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  1. With a happy positive disposition like that, Bill.......I bet you will beat it hands down
  2. I had a Fairmont of that year, was a lovely car to drive, but it had a dodgy CPU. was like it didn't know if it was Arthur or Martha.....spooky when it is altering the revs randomly and often
  3. I'd have to toss in Lenehan ML-1's to the mix, though I'm not sure of the current price, and it depends on the level of the model. Many would rate them as a must audition if looking in that range and where it fits the needs.
  4. It doesn't absorb moisture like normal body filler, with normal filler this aspect can promote rust of the panel. Or so I understand it. I didn't even have metal filler in the short list, not sure why. Edit: Although you can't go too thick with the fibre glass, but any remaining low spots that can be done with normal filler over the glass, or if really small............spot filler. Yeah, will do well enough, and the final prep will dictate how well the end result turns out
  5. Dodgy old skin graft actually. Got the fibre glass on and maybe a little excessive, but that just means more sanding n shaping. And after taking off that remainder of paint here an there... Fibre glass goes on, not looking forward to sanding that.
  6. If they are of simple construction, maybe shorten and re-terminate them so they are the correct length.
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