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  1. Further information: I've got two pucks free to members of SNA. I think they fit CD5X/CD5XS/CDX2.2/CD5i/Uniti 1. Postage is on me. Cheers, Aaron
  2. Hi, I hope this is the correct forum for questions like this. I've got a pair of vintage Goodmans speakers and was wondering if I could get some info for them. They are approx 2.5" in diameter and around 5-6ohms impedance. Tried Googling but no luck. Thanks in advance.
  3. Further information: As capable with music as it is with home theatre sound, the beautifully bijou A10 punches like a heavyweight, expertly blending sky-wide high frequencies with a natural blast of delicious mid-range detail coupled to a depth of bass that simply defies the A10’s svelte dimensions. Its rigid die-cast alloy cabinet, piano-lacquered to a polished perfection imparts a sense of superior quality, the A10 completes a surround sound system unrivalled in its ability to combine the essential force of music and film sound with the power of de-rigueur design in a single fabulous stateme
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