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  1. I wonder if the improvement in audio is measurable. I do have a ducted unit which draw fair bit of power...not sure if that will make any difference. I can find second hand quite cheap, so maybe still worth investing?
  2. Hi guys, Came across these guys, Thor Technologies upon purchase of my HT system. I was recommended their products as below by the hifi store (what they use): 1) STViQ/3 SMART TViQ for my projector, Epson TW9300 https://www.thortechnologies.com.au/product/stviq3/?v=6cc98ba2045f 2) A12BF smartboard for receivers, speakers, etc https://www.thortechnologies.com.au/product/smartboard-8/?v=6cc98ba2045f Apparently their board is one of very best in the market made in Aus. They can take much higher kJ than any other board I seen, and also does electrical noise filtering. I was told the filtering would mean better sound and picture, but is it really noticable in real life? It's a pretty expensive purchase, so I just wanna make sure I'm spending right. Thanks!
  3. Well since they gave me the in ceiling speaker (apparently bigger & better speaker) as part of the 5.1 system, I thought might as well. Guess the only downside is if I were to sell the speakers, I can't really sell them as whole 5.1 system.
  4. The dynamic screen is locally made in WA as a ready to hang frame, so no stretching or tightening required during installation. Apparently it's made from German engineered screen material, pretty much their top of the line screen. So let's hope so. At least it look good in store. Not cheap though ..cost me almost $800
  5. Yea, unfortunately I'm far from handy myself, so better not ruin my ceiling and wall space. PLus they also help with calibration and settings etc, which helps. Don't forget the rep actually threw in 2x rear 8 inch ceiling speakers in replace of the Yamaha rear bookshelf ones, so that get a little bit tricky too. Maybe next time with the speaker cables in, I could just wire in myself if I do upgrade the speakers. Actually on this topic, should I go with rear in ceiling speakers? The rep think it give better rear sounds, better speaker, compared to actual rear mount speakers?
  6. It is settled! I finally got talked in store to go with Yamaha NS-555 5.1 system for $1500, with rear in ceiling speaker & cables thrown in etc. Thought it's a pretty good deal, saving me hassle of installing second hand speakers myself. So here's my purchase: Projector: Epson TW9300 AVR: Yamaha RX-V681 Speakers: Yamaha NS-555 5.1 system Dynamic custom made screen 105" Installation cost is a killer at $880 though >.< Thank you all for your input! All help!
  7. Thanks for the find mate! Looks very good, would my Rx-V681 enough for it though ? Did you manage to find any other good ones? Most of the time quite low end system i.e. Sony, Panasonic etc
  8. What about Pioneer FS52 5.1 system?
  9. Not much that i can find in WA on gumtree to be honest, except for the 7 years old Klipsch 5.1..
  10. You're talking about the Qacoustic one? Yea, mainly movie & sport, music I would say just all on my phone.
  11. Wow, upon brief googling, most sites give it 5 stars review. Really didn't expect that... I shall look into it. I presume a Yamaha RX-V681 would be ok too with it? bluey can wait for now..gotta stream digitally for now..
  12. can't test hear the Klipsch as they're all boxed up now. Jamo I could test them later
  13. actually Mr C , I could buy the Jamo S526HCS10 system without the sub, but would your sub fit in the whole thing?
  14. Yamaha NS-555 vs Jamo S526HCS10 vs Klipsch Synergy F30 5.1 system Which one you would go for ?
  15. Hi all, found a second hand Klipsh synergy F30 5.1 system. I know it's rather old speaker, seller asking for around $900. Would you say it's a better buy than Jamo S526HCS10? All I know klipsh is a pretty good and well known brand.
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