's are Mario Carts, and the Sports pack with tennis, boxing, baseball and bowling ect'. EB and JB have a few usually but they are getting less and less available.
  3. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Poor analogy IMO but I'm not fond of them across the board, and still a red herring in my view. The human brain is not tuned for logic and often what seems to make sense isn't always correct, applies for myself also, logical thinking needs to be learned as It's not how we are wired. Anyway, I'm just as happy to not knowing the real answer and am comfortable with unknowns. Edit: I better stop now, or i might talk myself out of this hobby completely
  4. Disaster with my Sansui AU505

    Damn! when i had a AU-505 and an AU-555 i was always looking for the TU505 or the TU-555 to match. Nice to pick up those TU's
  5. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    I view it differently, as some people will disregard any other persons experience when they have not done it themselves, they are protecting their belief! and some will ignore reality in order to support their belief. Also, no matter how many folk test and hear it, if someone else dose not hear it that will often trump anything else. As for the point around the wire running in the grid It's a red herring IMO, and is not a factor in the equation. Someone here a while back pointed out how they view a system as a single circuit and that's how I look at it, but that circuit is not the grid Itself and is merely connected to it. Meh, just my take
  6. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Thought it had to be a little piss take as a result of this thread. Just me thinking out loud again, as i am aware that some might use a service like that
  7. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    One of the EE's here does do similar comparisons, using a run in piece of gear compared to an non run in one. It's not that nobody does it, It's ignored by many so doesn't get the air time it deserves when someone does.
  8. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Why anyone would use such a service is beyond me, as It's never that bad...or rarely, and is interesting to experience when/if it happens.
  9. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Got that, Joz. I was just supporting ziggy in reference to the same
  10. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    He's fine, that comment earlier on mental issues is absurd IMO It's about the brain processing side of things, ear/canal shape and the hearing is a small influence compared to the processing that follows. Only as i see it, as i can't experience what others experience...to think that i could would be silly.. at best. Edit: Eek! i told myself I would leave these subjects alone, need more self restraint
  11. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    I would have issue with that situation, as in a room with many speakers like in a store the cones of the other speakers will act in a passive response to the sound produced from the active pair. Just a minor nit-pick
  12. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    I agree that the subject is on that initial use after unboxing (if boxed) rather than what i just refer to as warm up. While i have heard what you refer to as settling in (burn in) I have not personally heard it repeated after that first use period. But i did read that the new Duelund wire copied from the old WE stuff does need to go through the hoops again if out of use for a longish time, reverts to the 2d slightly harsh sound that they start with, again with some time they get back the 3d and non harsh sound.
  13. Hay, mate Those that show as GUEST or GUEST + 'previous name' are closed accounts, non active either closed by request or other.