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  1. See if you can get a couple of different ones on loan and try, maybe ones that are well regarded, and at different price points. It does depend on how good the digital to analogue converters in the gear you have now perform. Gieseler Audio is a sponsor here and produces fine DAC's that are very well regarded, maybe you can get an audition of one of his also. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/143-gieseler-audio/
  2. I don't have tannoys, but some have been raving about the benefits of this little tweeter. http://www.taket.jp/batpure/batpure.html They have other super tweeters (all pretty affordable), maybe they have something to suit you.
  3. Can't help myself sometimes Removed the variable output board and disconnected the head amp board for a little SQ benefit. Also removed the JRC5532DD opa's and put in sockets so I could use what I think sounds better, BB OPA2406. Did a nice clean job on the underside too (forgot to take a pic), have gotten better with a wick and now avoiding the sucker, works better for me...and my PCB's.
  4. I agree on the mix being very good, as most shows are predominately in one area...........these days mainly extreme violence. On last ep of season one, hope the wait for season 2 isn't as long as most shows.
  5. Swapped the cathode resistors in my amp from Kiwame to AN Non Magnetic Tant's, a little cleaner and a little more textured.
  6. OK, thanks I'm no expert on tubes, so thanks for the clarification. Edit: although, it is still data, maybe not what you want but data is still data.
  7. Hi, Anatole Nice having you join us here, and love that little amp Matt has of yours even though I have only heard it via your videos, very rich presentation that I like I'm a little confused with the tubes, I guess like many things on the net there is information and misinformation, but with the never declassified so no data sheets, I thought this looked like a data sheet from the ministry of supply? http://www.r-type.org/pdfs/cv1127.pdf Although it does state in that document 'Specification = Restricted'. I do believe as you state, these were not a TV tube..... or there would be an abundant NOS supply around for them, which there are not of course, of maybe I'm suffering from false pattern recognition when I follow that reasoning *shrug* Anyway, as I said, It's nice to see you here on SNA I'm looking forward to visiting Matt soon, and hearing this nice little amp in person.
  8. Bargain! Great bang for buck at that price, or even at a higher price, as an ML-1 owner myself I know what these can do with appropriate chain feeding them GLWTS
  9. I use half pea size bits of blu tac between my speakers and stand tops, they are heavy quarter inch plate metal, maybe just experiment with a little blu tac.
  10. IMO, yes Any floor, I would think. I have the same arrangement here with carpeted concrete slab, but also in two friends systems who have bare wood floors, the benefits are the same. My stands are spiked and my two friend's have spiked floorstanders. The spikes help couple the stands/speakers to the Bamboo, but the bamboo and white's anti vibration blocks isolate from the floor....and It's the isolation from the floor that helps the most, the Bamboo adds a little to the whole (I'd guess the White's are 75%to 80% of the result and the Bamboo 20% to 25% ). Really cleans up the sound! Experiment Materials are cheap with the Bamboo boards 20 bucks each and 8 packs of the White's for 5 bucks. Same arrangement works well for components that are sensitive to vibrations, like turntables, tube gear and disk spinners, to various degrees.
  11. Visually no doubt that's is the only differences to see, with the schematics for each it may uncover more differences.
  12. Went back to my NOS 6H30's, in my amp at least the 6H6N's are poor substitutes, less of everything.
  13. What works for myself, is Bamboo chopping boards as speaker stand platforms with the Bunnings anti vibration blocks under the bamboo.
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