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  1. Ah crap! been up all night watching this, It's compelling as each ep' leaves you hanging, gawd damn it!
  2. It's in reference to how we are always chasing the next improvement/s.
  3. It appears you see things that are not there, so I'll have to remain in a state of disagreement on this. Edit: just to add a couple more! PSAudio use output transformers in their top of the line Direct Directsteam $9k DAC, and Linn also use them in their $37K Klimax DSM streamer.
  4. So you agree that it is a decision based on cost and profit, at it's basic fundamentals....mass marketability. Edit: at this point I need to point out that AMR (Thorsten Loesch, designer)use transformers in the output stage of their DAC, and Gieseler Audio (Our own talented Clay Gieseler, designer) Uses transformers in his very good and very affordable DAC's. Maybe that book of yours needs revision.
  5. So you don't know and are assuming why it can't be done with success. I would suggest that op amps are cheaper than quality line transformers or high quality capacitors, is the main reason. Look up voltage out DAC's using line transformers, the same can be done using capacitors in place of transformers. I along with a huge amount of other guys did line transformer output replacing conventional op amp output stages, there is a big thread on diya using a cheap kit based on the CS4397, the thread is dominated by us all using audio line transformers. I ended up using cinemagCMOQ-2H transformers in my kit. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/137976-experience-diy-dac.html Same can be done successfully with AKM v-out dac chips. So, just maybe the same can be done with this v-out dac chip.
  6. Does the level of the transformer buzz or hum vary at different times of the day, day to day? Or is it same level all the time regardless? If the former it could be DC on the mains, if the later it may be the amp itself.
  7. All I'm suggesting is that DC on that mains could be the issue. But without ruling out every other possibility first I couldn't say it is this for sure. The EI transformer in my valve amp has a buzz ever since they corrected the high mains voltage in my local area, was always 250vac all the time, now 237v to 241v, but with the change this buzzing has come, I suspect it is DC on the mains, but I can't be sire until I remove that possibility and see if that is the cause. Edit: funny enough, the DC causing the double C Core that was fixed with a DC blocker was previous to this, that was in a valve phono stage I had but now I don't use, was thinking about transplanting the internal blocker into the CD player I now use as a source. Apparently this issue is more of a problem with toroidal transformers.
  8. I have never tested for it, but I had a double C Core transformer in a piece of kit that buzzed from the transformer and it went away after i installed a DC Blocker in it, if you can borrow a CD Blocker (I know @mwhouston ) Mark makes these, you could see if that is the cause. BUT, you say it is a common issue with these amps?
  9. https://postcodes-australia.com/postcodes/2768
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