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  1. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    From my A&k jr Im not getting those sort of sonic improvements with Picowatsons cable but certainly waaay prefer it over the stock 400s cable which was rubbish. Again, my apologies to both LPG and PicoWattson for the name mix up, probably still high after the alt-J concert!
  2. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Well that's ok, mate, if and when you upgrade the A&K Jr you'll be ready! The improvements the PicoWattson cable has had with the Magni 3 is like going from a good budget amp to buying two upgrade steps up the path, maybe proving what the guys from Schiit Audio say, that the Magni 3 may really be all most folks will ever need. Personally, I will still likely buy a Ragnarok and Yggdrasil next year I love the fact that the 'rok makes an excellent system amp as well.
  3. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    A little more on the new cables from LPG. Yesterday, my partner and I returned from the beautifulmagnificentutterlysplendid and never to be forgotten Alt-J concert at the River Stage in Brisbane, and a little later in the evening I warmed up the QP1R and jacked in the HE400S with the stock cable to remind myself a little of the wonderful music so fresh in our hearts. Hmm, good, but there's something missing and the bass is lacking in transparency. Vocals took a little work to hear properly, something you usually accept with Joe Newman's singing style. So I decided to try PicoWattson's cables again, which work to great effect with the Magni 3 amp. Wow, what a difference! Previously I had preferred the slightly more .... well ... veiled (!) ... stock cable with the QP1R. Not any more. Whole layers of multi tracking were far more transparent and separated, vocals more easily defined in space and the bass became instantly more open and transparent, focused weight with no bloat or false warmth. Heck, I can even hear the French phrases that Joe Newman loves to use in some tracks so clearly that I can understand what he's saying! All my Alt-J albums have now taken on a whole new level of appreciation. The midrange is a lot more open and 3D and I can hear inflections in voices previously unheard or just plain indistinct. The PicoWattson cable is simply more truthful and combine that with the focus and better bass response of the Focus pads, these HifiMAN HE400S are surely one of the greatest bargains in recent times! My apologies to both LPG and PicoWattson for mixing the names up!
  4. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Oops, sorry, my bad, it was Tivoli Hifi in Melbourne! Express post over night, great service.
  5. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    I bought mine from Addicted to Audio in Melbourne last year.
  6. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Yes, it plays virtually everything, WAV, AIFF you name it. The new model does lose a micro SD slot though, easy enough to remedy I s'pose with the new large capacity cards. Balanced operation though might be an upgrade for some folks and worth the trade off. I'm not bothered at this time, so I won't be trading in my QP1R any time soon. It makes an excellent source using the coax digital out into the Valhalla 2 amp, or optical out into my DAC and main system amp. Damn I love it .... as much as love can be inferred upon a piece of electronics 😀
  7. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Actually, the QP1R may on paper have less power than the AKJ, it's the way it uses the power that is so impressive as a pure class A drive. The only review I've seen that loosely compares the two rated the QP1R as a superior sounding device, though it's circular wheel access system is shall we say a little quirky in use Very touchy and especially with my big fingers! Other than that, I have found it a sonic marvel, I sold a $3500 hybrid CD player because the QP1R is the better source, as lovely as the TRI CD4SE was. The purity of the QP1R's sound and it's sheer rhythmic integrity, something I have always greatly prized with any bit of kit, is fabulous. It's also very neutral in balance and not as etched as quite a few of the other often more expensive DAPs. It's also exquisitely built. The new QP2R has improved the selector wheel apparently, while losing one of the micro SD card slots to make way for the extra electronics of a balanced output. The QP1R has plenty of output for the HE400S, I use it on High Gain mode and lose no quality even at 50 out of 60 on the volume scale. Best bit of kit I've ever bought, as a whole.
  8. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    You oughta hear those cans with the Questyle QP1R, especially with the Focus pads! Brilliant. The HE400S with the new cable as well though seems to suit the Magni 3 amp even better, adding a level of transparency overall that is really satisfying, particularly in the bass and a truly open midrange that leaves voices sounding just so natural.
  9. Just dropped the price a little to $2100, just add freight which I've checked out to be $235-$250 to Sydney. Still attracted to them?
  10. Well fancy that, the Shure M95ED stylus fits it! I s'pose it does look as if it would too. Good to know So much great info with SNAers!
  11. Item: Supex SM100 MkIII m/m Cartridge Location:Palmwoods, QLD Price: $125ono Item Condition:Very Good Reason for selling:Not needed at all Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi all, I'm in the process of unloading a number of items I no longer need and this Supex Moving Magnet cartridge is just not being used and it deserves to be. It's a classic of it's era and runs beautifully. It's had so little use the stylus is almost like new, or looks like it, tracks well too! It would be ideal for a budget Technics/Thorens/Project turntable, it went very well when I popped it into the headshell of my Technics SL1210 MkII t/t a while ago. I'm not using ANY of that gear at present, so the Supex is wasted here. This cart has a big following on line, a long time favourite with many audio buffs. As you can see by the pics it's in very good condition, only a little wear on the top label, to be expected. Happy listening to the new owner! It has no original case, so I've packed it into a good plastic tube with foam protection. Pictures:
  12. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Huh, weird, no drop outs experienced here. Still, the cable is a bit stiff, eh. New cables for us both Ought to be fun. Loving the HE-400S with the new Magni 3 amp, cracker combo with loads of power. The pads are indeed way more comfortable, even though there is a little more pressure on the side of my head with them. Probably sealing better.
  13. Hey there, thunder99, woke up with a brainwave this morning Would you still be interested in the Triangle Antal EX speakers if I included freight in the price? I've got a price with a courier, so now I can work out what I need to cover myself for and include shipping costs depending on where the Antal need to go. Worth a shot even if you're no longer interested Someone else down there might be! I'm going to add this into the ad. Cheers.
  14. SOLD: Yamaha KX-380 Tape Deck; plus tape selection

    Well, I don't see why not, jeromep. There's quite a few of them in the little box, it would be easy enough to ship down there. Box weighs 3.6kg. Probably fit inside a larger parcel post bag. What sort of price did you have in mind? There's actually 41 cassettes, varying from three or four Sony Metal to a stack of recorded once Teac CDX 60/90s, plus the others mentioned - I found more tapes since the ad went out Does $40 for the tapes - $1 for a Sony Metal XR - plus a bit of freight sound ok to you?
  15. Hi all, does anyone know of a service agent on the Sunshine Coast that will do a really good service on my beloved Yamaha K-360 the deck? I can do some of it, but there are a couple of bulbs and one of the belts I can't get at easily and a service on the recording side, head alignment etc wouldn't go amiss either. Thanks a bunch if anyone can help me out. This is a really cool deck and I'd love it in top running order again. It's also fun to listen to! Cheers!