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  1. Curios cable next in line if sale fall through. Thanks
  2. May I ask what speaker and amp did this cable connected with? Are this pairs optimised for certain combo from the factory? Thanks
  3. FS: Tannoy Canterbury SE

    What a beauty~!!! GLWTS
  4. FS: McIntosh MC602 SE Power Amp

    There is some serious competition here in this classifieds. mc452 vs mc602 around the similar price point. Which one would you choose? GLWTS
  5. You are right. It was the mc425 that powered the SF floorstanders. I was very impressed with this combo and have spent a considerable amount of time listening it. love it~!
  6. Hi everyone, It is my pleasure to join the big SNA family. And thanks for providing such a good platform for all enthusiast to share their ideas and experiences.