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  1. Electronic currently spinning

    currently playing some jon hopkins and lusine on vinyl .. sry to dark to take pics . google to read up on them . some really nice production work they do .

    Sry .. i dont have any specs . I do remember it could handle volume no probs . It really sounded nice when set up properly.
  3. Item: RICHTER SPEAKER Location:MORNINGTON PENINSULA Price: $ 200 Item Condition: USED BUT .. ONLY BRIEFLY Reason for selling: NO LONGER REQUIRED Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: vintage richter center speaker . Purchased new back in the earlyish to mid 90's Briefly used for about 18 months.. then put in dry storage until today .. been stored for nearly 20 years . Perfect working order . Cones not pushed in .. slight storage marks which are hard to photograph . Small rubber feet still there . Happy to ship interstate.. will drop at courier depot to keep cost down . Price doesnt include shipping . Aaron sub will be listed next weekend .. just need time to fire it up and test .. stored as long as richter and purchased same time . Pictures:
  4. @stuarth when i first started using my 200 unit i used it through jriver but that was only briefly . i found it a lot easier and sounded better to my ears to keep the laptop out of it and use an app to control the 200 . I use m.a.l.p on an android phone . good program jriver as i was using it alot before i purchased a 200 and still use it to rip cd`s .
  5. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    @muznuts im stilling having problems with boot up and shut down .. this morning it took 10 mins for it to boot up properly . the power light comes on then ethernet light flickers then goes solid green . i need to hit the reset button a few times and even pull the plug out to try to get it to self boot as it should . during that 10 mins sometimes no flicker at all from ethernet ligh .. just power light . last night a few times while trying to turn it off .. i went into eunhasu and turned it off but it only turned off eunhasu gui web page not the unit .. so thats something new .. and when booted up this morning my .pls stream file played automatically which isnt the first time thats happened . at least when im in its stable and i can get into eunhasu when needed . i use mpd only . use m.a.l.p android app and can use gnome music player on windows if needed , but i try and keep the laptop out of it .. thats why i bought the 200 unit . im happy to try different cables .. any suggestions ? im a bit lost on why this is happening .. but adding network switch has helped . i haved re-flashed the filmware a few times too .
  6. Uptone ISO regen

    Please share your thoughts on it as im keen to purchase one eventually..
  7. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    I think your connection/set up unlocked it . But we forgot to shut it down while it was connected to my set up .. cause thats when its stubborn to reconnect . But yeah .. may have it sorted
  8. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    An update on this ... I may have finally solved it . I went to officeworks and bought a netgear 5 port switch . I hooked it up using the ugreen cat7 cable and it didnt work .. i removed the cat7 cable from switch to 200 and replaced it with cat5e that came with the switch.. then it worked and has been working fine all yesterday and this morning . I was even able to turm it off via enuhasu and turn it on again . I was on the phone to the optus tech crew and they reflashed the filmware from the tower to my router .. not sure if that did anything though . The problem might have been the rear rj45 inputs on router. they might have been acting like a hub and blasting bandwidth any where which was causing issues with the 200 unit .. Anyway .. a few tests left but might be winning!
  9. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    Thnx .. snoopy8 said i can pop over to do a few tests which il do as soon as i find time .. wont be long i hope . The 200 at this stage isn't even receiving the ethernet signal .
  10. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    Hey there thnx . Yup done all that . All ports on router work for laptop and my nintendo switch dock . Just issues with 200 . I even try 200 with it being the only device connected to port . A new ugreen cat 7 three meter cable arrived 2day . I will try when im home .
  11. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    Il look at that again .. but atm nothing. I think green was flashing on rear 200
  12. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    Was thinking that.. light blinks on rear of router but not light on rear of 200 . When i did get it up and running it didnt last long and then Ethernet light stays on . Now i cant even get a ethernet light on front panel ... just power light. Reset button doesnt help . Ive spoken to krispy .. cam said we'd sort it out if needed . Kamal gave me his mobile number and was helpful .. il keep trying .. but leaning towards dodgy ethernet switch. Cheers
  13. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    Do these help ?
  14. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    Thnx guys .. a bit pushed for time over the next few days . But yeah.. planning to dig deep in routers settings soon .
  15. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    Maybe i could play around on my router settings somewhere ? But im not sure which ones ..