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  1. Speakers = Lenehan (made in Australia) Player = Marantz (made in Belgium)
  2. Muon N'

    Hello from Nimbin!

    Welcome, OB
  3. May have even been very slight variations of the same great sounding DR.
  4. If I'm wrong, that's great
  5. Glad you like them, but are we looking at the same thing when talking about the getter? I would prefer to be mistaken.
  6. Did they send you the correct ones? Just looking at the getter, and there seems to be some scratch marks on the flaps? (pic isn't too clear) and the boxes are marked "6H30P Standard"
  7. Muon N'

    Recent close calls !!!!!!!

    That is correct as far as I'm aware. Not sure if I am correct but this law might have been put in place when near all motorcycles had the power/acceleration to advance in front of the cars? Just that I see people on those low powered scooters doing this and they impede other traffic as they just don't have the power to do this safely. In your situation it sounds like the Liberty driver was trying to race you, and that is irresponsible on that drivers part. Not sure where the give way aspect applies in this situation, but common sense should prevail....pity many drivers lack common sense.
  8. Muon N'

    Hello from Sydney (Kellyville)

    Welcome, Martin Tips? Choose the speakers you like first, then amplification that suits the speakers. Or maybe that's not the sort of tip you are after... Have fun.
  9. Muon N'


    Welcome, Manny
  10. Muon N'

    Hello from the UK

    I'm an audio enthusiast with an interest in Cancer Therapies Welcome to SNA, Paul Have fun here.
  11. Heat, when the resistor is dropping voltage the energy has to go somewhere so is dissipated as heat.....the burning means they are not quite up to the task. Pretty much what a resistor does, it dissipates energy as heat. As best I can explain Edit: someone better at explaining stuff can expand/correct.
  12. Muon N'

    What to do with old CDs?

    What happens if Tidal was to fold, do you still have that music to play? Edit: honest question as I don't do any of these things
  13. The getter looks a little smaller, but it might be an illusion with the pictures. http://www.aca.gr/index/hiend/hiendArticles?row=1988
  14. I had no idea if It's an issue, I don't even know what those resistor are doing, maybe voltage droppers? And for what? input or driver tubes or heaters? So hopefully someone here can make a more informed comment to help Matt.
  15. *dreamy facial expression* Oh! the things I have measured